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When writing a tutorial, keep these things in mind:

* For every 3 days of Photoshop training, a beginner student must spend 1 day simply _understanding_ how a feature works, whether it’s using the Photoshop command palette or learning the path of Action tools like the Pen tool or the Brush tool, and so on.

* You can release a tutorial online for free to be distributed freely by others. However, most users purchase a copy of the program with the expectation that they have purchased training for their program. If you don’t sell the software, then you should release your tutorials for free.

* When you create a tutorial, it should be a somewhat free-flowing “how to” style. Use it to describe how to create complex projects, but keep it simple enough that a student can follow along with the steps without having to think too much about what you’re saying. Make sure that your references to the software and the features are readily available in the program and easily viewed at any time.

* Record a demonstration and a written description of the steps you take in creating a project so that the user can follow along with the techniques.
* Avoid the use of analogies and explain using graphics and charts or photographs to help students visualize what you’re doing. When possible, use some sort of an audio description so that students can listen to what you’re saying as they’re following along.
* Keep it short and simple. To keep students from being overwhelmed, organize the steps using a “flow chart” or a series of related images that explain the steps. Include photos of the result of each step and have them carefully annotated.
* Include the most important tools and shortcuts. As explained in Chapter 3, you should be sure to tell students how to access most of the most used tools.
* Edit and comment on screen shots. Especially when using a tutorial as a method of instruction, see what the student does when you’re not looking and show your opinions and comments. Even if it is an older tutorial, you may be able to comment on how your process would have worked better, or how you would have done things differently.

* Enforce a schedule for the student to follow your rules. Teach the basic tools and skills first and then you can help them learn the workflow. The first couple of lessons are easy to teach, but after that, the rules can get a bit more difficult and complicated. Be sure to set the standard. Let them

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The key differentiating features in Photoshop are the tools for editing individual elements within an image. For example, the can make quick adjustments to color or adjust the shape of a selected area. Elements doesn’t have the extensive layers, filters and extensive text-editing tools found in Photoshop.

Using Photoshop and Elements, image editors can crop, correct color, adjust the colors of the entire image, use brushes, add special effects like blurring and vignette and remove parts of an image to get the image they want.

The process of editing images can be simple, but with a few mistakes, those simple images can become unusable. These Photoshop tutorials can show you how to create custom frames, add captions, add frames, edit portraits, remove the background of an image, create seamless backgrounds, give an image a transparent look, and improve image details such as wrinkles.

۱٫ Find a Better Background

One of the worst editing mistakes is choosing a bad, boring or too bright background. This tutorial will help you find a better background for your photos.

Creating a Background Image

Photoshop Elements has a ton of backgrounds, like the default backdrop that automatically creates when you open an image.

Create a new blank document in Photoshop Elements. You can do this in any way you want. Open the Fill and Stroke panel and use the same colors for Fill and Stroke that are shown on the top of your image:

Click the button for the fill color you’d like to use for your background. Then in the Stroke panel, click the color on the bottom you’d like to use for your stroke. Use the rotation tool to add a slight rotation to your image. Once you’re done, you’ll have a new blank background:

Now you can use this background to edit your images.

Using the Top Layer

With the new background, you can easily access the features and tools of the Layer panel. You can use the Background layer to add a simple image, remove the background, move or delete parts of the background, add effects, duplicate layers, crop images, cut out backgrounds, text, photos, and even put together images.

For the example, create a new image. Open the New Layer dialog box and select the Background layer.

To add a photo of a different background to this image, select your background, then click the button for the file type you�

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can’t pull the latest git commit after a fork, get a merge conflict

we have cloned from an upstream repository, and our local master branch is out of date. We originally forked the repository 5 months ago, and have been tracking it’s development ever since. We now have to pull in the latest version from the upstream to keep working.
here is the problem:
the master branch from the upstream repository now has a merge conflict on a file…
we’ve pulled it in, verified that the commit hash is correct, but in the meantime our master branch has diverged to become a different commit.
we don’t know how to reconcile these differences. I’ve tried git pull but that seems to “merge” things which are not the same things (it merges the master branch from the upstream into our master branch).
any suggestions?


Maybe it is a bit late, but it might help others.
I had this problem, but unfortunately I didn’t have any clue what was going on. After a lot of time, I figured it out.
There’s a really bad state with git, when two cloned repos have diverged and you can’t pull the upstream branch, but the upstream branch is needed. As you may know, git pull merges the local branch into the remote branch, but when the remote branch was already different from the local branch, then the merge is actually a rebase, and that is the reason that no merge happened, but a rebase with the same merge commit is created.
Now, try to pull from the cloned repo to the cloned repo and that should fix it. You’ll see a error and you’ll be able to resolve that by resetting, so git reset –hard HEAD and then try git pull.

Effects of temperature, pH, and salt concentration on activity of immobilized insulin.
Immobilized insulin from B-cells has been studied in a glassy matrix in relation to its response to an in vitro dynamic system, made up of a column of packed Sephadex beads and a continuous dialysate. Under isothermal conditions, the dialysate has a gradient of pH between 5 and 8, and between pH 8 and 12, whereas the insulin activity is dependent on pH. The optimum pH is 6.5-7.5. At pH 7.5 the insulin is maximally active for a period of several hours at room

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.2)?

Quality of life in patients with periodontitis and psychological status.
To evaluate the quality of life (QoL) in patients with periodontitis and to assess the relationships between QoL and psychological factors. For this observational, cross-sectional study, the sample included 59 consecutive patients (29 women and 30 men, age range: 30-54 years). All patients were of Caucasian origin, either smoker or non-smoker, from the outpatient section of the division of Periodontology, Department of Biomedical Science, School of Dentistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The patients were subjected to an interview and completed a questionnaire, which included the following: sociodemographic data, Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), and Quality of Life Questionnaire for Oral Health Impact Profile (QLQ-Oral Health-5). For data analysis, the chi-square test and ANOVA were used. The correlation between the different clinical and laboratory variables and the QLQ-Oral Health-5 was determined by Spearman correlation test. With regard to psychological state, the overall prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders was 45.8% and 34.5%, respectively. The mean BDI score and BAI score were 13.3±۱٫۱ and 13.4±۴٫۲, respectively. The mean QLQ-Oral Health-5 score was 21.9±۲٫۳٫ The mean QLQ-Oral Health-5 domains score was 90.5±۷٫۳ in the social domain; 72.5±۹٫۲ in the physical domain; 57.5±۱۲٫۰ in the psychological domain; 58.0±۱۲٫۰ in the role domain; and 52.1±۱۰٫۶ in the symptom domain. The correlation between the QLQ-Oral Health-5 score and BDI score was significant (p=0.01), however, none of the QLQ-Oral Health-5 domains and the BAI score were correlated to the clinical and laboratory variables, respectively (p>0.05). There was a strong correlation between BDI score and BAI score (rho=0.72, p

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.2):

*Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit versions)
*DX11 with Nvidia’s Vulkan Driver (openGL is not supported)
*At least 4GB VRAM
*۵GB free hard disk space
*NVIDIA 1080 or better GPU with NVIDIA VR
*At least 3.5 GB of VRAM
Install Ghost Recon Wildlands on Steam
How to Install:
۱٫ Add APT Repos using below command
$ sudo

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