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Next FlipBook Maker Pro Crack

Next FlipBook Maker Pro- is an easy to use- high quality ebook maker. Free download the Pro version and create unlimited flipbooks.
You can have your own professional flipbook business at no cost. Next FlipBook Maker Pro is an easy to use, highly customizable ebook creation and publishing tool designed to help you create stunning and professional flipbooks.
Next FlipBook Maker Pro is a software product which allows you to create professional flipbooks in a matter of minutes. You can convert and publish your flipbook for free and sell them as PDF eBooks or as HTML5 eBooks.
Next FlipBook Maker Pro- is for everyone who wants to easily create and publish professional quality flipbook on web sites in seconds for free. Your own unique professional flipbook business is now within your reach.
Create professional flipbooks in seconds (free edition, up to 4 pages; pro edition unlimited pages).
Up to 48 text and shape, graphics and logos, 3D animations, movies and music, eBook or HTML5 presentations with no HTML knowledge required.
Move text, images, and other objects on a page by simply draging/dropping them.
Page Sizing (horizontal, vertical and diagonal), page rotation, font, text size, center or justified text.
Add image captions, links, pages, sub-pages, bookmark pages, and more.
Adjust colors, text and backgrounds.
Free and paid editions
Next FlipBook Maker Pro- is available for free and paid editions, choose from the versions listed below.
Next FlipBook Maker Pro- Free Edition (limited to 4 pages, no page templates)
Next FlipBook Maker Pro- Pro Edition (unlimited pages, professional page templates)
Next FlipBook Maker Pro- Pro Edition Per month (unlimited pages, professional page templates)
How to Download and Install Next FlipBook Maker Pro?
Click on the download link or go to the download page to download the latest version of Next FlipBook Maker Pro- for free.
Now download the setup file from the link below.
Run Setup and follow the instructions to install the program.
When the installation is completed close the window and run the program.
Start the software by clicking on Start Menu -> Next FlipBook Maker Pro.

Features of




How Many Languages?

English, French, German, Spanish

Installing Size?

۳٫۵ Mb

Next FlipBook Maker Pro Crack

**In order to install this software, you should install one or more compatible products from KNetWare. If you don’t have those softwares yet, you can find out on where to download them online.

Next FlipBook Maker Pro (also known as Next FlipBook App) it’s an application from BrainCraft which tries to simplify the creation of web books.
Although you can create normal books (magazine, brochure, etc…), the real interest here is the creation of flipbooks. You can create flipbooks with two different approaches:

HTML5 (with the users having access to a good range of free templates) or

Flash (with the users having access to a good range of commercial templates).

If you want to have your flipbook online, you will have to choose the cloud hosting (Bubblicious) or the local storage (your computer’s hard disk).
Next FlipBook Maker Pro Features:
* Create flipbooks from simple pages to complex, user-friendly magazines
* Choose between the traditional HTML format and an alternative HTML5/Flash rich format
* Create all types of flipbooks: magazines, brochures, apps, ebook, magazine, flat book, ad book, etc…
* Choose between a variety of pre-designed templates or you can even design your own
* Flipbook in different languages
* Insert all sorts of graphics
* Choose from a wide range of button styles
* Choose between a full-screen interface or a windowed interface
* Resize your pages to fit your needs
* Choose between a few layouts for the navigation menu
* Choose between a few themes to make your flipbook look more attractive
* Choose to hide/show specific parts of the template
* Hide/show navigation bar/footer
* Restricted security (password protection) on your flipbooks
* Add and remove any section of the flipbook easily and quickly
* Add and remove text from a section of your flipbook
* Add and remove a logo from the middle of the flipbook
* Insert hyperlinks (including a personal logo)
* Link to a specific page of the flipbook (including a personal logo)
* Link to a specific page of the flipbook (including a personal logo)
* Link to a specific page of the flipbook (including a personal logo)
* Link to a specific page of the flipbook (including a personal logo)
* Link to a specific page of the

What’s New In Next FlipBook Maker Pro?

Next FlipBook Maker Pro is the first free online software to create personalized flipbooks that can be viewed with all browsers including Android, iPad, iPhone, HP TouchPad, and Apple TV.
Create flipbooks online using your PC and the Internet by clicking the ‘Create Flipbook’ button. Rotate, resize, delete, move, and share your flipbooks in no time and for free.
Next FlipBook Maker Pro Features:
– Free.
– No registration required.
– Easily create flipbooks in a snap by adding and editing content.
– Easily customize flipbooks with free downloadable widgets and backgrounds, including your own photos.
– Flipbooks can be easily viewed with all browsers including Android, iPhone, iPad, HP TouchPad, and Apple TV.
– Over 35,000 digital backgrounds, including 300,000 images.
– Share your flipbooks on your website, blog, social media sites, and other digital media outlets.
– Add and edit HTML/CSS content using our easy-to-use editing panel.
– Create flipbooks as HTML5, HTML4, Flash, SWF, PDF and EPUB files.
– Over 50 free fonts and effects to customize the look of your flipbooks.
– Create flipbooks at no charge, even if you have a free account.
– No registration is required to create and export flipbooks to print.
– Load a password when exporting flipbooks so no one can preview your contents.
– Share your custom content with your friends on social media networks.
– Save flipping content for future use.
– Add multiple PDF files and create a flipbook from multiple pages.
– Open and edit more than 1000 image files at once.
– Split images into separate pages and combine multiple images into one flipbook.
– Export HTML/CSS files and use them as standalone websites.
– Share your flipbooks using social media websites.
– Customize the dialog box for each page of your flipbook.
– Add rich text to each page.
– Add voice audio to each page.
– Add animated images, texts, buttons, and controls to each page.
– Change the color of the text, buttons, and backgrounds.
– Add frames to each page.
– Add links to each page.
– Add Shapes to each page.
– Add music to each page.
– Add videos to each page.
– Add a logo to your flipbook.

System Requirements For Next FlipBook Maker Pro:

MAC OS X – 10.7 Lion / 10.6 Snow Leopard
Intel – CPU at least 2GHz; RAM 2GB, 16GB or more.
Intel – Graphics Accelerated (Intel)
Intel – HD Graphics
Intel – HD Graphics 4000 or later
Windows – XP SP2 or later
Windows – Windows Vista or later
Wine – 0.9.45 or later
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