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Real football matches are highly complex, and this technology is the most advanced ever used for video games. FIFA 22 takes the classic features of the FIFA series and introduces motion capture technology that is brand new to the FIFA series. The resulting gameplay simulation closely reproduces the physical sensation of real football matches and allows players to better control their skills.

We had the chance to ask Guillaume Reveillaud, Senior Graphics Engineer at EA Sports FIFA, some questions about the new motion capture technology as well as about other areas of the FIFA series.

Please tell us a bit more about FIFA 22. What improvements are there over the last few years of FIFA? What makes this version of FIFA stand out from its competitors?

Guillaume Reveillaud – Our goal is to create a new generation of FIFA games with a worldwide audience. Each game needs to be an authentic, authentic experience and we are proud to say that we have delivered that feeling in FIFA 22.

We have recreated gameplay by truly understanding football from the inside out. We have redefined the Manager skills and included new action creation tools. We have also designed a new AI engine which has improved the recognition of players actions while on the ball and added new techniques to guide a player when it is time to dribble.

What is the FIFA Team’s approach to motion-capture technology? Can you talk about the differences between conventional motion-capture devices vs. the technology you’ve developed for FIFA 22?

Guillaume Reveillaud – FIFA has always had a strong focus on authenticity in every facet of the game. We believe that through motion-capture we truly capture this authenticity, which in turn translates into a feeling of realism, authentic player control and players truly controlling the game.

In the past, the game developers used to rely on simple optical motion-capture technology to capture player motions as markers had to be placed on the athlete. This method was often criticized for its low and unrealistic quality. Our approach was to use 3D motion capture technology to capture player movements more accurately and close to real life. We have developed several layers of technology to do so. We have developed a biometric sensor to get the best possible data on every movement.

During the gameplay, what is the technology that supports motion-capture (i.e. comparing player movements to known player movements)? What type of sources does the technology use for this comparison? And what are the main sensors used for this tech


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Re-live your favourite moments as the world’s greatest players tackle ‘tomorrow’s…today.

  • Deliver the most complete, authentic sports experience in gaming.

  • Lead your club to glory in all 25 popular leagues.

  • Create, play and manage a player that could become the best in the world.

  • Develop, train and compete with the most realistic, and diverse set of international teams in the game.

  • Be a player on the pitch just like in real life, and lead your squad with intelligent team tactics.

  • Face, pass and shoot the ball with complete control.

  • Navigate the pitch with ease and keep possession throughout the match.

  • Individualise your player with set pieces, off-the-ball movements and more.

  • Experience more authentic football moves, such as dribbling, free kicks, headers and more.

  • Get more goal-oriented with more new animations.

  • Start something special as an underdog, follow your dream and lead from the World Cup with IFAB.

  • Experience a new fully immersive atmosphere and environment.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular football video game series, and the most realistic simulation of the beautiful game on the planet. The top franchise on the planet since its launch in 1991, FIFA continues to engage fans with innovation while providing compelling new ways to play. Whether playing solo or with friends, players of all skill-sets will enjoy the game they love.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

FIFA Ultimate Team™, the official videogame version of the popular FUT on the PES network is back and bigger than ever! With countless new cards, enhancements to the game and an all-new coach interface, FIFA Ultimate Team™ is now a vital part of the core FIFA gameplay.

What is FIFA Ultimate Weekend?

FIFA Ultimate Weekend brings together the two biggest events on the PES calendar and gives players a chance to compete with their FIFA friends in 5v5 and team scenarios on the same server.

PlayStation®۴™ owners will get their hands on the upcoming edition of the most complete simulation of world football. FIFA 16 for PS4 delivers unprecedented gameplay depth through an improved gameplay engine, new additions and innovations, and some of the biggest clubs in the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester City. Plus, FIFA 16 for PS4 is the only FIFA game to deliver true-to-life celebrations in international competitions, via renowned French agency Partners in Motion (PIM).Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ Fifa 22 Product Key brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

FIFA 17 Demo

PlayStation®۴™ owners will get their hands on the upcoming edition of the most complete simulation of world football. FIFA 16 for PS4 delivers unprecedented gameplay depth through an improved gameplay engine, new additions and innovations, and some of the biggest clubs in the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester City. Plus, FIFA 16 for PS4 is the only FIFA game to deliver true-to-life celebrations in international competitions, via renowned French agency Partners in Motion (PIM).

New features and gameplay

FIFA 17 brings a range of new features and enhancements to the core gameplay. Most notably:

● FIFA Ultimate Team™: the new and improved game mode lets you manage the investment of over 50,000 players from more than 600 squads in the most comprehensive


Fifa 22 Crack

FIFA 20 introduced FUT as a unique game mode that encourages you to build your own dream team from the ground up, unlocking your first legendary players and the best players from the previous years as you build your dream team. With over 700 players to collect from around the world, it’s your mission to make sure your FUT squad is worthy of being called the greatest team in the world.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team introduced gameplay improvements to FUT that opens up new possibilities, especially in how you build and manage your Ultimate Team, and adds depth to the gameplay, including many improvements to daily challenges.

