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New Features Real Player Motion

FIFA 22 introduces “Real Player Motion,” which explores how player movement creates an authentic, realistic and interactive playing experience through a range of features including a completely new animation system, Focus Trial, Reduced Tape Delay, Variable Pitch, More Intuitive Player Control, Optical Paints, Top Line and Body Post Processing.

Key Features:

Variable Pitch: New Pitch Surface expands the Pitch Surface types used in FIFA to include Gravel, Clay, Grass and Sand. This change empowers the Pitch to be used in a variety of stadiums worldwide, while providing a new on-pitch surface in FIFA 22.

A New Animation System: The Dynamic and Animation Driven (DAD) animation engine allows the animation engine to react to player movement during gameplay. This advancement delivers natural motion when players run, jump, and intercept the ball.

New Team and Player Instincts: Change the Shape of the Pitch and a team plays on instinct. Players adapt to the new conditions instantly and react to the unpredictable pitches changing shape in real-time.

Precision Movement – Player Control: In this new movement mechanics, player movement is more intuitive and a more natural experience. Players can create more precise passes and dribble moves or defend and win 1v1 duels more confidently.

New Camera Movement: The camera movement system has been made more responsive, with cameras react to players’ positions. Players are automatically detected and keyed into the camera, where they occupy a specific region of space. This will empower the players to drift to the right or left of the camera, and it’s an essential tool to create goal-scoring situations.

Wider Range of Motion: Pro Player Movements have been improved. Players can move wider, perform turning and sprint quicker.

Intelligent Zones: New, more aggressive Defensive AI expands the range of game play by changing defensive positioning dynamically as it learns over time.

Reduced Tape Delay: The game now uses a new technique that reduces the number of times players change animation states, and players can naturally move.

Advanced Post-Processing: A wide range of post-processing techniques allows players to become more realistic, and the visual details of players are improved including Player Verticals.

Everyday Experience: New celebration animations for Goals, Assists and Goal Scenes.

Football Intelligence: Intuitive system to adapt during a


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Unplayable World-Class 5v5 Online FIFA League Leagues with Online Party Modes
  • Player-to-Player Connections – Get to know your teammates and opponents, on and off the pitch
  • FIFA Pro Advisory – Global Pro Clubs, 10 Pro Partners and the latest FIFA app.
  • Real Player Progression – All real-world player talent mapped to the next level. Each roster created in-game is packed with 24 licensed European and South American Pro players.
  • Quick Sandbox Edit/Create – All those pesky commercials, wallpapers, and prizes will be a thing of the past. Create your player. Add them to your unique squad. Style them from your house.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise. Millions of footballers around the globe have played in FIFA tournaments, and with FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20, players can enjoy a deeper, more immersive gameplay experience and improve their team play with new features.

FIFA on mobile: iPad, iPhone, Android

FIFA Ultimate Team is the home of the world’s biggest transfer market. Access your personalised squad of footballers and take on your opponents in new ways in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons, as well as new Manager Challenges.
FIFA Mobile lets you play with your friends while you have your phone in your hand. Download the app for free and start your challenge today.

Football at the World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup™ takes place from 14 June to 15 July across 12 stadiums from Russia. Complete the football themed campaigns with your friends, or try to beat the top teams. Don’t miss the most significant world event of the year in a game where every movement and tactic has been crafted to feel authentic.

New Career Mode: FUT Champions

FIFA 20 was the first FIFA game to provide the option to go pro in Career Mode. Go from being a star amateur footballer to a football superstar. In FUT Champions, now called simply ‘Career Mode’, you have to compete across a handful of cups and leagues in order to become the greatest player ever in your country, as well as top players across the world. In Career Mode, enjoy the dream of being a professional footballer and the never-ending path to achieve your best in a football career.

A new season, a new team: FIFA Ultimate Team

Choose your team and start your Ultimate Team journey, where the online community serves as your manager and guide. The big changes and improvements for the FUT experience in FIFA 20 are here, as well as new features and updates which build on the experience introduced in FIFA 19. Also, learn from your mistakes and improve your tactics with your Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team will be available on Xbox One and PC.

EA SPORTS™ Fifa 22 Torrent Download: The House That FIFA Built

An outstanding team has been rebuilt from the ground up. Built with improved ball physics, tackling and player intelligence, the new FIFA 22 engine brings the game further in line with the intense, fast-paced action of the real game. With a new enhanced interface, all-new camera features, player and


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Take on the role of any player in the world, using the power of football’s most talented players to become the ultimate team in FIFA Ultimate Team. Gain access to new players, new items, and new gameplay features, including the brand-new Tactic Remix system.

EA SPORTS Football
EA SPORTS Football gives you the chance to create, play and progress through your very own football club as you rise through the league ranks. Build your stadium and set your team out in the premier league. Equip your squad with the latest player gear and set out to succeed in FUT Ball.

EA SPORTS FIFA returns for a huge new generation in FIFA 22, featuring improved control and player intelligence, and significantly enhanced animation and ball physics. Create your Ultimate Team using all the latest player gear, and see your players perform amazing new tricks as they run the channels and find space in a redesigned defensive engine.

FIFA Mobile – FIFA Ultimate Team
FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play game where you can collect and compete on the football pitches of the world with all the stars of your favourite FIFA club in over 40 football leagues. This is where football meets mobile in an exciting new way and is the only football game where you can buy players directly from the game and take part in exciting live events.

Formula Rossa
Formula Rossa is a breathtaking soccer game where you race against time to bring your very own Formula One™ team to the top of the podium. Roll out onto a beautiful 3D Italian city-setting as you make your way through the 2018 season. Master challenges and Formula Rossa events to boost your stats and play to victory!


Defend and go up on the world of sports with Sideline and become a professional

Join the footballing exploits of players from around the world

Challenge your friends to the ultimate battle

Customize your footballing skills using real-life steps and tricks


Soccer Live

Soccer Live is a fast paced 3D soccer game where your goal is to win the coveted Euro Cup.The tournament is being contested by real-world national teams from all over the globe. Your aim is to climb the ranks and score points through a number of exciting events, which includes quick matchmaking and tricky combat.


The official game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, FIFA 17 introduces innovative gameplay features that put the ball in the player


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