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FIFA has always possessed the ability to accurately reproduce a player’s movement on the pitch, but the game has always fallen short of truly being able to realistically portray the dynamic of high speed battles. Now, with that data being added to the game’s engine, it allows teams to make every tiny movement that a player makes count more.

Puyol on the halfway line doing a chicken winged hip before a counter:

SASKATOON, CANADA – SEPTEMBER 08: Sergio Busquets (C) of Spain celebrates with teammates after the final whistle of the group G match between Spain and Canada at Investors Group Field on September 8, 2016 in Saskatoon, Canada. (Photo by Andrew Taylor/Getty Images)

Puyol on the halfway line doing a chicken winged hip before a counter:

In FIFA 21, you could see Busquets do this before moving up into space and being able to do the cross. This data allows players to do the same, and it’s a big differentiator.

“For the first time, we have the possibility to create authentic playing dynamics and moments in-game,” said Xavier Musquare, Executive Producer at EA SPORTS. “The HyperMotion visual engine builds on previous innovations, such as Dribbling Sprint Intelligence, when used in combination with the improved AI engine and new animations and controls, gives coaches, players and fans the most realistic game-play experience possible.”

There are several new modes included in FIFA 22, including the new Player Ratings feature, which uses ratings from players’ head-to-head stats to display the players’ strengths and weaknesses. The ratings are used to populate the global transfer market, and can be used by managers to not only make their own player acquisitions, but also to determine the prices paid by other teams.

Player ratings are also used to allow officials to adjust their decision making based on what they see on the pitch. There are several different new ref logic options, as well as a new option that allows players to take their time in pressing the pass button if they think they’ve got defenders covered.

The game also sports a brand new Ultimate Team mode that includes a more strategic gameplay experience, as well as new contracts and Loyalty Items. The latter provide tangible rewards for players who earn their coach’s trust.

Other new modes include the Ones to Watch


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • “Reality Driven Tactical Match”
  • HyperMotion Technology
  • New gameplay features
  • More depth to Career Mode
  • New Match Day Moments
  • New injury and fatigue effects, especially for midfielders
  • Improved AI control
  • Introducing new Goalkeeper Tools
  • Styles changes
  • Improved graphics
  • Details such as corner flags and free kicks
  • A defensive AI opponent will help provide cover for the defenders
  • New Customisable Tactics
  • Ladder Powerplay
  • Player Stories
  • Enhanced kit customisation
  • Player Performance
  • Thematic nights for new clubs
  • Home Stadiums


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FIFA (originally FIFA International Soccer and in North America, FIFA Soccer) is a series of association football video games published and developed by Electronic Arts. The most recent game in the series is EA SPORTS FIFA 22, which was released on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 28, 2019.

Most elements of the series have been done in the same series in some way since EA’s debut of FIFA on the PC in 1991. The name of the game came from EA’s internal code name for the game. The name itself refers to the first game in the series, which was developed by Michel Platini’s company, Match Sports, and was first released in arcades in 1989.

The core gameplay of the FIFA series is divided into a series of modes, including international matches, national matches, Manager Mode, Ultimate Team, and online/network matches. All modes feature the ability to play matches against other participants, though many can also be played against computer-controlled (or AI) teams.


A fundamental element of the gameplay of the series has been the selection of a team of players based on a real-life player’s statistics and form. The players are usually “global stars” with high statistics, though some games have also had players with low numbers of goals and assists, to represent players who are “tough to score” or have the “potential to score”. Football Manager, a series of football management games developed by Sports Interactive, has also featured this element since its first game in 1997. Although the gameplay of the series has generally been designed to reflect the fast-paced, short-passing, and high-paced nature of association football, some of the games have also included an “armchair” mode to allow players to select a team from a list of players, or on an online leaderboard.

FIFA’s official website no longer offers games with the series as downloads. The official website is now linked to the game’s official Facebook page.

The game has also featured improvements in the graphics, the physics, and artificial intelligence in most of its games. In the last decade, The video game has also improved in realism, with the ability to create and edit the formation of each team in the game, with the ability to change the tactics at any time in the game and the ability to play all matches with a strict formation.

The latest version of the game is among the first games where the live stream option


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New Features:
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What’s new in Fifa 22:

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