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By blending together what is expected from a photo viewer with what is expected from a simple image organizer, Diji Album Viewer Download With Full Crack is doing a pretty good job at making your photo albums look sweet. After all, you need a working example to assess such a tool. For just £۹٫۹۹/$۱۴٫۹۹/€۱۴٫۹۹ you get one. Diji Album Viewer 2.0.0 (Unlocked) [2015-08-14]Requirements: 3.1 and up Overview: Images are quickly becoming an important part of computer interaction, especially since most mobile phones are fitted with powerful cameras. Chances are you want to bundle them up in a pretty collage or album. In this regard, Diji Album Viewer is dedicated to displaying them in a neat environment. Lightweight and easy to use Little time is required to go through with the setup process, letting you check out the set of features before you realize. On the bright side of things, there’s an example album included to show the variety of features and exploration method used by the application. The visual design makes it possible to choose elements you want to have at hand, such as a page navigator which either shows a tree list of pages, or thumbnails. Most of the space represents the preview of the album you load, with a fullscreen mode for a better overall experience, or more comfort if used on a projector. Can only show albums, with no built-in editor The application also comes with a shelf to store your albums. These are displayed in a visual representation of an actual shelf, and you can add or remove items with little effort, or arrange them in specific orders. It’s also used to quickly load new albums inside the viewer. There’s only one downside to the whole operations, and that’s the lack of any options to create albums from scratch. Diji Album is required for this process, which means the application is of little to no use to you unless you already have a bunch of ALB files on your computer. A few last words Bottom line is that photo albums help keep precious memories in cool environments for the maximum experience. Diji Album Viewer wants to help you explore your adventures in a practical environment. It does so pretty well, but a completely different application needs to be used to create albums before viewing them here. Price: USD $9.99, EUR €۱۴٫۹۹, GBP £۱۴٫۹۹ File

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