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While the players in FIFA 16 had a maximum potential of 99 dribbles and 88 sprints, Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version allows each player to travel a distance of up to 120 meters (when chasing a ball) and reach a speed of 29 km/h (15 mph).

The addition of the game’s new “Dynamic Acceleration” feature allows players to adjust how fast they move and how high they can run. This addition, together with the new “High-Speed Sprint” technique, will enhance the player’s ability to manoeuvre around the defender and to beat him one-on-one.

FIFA 22 introduces “Time Shift,” which recreates the feeling of being a ball on the field of play. By using “Momentum Analysis”, players who are waiting for the ball can see where it is going to be and where it is going to come from. The moment you feel you are going to lose the ball, you can redirect it.

FIFA Ultimate Team, which has received over 30 million users to date, continues to evolve. New gameplay features include Character Power and Growth – which allow you to increase your players’ individual attributes – and Pick-Ups.

FIFA Ultimate Team features the unprecedented ability to evolve players’ appearance in key areas and equip them with the most detailed and realistic physical attributes, creating unique in-game characters. With the introduction of Character Growth, players can enhance their attributes and elevate their team’s overall performance. Ultimate Team players can now unlock new character kits and upgrade them with the most authentic and detailed equipment. Additionally, they can use new coins to enhance their aesthetics, including new hairstyles and tattoos.

With the recent release of the ‘FIFA 22’ Ultimate Team expansion pack, fans will have all the tools at their disposal to build the ultimate Ultimate Team squad.

As more content is added, the best tactics will rise to the top. Download the expansion today and become part of the EA SPORTS Ultimate Team community.

The FIFA 22 system requirements for PC have been confirmed as:

Minimum Requirements OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32/64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i3 at 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 at 2.4 GHz (dual core processor) or better Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860 / AMD Radeon


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Multiple camera angles – change shots and zoom in on any moment in the action in this brand new feature. The Attacking options will also now include a two foot first touch system
  • Dynamic Real Player Motion – every action in the game has a new level of realism and intensity thanks to the unique new motion-capture technology that gets Inside Pro Player’s eye view of the game. This means that every player will look and move differently in different situations, helping to add to a more authentic and believable game.
  • Team AI ratings elevated
  • Steam Workshop improvements


Fifa 22 Activation PC/Windows [April-2022]

EA SPORTS™ FIFA brings to life one of the biggest names in global sports on your living room console. Experience the thrill of creating your own Ultimate Team™ and take over the management of teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund or many others. In our latest edition, you have the ability to play like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Keylor Navas or Cristiano Ronaldo and take on any opponents with unrivaled tactics.

Are you ready?

In FIFA™ ۲۲, players have the opportunity to choose from an improved set of 26 national teams and a new set of 20 leagues. With the added attention to detail, combined with the redesigned gameplay, are you ready to feel the football?

Player Ratings

In FIFA 22, you get to manage a team of real soccer players. And thanks to a slew of new player ratings, you have the ability to put your best on the pitch. Also, taking total control of players is now even easier. You will now be able to fine tune a specific player or a group of players, such as midfielders.


The game offers up to 1,000 shots on goal, with the ability to customise every aspect of the gameplay. You will experience the atmosphere like never before by playing in stadiums and in front of thousands of live spectators. You can also play in all the world’s federations, from Russia to Japan.

Game Modes

There are new game modes, including Standard & Demolition, Squad Battles, Classic Match, Training, and a new Season mode. New game modes include:

Standard & Demolition. Play matches in two 10-minute periods, and perfect your skills in one-on-one duels. Defend your space and attack at will.

– Play matches in two 10-minute periods, and perfect your skills in one-on-one duels. Defend your space and attack at will. Squad Battles. A new game mode that lets you battle against your friends.

– A new game mode that lets you battle against your friends. Classic Match. Earn the most coins in classic matches played against friends.

Earn the most coins in classic matches played against friends. Training. Practice your skills using different modes and exercises.

Practice your skills using different modes and exercises. Season. Replay and earn as many coins as possible in every game of the season.

Replay and earn


Fifa 22 Crack Free [32|64bit]

FUT 22 continues to bring you more ways to play, more ways to win. Matchday and friendlies give you more control over the experience with even more ways to live out your dreams. Play the way you want, whenever you want, with new ways to make the most out of the game.

Offline Gameplay – Offline gaming has never been more accessible. For the first time in FIFA history, you can play the game offline when you purchase it and start playing immediately without Internet connection. You can also play cross-regionally when you travel abroad, without Internet access, as you compete against friends and other fans from different corners of the world in true FIFA spirit.

Live Events – Live events bring more of the action directly to you. The new in-game event creator is on-par with the real thing, letting you run and play to make history and experience the thrill of being part of a live event like a FIFA World Cup™ qualifier or a FIFA Club World Cup™ Final.

