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There’s no real party without some good musing pumped through speakers at an insane volume, and sure enough a lot of individuals start to sing at a certain point. There’s also a method to this madness that actually encourages people to sing along, but also showing lyrics so they don’t just mumble. It’s called karaoke, and applications like KaraWin want to be the life of the party.
Crowded and confusing design
As far as the visuals are concerned, the overall design can feel a little overwhelming, especially because of the upper toolbar that is fitted with many buttons, all with a different, not so clear icon that creates a bit of confusion. However, if you use the menus, things get better, because they hold the same functions.
On the left side, there’s a navigation panel you can use to quickly get to the location where songs you wish to play are located. Content is then shown in the rest of the space, with a list that includes details like file name, index, title, artist, and duration. It can be filtered for easier identification, or quickly jump to a specific entry by writing down its index number in a dedicated field.
Video and karaoke playback options
When a song starts to play, a new window is brought up with a preview area in case the file loaded also comes with built-in lyrics. If not, it can be used as a simple preview for video files. Sadly, trying to skip through content messes up the default system volume, and even if you adjust it, gets messed up again.
In addition, the application is equipped with several other utilities found in the window menu. As such, you can create playlists and manage songs through the jukebox and catalogs section, access a virtual piano, open the midi window that’s fitted with an equalizer for midi and MP3, and a few more.
A few last words
On an ending note, KaraWin has a lot more to learn from other of its kind before being the life of the party. It can take some time to get acquainted with the confusing interface, with elements that don’t really seem to be related to one another. Lyrics can’t be managed, nor can you make a karaoke file yourself out of an ordinary MP3 file. Playback capabilities are rather poor, and the application leaves a lot to be desired overall.


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When a song begins to play, a new window is brought up with a preview area in case the file loaded also comes with built-in lyrics. If not, it can be used as a simple preview for video files. Now you can also share your musical and karaoke medias with others.Tigers do not comment on Carrera’s future


Mike Caren


February 27, 2007

Tigers owner Dombrowski discusses pending negotiations with agent, and discusses rumors regarding the future of slugger Cabrera, according to mlive.com.

Tigers owner Dombrowski discusses pending negotiations with agent, and discusses rumors regarding the future of slugger Cabrera, according to mlive.com.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Plans for free agent slugger Alex Rodriguez are in full swing, with his agent brokering an agreement with Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch on a 6-year, $252 million contract.

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Dombrowski, the Tigers president and CEO, spoke Sunday for the first time about the pending negotiations with Rodriguez’s agent, Bobby Evans. The Tigers do not comment on contract negotiations, and did not mention Rodriguez by name in their statement.

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KaraWin Cracked Accounts is an open-source application that offers many useful features. It can be used for browsing, playing and creating MP3 songs, and creating karaoke files. It also offers a midi window with an EQ, and a virtual piano that can be used for creating the actual tone of the song.
+ Built-in and integrated MP3 player, Song ID Tagger, MP3 Tag Editor
+ Built-in Karaoke Player, and song index
+ built-in and integrated Equalizer
+ Support for setting favorite Songs
+ Built-in Player
+ Built-in Karaoke Player
+ Virtual Piano
+ Built-in song index
+ Built-in song filters
+ Built-in song editor
+ Built-in song preview
+ Built-in song ID Tagger
+ Built-in script editor
+ Built-in song catalog
+ Built-in song file browser
+ Built-in library manager
+ Built-in Song preference
+ Built-in Song Editor
+ Built-in Song Synchronizer
+ Built-in song creation
+ Built-in song management
+ Built-in midi sound editor
+ Built-in midi sequencer
+ Built-in midi editor
+ Built-in midi to wave converter
+ Built-in audio editor
+ Built-in bat sound editor
+ Built-in sound editor
+ Built-in equalizer
+ Built-in mixer
+ Built-in song preview
+ Built-in song player
+ Built-in song note tracker
+ Built-in song editor
+ Built-in tag editor
+ Built-in song catalog
+ Built-in library manager
+ Built-in Song preferences
+ Built-in Song synchronizer
+ Built-in script editor
+ Built-in Song Editor
+ Built-in virtual piano
+ Built-in song file browser
+ Built-in song ID Tagger
+ Built-in song editor
+ Built-in song based keyboard

KaraWin Uploader and Karaoke Player – is this a good idea?
Posted by: ‘RUS’
After the big success of KaraWin, there’s also KaraWin Uploader and Karaoke Player. As the name suggests, this application can be used to upload songs from the PC and then play them online. But is it really a good idea?
Sounds good, right? There

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Welcome to your own private karaoke – KaraWin! KaraWin is a universal music player/recorder with an interface that makes all your music sounding karaoke! (There’s a…

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What’s New In?

The ultimate Karaoke for Windows operating system allows you to share and sing your favorite Karaoke files in your social networks. The goal is to help you discover new singers! You can create your own karaoke files using videos from YouTube, add text, position and trim your videos with the option drag & drop functions. KaraWin is a multi-featured karaoke software designed to be able to share and sing your favourite karaoke songs with your social networks. It also includes cool and easy karaoke manager features and it is the leading karaoke application available on the market.
Key features:
– Manage karaoke files (MP3 / WMA / VOX), organize them, share them.
– Create your own karaoke files using videos from YouTube, add text, position and trim your videos with the option drag & drop functions.
– Share your favorite karaoke songs with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
– Find new singers and discover great hits that you like.
– Enjoy karaoke and make music videos with karaoke themes, lighting effects, color schemes, video filters and so on, and create your own videos with the application.
– Create animated videos with easy to use video editor. You can add, edit, cut and paste, rotate, resize or crop your videos to your liking.
– Easily position, add text to text, add subtitle to audio, crop, zoom and resize your text.
– Kaleidoscope effect will add style to your videos.
– Take fast forwarding and rewind functions during your videos.
– Automatically trim your videos to your liking, to save disk space.
– Listen to midi files with an easy to use midi window. It includes musical keyboard, equalizer, keyboard mode and pitch functions.
– Karaoke’s music player supports MP3, MP3 Pro and Windows Media players.
– Reverse volume in your songs.
– A virtual piano will be available and customisable.
– Karaoke MP3/WMA/VOX player is optimized for operating systems XP or higher.
– KaraWin supports most of the popular karaoke files.

Useful but buggy



Awesome karaoke program, its great for me (I’m not good at speaking lyrics and the controls are very intuitive) but there are

System Requirements:

As a minimum, please ensure you are running Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1. We recommend Windows 7 SP1 (but not Vista SP2).
To use this guide, you will need an active internet connection, either through broadband or modem.
Also ensure you have at least 1GB of RAM.
In addition, we advise that you have DirectX 10 or later installed. As well as one of the following:
Windows Vista or Windows 7
Windows XP SP3
DirectX 9.1


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