FIFA 20 makes major updates to the gameplay, physics, controls, and motion-capture, including:

Pace of Game: FIFA 20 will have a more fluid and natural touch and feel across the pitch, allowing players to perform longer-distance passes and make sharper decisions.

Premier League Player Details in Matchday Moments:
See more Player Data in the matchday moments screens, including their complete career details.

Faster dribbling:
Players will be able to do more acrobatic, on-the-spot moves, while also having more control when changing direction and retaining more ball control, to create more options for them to dribble and pass.

FIFA Ultimate Team:

Evolving the Energy System: Players will no longer rely on the energy to make short passes, instead relying on their intelligence and awareness to remain in possession. This will make it more difficult for players to outwit the opposition with deceptive play.

In-game physics updates:
Players will react more naturally and react more intelligently to the ball as the physics engine of FIFA 20 will be updated to provide more realistic ball movement and player movement, including more unpredictability and unpredictability.

New Real Player Motion Capturing:
New, better, more realistic motion capture has been added to FUT, making the process of creating players more accurate, which will lead to more authentic looking players and more realistic movements.

FIFA 20 introduces the following new gameplay features:
Real Player Motion Capture (RPMC): FUT introduces the RPMC tool which features in-game motion capture that will give players more accurate and authentic movements when creating new players in FUT.

Goalkeeper AI: Goalkeepers will now react to the ball, anticipating the ball more accurately and reacting to the player


What’s new:

  • New Quick-Play mini-games: let the action begin in 8 new mini-games including in-game tactical training.
  • FIFA The Journey: updated with enhanced gameplay and visuals including all-new FIFA the Journey cinematics. Players can now travel to new places, discover new wonders and build new hope where they see it through the eyes of Kasai, the new “player-coach” from Africa.
  • New Pro Player animation textures that add realism and detail to player models.
  • New Player Interactions models including one-button throwing, sliding, all-new muscle movements, battling animation and ballet-inspired pass-offs.
  • Updated trade menu so the most coveted players aren’t out of reach anymore.
  • New Pro Allies and Foes mobility model that enhances players’ pacing and dynamics.
  • All-new football’s damage system, with injured players dropping more realistically as they heal.
  • FIFA Pantheon gear and insignias, including: FIFA Ballon d’Or, FIFA Puskas and FIFA World Player of the Year.
  • Players can now be sidelined on crosses, much like with shots or from set-pieces.
  • Medical now feature the same recovery, restoration, and stamina information as before. More injuries include new swelling and bleeding indicators.
  • New defending animations, including sliding and more situational tackles.
  • Player models are updated, and the camera has been retargeted.
  • FIFA 22 now also supports high dynamic range (HDR) displays in game.


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FIFA is the #1 sports franchise in the world, built on innovation and excitement. Whether you’re dribbling past the world’s greatest defenders or unleashing a beautiful header to score a goal, FIFA brings the thrill of world-class soccer to fans everywhere. In more than 35 years, EA Sports has defined the soccer genre with FIFA, and FIFA 22 is the latest chapter in our long legacy of dedication to the sport.

Do you want to dominate soccer like only FIFA can?

FIFA is the sports franchise like no other. The only soccer videogame where your goal is to score goals, the only sports game where that’s the whole point. You’ve got the ability to dribble at lightning speed while your opponents get literally beaten to a pulp. It’s the one game where you have total control of everything, and where one fantastic pass can decide the outcome of a match.

We can’t wait to see you play FIFA 22 and compete for everything from club supremacy to GOAT awards. But before that, check out the trailer and give us your review!


New Features

New Engine Features

New Features

New Weapons

New Commentary

New Attacks

New Goalkeepers

New Camera

New Ball Physics

Field Management

Precision Passing

Zonal Tactics

Step by Step Tactics


Celebrating Goals

Leo Messi’s new skills

Quake Prediction

Improved User Interface

New Commentary

New Commentary from commentators

New commentary from commentators including Alexi Lalas, Sir Alex Ferguson, Beppe Montella and Gary Neville.

New Camera

Zoom in on the ball as you look around the pitch. Zoom out to create a full action shot.

Precision Passing

Precision passing lets you use the ball like a touchscreen. Every pass can be redirected, and matched to a specific target at the push of a button. Never miss your pass again.

Field Management

Control over your players, formations, tactics, substitutions and more.

New Ball Physics

The ball will realistically bounce, spin, curve, and perform realistic fakes.

Performance Improvement

New Features

New Battery-Free Camera

FIFA is the only game on the planet where


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