Modes – FIFA fans now have additional modes of play, including a new Quick Play and Custom Match game type for players to enjoy in-between matches. Plus, FIFA Ultimate Team and the all-new Player Create allow new ways to play, as you’ll be able to create teams with the latest FUT 22 players. You’ll even be able to customise your face, name and set yourself apart from other players in the game.

FIFA – The Journey –
New off the field moments featuring Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ozil, Kane, Vardy and many more. Focused gameplay that tests your skills with new ball-control system and improved interaction with the pitch. Different modes and much more to win in the definitive soccer experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team –
In FIFA Ultimate Team, more ways to win. Create your dream squad, choose a formation, explore the game for multiple modes of play and build the strongest side possible. Choose your playstyle with tools that allow you to take your favorite tactics and change a game on the fly in-game.

The Journey – Lead your best club and guide it to glory in The Journey. Create your dream team, hone your skills in new training camps and take your club to unparalleled heights. Be the manager you always wanted to be and join the ranks of the legends.

Career –
Make your mark in the FIFA 22 Career. Play the way you want, whenever


What’s new:

  • New Career Mode: Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player, as you create the newest club in FIFA, design your kit, style your stadium, and decide whether to compete in the most elite games against the best players in the world – all while managing your players and team to glory.
  • New Gameplay: Control your players and outwit your rivals in a more action-packed and realistic experience.
  • New Authentic Motion: In a world-first, use new HyperMotion technology to capture real-life player movements, allowing footballers in FIFA 22 to sprint harder, stop quicker and control the ball in action, for more authentic dribbling and verticality, and for realistic speed and touches on the ball.
  • New Journey: Journey through clubs, countries, cities and continents in Career, Experience and Ultimate Teams.
  • New Clubs: More than 40 new clubs, including 14 EA SPORTS Club licenses.
  • New Player Ratings: New ratings for more than 6,000 real players, including England’s footballers with elite ratings, and Brazil’s world-class players.
  • New Online Seasons: Play with the football superstars of the world in regular football seasons, with 16 real football leagues, teams and cup competitions. Season continues over six months as your club and players develop.


Free Download Fifa 22 Crack Activation Key

FIFA is known for its authentic football atmosphere, and FIFA 22 brings fans and players even closer to the authentic experience. The game’s Real Team Motion Engine delivers the same responsive, accurate player controls in FIFA 22 that have been a hallmark of the franchise. In addition to delivering the fluid feel of real-world football, the engine also allows the game to run at a faster pace.


Real Team Motion Engine – The game’s Real Team Motion Engine delivers the same responsive, accurate player controls in FIFA 22 that have been a hallmark of the franchise. In addition to delivering the fluid feel of real-world football, the engine also allows the game to run at a faster pace.

Complete Player Intelligence – Every FIFA player counts with the FIFA 22 Intelligence Engine, which is tuned to deliver accurate ball flight, unpredictable player movement, and complete player intelligence. From your Career Mode hat-trick heroics to your Champions League comeback, every play reflects the team chemistry of the game and plays out according to your performance.

Brand New Free Play** – The Free Play feature helps bring your personal brand to life by providing you with a chance to show your personal style to the world. Rank up and set up your own unlimited Free Play game to fit your style.

**Online Multiplayer and Career modes support up to*

Live Online Seasons* – EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers worldwide competitions and tournaments that ramp up over the course of 12 months. Fans now get to join in on the action in a whole new way. With local and online seasons, FIFA Club, and the ability to compete in Online Seasons through EA SPORTS FIFA Social, fans are able to experience the sport of soccer in new and exciting ways.

All-New Player, Team and Global Development Kits – The Global Development Kit features unique kits from nearly 100 countries, all of which are authentic to their real-world counterparts. The kits are more authentic and more diverse than ever. Players are able to express themselves through individual player styles that are unrivaled in the FIFA franchise.

Game-Changing Player Intelligence Technology – The Player Intelligence system will make your game-playing life easier. FIFA 22 enables you to dominate your opponents with your game-changing ability to control the game. You’ll be able to focus more on making plays, running the game, and completing passes, rather than making adjustments to the game through a mouse or controller.

The FIFA 22 Lineup

۱۶ clubs, 16 players


How To Crack:

  • Go To “Settings”
  • Unlock it
  • Chose “CrackBungee.ini”

    Make it empty;
  • Typ the path i.e.C:\Users\your_username\Documents\crackedgames\FIFA 22\
  • and reset it.
  • Install


System Requirements:

Vulkan (DirectX 12) is required to run on Windows 7 or newer.
Minimum system requirements are:
Processor: Intel i5-6300HQ or AMD equivalent
Windows 10 DirectX 12 support
Vulkan support
Minimum graphical requirements:
Video adapter: NVIDIA GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
DirectX 12 support
DirectX 11
Recommended requirements:
Video adapter: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 390 or better


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