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“One of the things we’ve really tried to do with FIFA is really make it your own,” said Aaron Ramsey, the creative director on FIFA. “The ball feels different, the player animations are different and we’ve got movement that fits with the way you move in the real world.” Leroy Sane and David Alaba are the first players who will debut the new HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 22. “It’s about the feeling, and our software is very accurate. We are really improving the game of soccer and making it even more of an experience,” Ramsey said. This season, we’ve got many new ways to master the game of soccer. With “HyperMotion Technology”, your in-game animations feel even more real and natural. The additional player animations that are based on the way you really move make for an exciting and immersive experience. We’ve added a new communication feature that connects with the BPM sensor in your PlayStation 4 to bring the pace to your everyday life. Let’s make the game play the way you’re making your living. “In ‘FIFA 20’ on PlayStation 4, we experienced a little bit of a problem with communication,” explained Joe Zebedee, FIFA Lead Game Designer. “It would stop working when you would hit the ball, or if you were sprinting, or maybe even just running quickly through your free-kicks. It was not the communication of our players that was wrong, but the way it was picking up the BPM. “So we have been fixing the speed, accuracy, and range of the BPM this time, and now, you can count on it.” Count on it? Count on it to count on it? “So now that we are more confident in the BPM, we’ve built a little life into it, and this means that your conversations with people in the game will happen in real-time, and you’ll be able to tell them that the game has cut out. You can also check your BPM on the main menu screen, and if it says 1,720, that is a confirmation that you are going to get hit, or your received a message. “It’s all fun to do, and you can now get to know your communicators in a much better way. FIFA 22 has a whole bunch of new


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Watch demos of the Ultimate Team modes now by clicking Menu ->Demo Playlist ->Standout Playlist ->FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Offer your friends your own FIFA Ultimate Team card by sending it to your friends.
  • Win awesome cosmetic items and items with your friends.
  • Thanks to player & manager comments and reactions, you can communicate with your friends while playing FIFA.
  • Create your own custom teams and play tournament matches against real players.
  • Bring your favorite Transfermarkt clubs right to your MyClub.
  • Adjust Defending. Enter “Offsides” and “HandballOff” as new Defensive options.
  • Develop and train your tactic, tactics and players by playing FIFA training, then create a match with your tactic and play in trainers and online training.
  • Receive special gifts and earn additional rewards as you progress in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular, authentic and most addictive sports franchise, with over 940 million players a year, in 100 countries, on all five continents. Features FIFA 17: [New Season] Unleash the new season of gameplay and innovation, as the deep Connected Careers journey kicks off in FIFA 17, delivering the deepest, most nuanced gameplay to date. [Fifa Universe] Explore the depth of FIFA’s Universe and dig deeper into the gameplay of each country with new career paths and deeper game modes. [New Leadership] New attention to detail makes scoring easier and defender saves more important with the improved Career Manager, and every new skill, tactic and attribute leaves a mark. [Game Engine] To the core of the gameplay and new game modes, FIFA 17 is powered by a new game engine. [New Zones] Discover the game’s most immersive environments including the FIFA 2017 World Cup™ and UEFA Champions League™ stadiums, or visit the iconic stadiums of major world leagues. FIFA Ultimate Team Access the most complete player pool of any football game ever with Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team Coupons Accumulate over 15 million Ultimate Team Coin Packs to create a true ULTIMATE Team Team of the Year Select one team per country, and then compete with your friends to win global glory in the new Ultimate Team Seasonal Cups. Ultimate Squad Goals Achieve every goal at the highest level with your squad, in the new Ultimate Squad Goals. New Ultimate Soccer Goals Your best performances are defined in the new Ultimate Soccer Goals, as you dominate every challenge and test your skill. [Enhanced Cross] With the most sophisticated new Cross system in any football game, the two goalkeepers will give you an extra goal with the best cross each week and over the course of a season, providing improved defensive cover in the box and more opportunities to score. [Stability] Stability ensures both attacking and defensive play is as realistic as possible. Your players will play more like real players and make more realistic decisions. [Stamina] Play, pass and tackle as though your body is telling you it can take no more. Stamina regenerates faster for top players and stamina breaks less frequently. [Feeling] In a first for FIFA bc9d6d6daa


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Choose from over 40 iconic players from around the globe. Add them to your FUT squad to recreate epic championships like the 1998 FIFA World Cup™, or dominate with your very own fantasy line-up. With 3vs3 matches and a wide range of cups and other events, FUT is back for a new generation and gives you full control of your own experience within the game. PES 2019 Main Features PES 2019 is a revolution for the series. It brings the deepest and most complete football experience ever built, delivering a game that’s truly yours, tailored to your style of play and your personality. THE SPANISH PRESENCE – PES 2019 marks the return of the iconic Spanish brand, FC Barcelona. Created by the club’s own supporters, the new game represents a unique experience of bringing the club to life and offers what sets PES apart from any other football game – a deep story, authentic uniforms and a rich roster of Barça legends, including Lionel Messi. FC Barcelona 2019 is a celebration of the club, its fans and the history of the sport. NEW WAYS TO PLAY – PES 2019 will challenge traditional ways of playing. Designed with multi-context analysis tools, PES 2019 features a revolutionary concept of real-time reflection that analyses each of the actions you make and how they affect the game. It provides a complete view of your play and allows you to react faster and see your results instantaneously, rather than trial and error. This allows you to play the way you want to play, while the game adapts to your playstyle and you to your opponent’s. THE NEW PES CLASSIC MODEL – Played in a new and more authentic way, PES 2019 offers a new generation experience: The PES Classic Model. This is the true spirit of football, where players dream, practice and play until they grow, improve and are ready for the next step. The PES Classic Model makes you into a legend. ۳ VS 3 IN FIFA WORLD CUP™ ۲۰۱۹ – FIFA World Cup 2019 brings you the thrilling football experience of a massive all-star tournament. It brings together the game’s true stars as well as legends from the past, representing a genuine experience of football in the making – only in football, and only in FIFA World Cup. New Cards and Teams in 2019 FIFA World Cup In FIFA World Cup 2019, you can play with more than 100 teams! FIFA World Cup 2019


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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