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Keeping your computer uncluttered and free of data and files you don't need requires a bit more attention to the way applications are removed. With a name that speaks for itself, Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable delivers an advanced cleaning engine that can help you in this regard.
Organized list of installed apps and advanced filtering options
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable is an alternative to the built-in uninstaller of Windows (found in 'Programs and Features'), providing a secure method for removing applications from your computer while also taking care of leftovers.
All the installed apps are displayed in alphabetical order so you can find them easier. Additionally, you can use the available filters to customize the list. Advanced filtering is also possible, meaning you can add filters and conditions yourself, either manually or from a list.
Analyzes certificates and reveals information about all the apps
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable analyzes their certificates and displays color-coded entries for verified and unverified applications, missing uninstallers, orphaned applications and Windows Store apps.
And that is not all. Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable tells you everything about the app and its uninstaller in the 'Properties' window, from the installation location and version to available patches, registry entries, and certificate details. All this information comes in handy when you need to get as much data as possible about an application, to check whether it is malicious or clean. And if you think you need more info regarding a particular app, you can just right-click it and choose to search for it online.
Different removal methods you can use
There are various uninstall methods: the first is the standard one, which prompts you to create a system restore point and then accesses the application's uninstaller, if available. After each operation, Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable offers to scan for leftovers and remove them, thus saving a significant amount of storage space and improving the overall performance of your system.
Alternatively, you can uninstall an app in the quiet mode (without user intervention) or the manual mode, or by using the MsExec app.
As much a secure cleaning tool as an uninstaller
Not only that Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable can be of help when you want to remove an app together with its leftovers, but you can also use it to gain an insight of a specific file that seems suspicious.
It can handle uninstall lists and thus help you remove multiple apps and data left behind by programs that were previously deleted. Therefore, you can use it to identify crapware and other junk data and remove it efficiently and without effort.









Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable 2017.1 Crack+ With Keygen Free Download PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable is a utility for the uninstall of large numbers of programs and deleting of junk files.
Uninstall the program you want to uninstall.
Scan for leftovers and remove them.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable will scan and find the programs that are not yet in the program uninstall list.
Remove leftovers and run the uninstaller of each program.
Manage programs that can be uninstalled in the normal way, in the program uninstall list and can be controlled from the start menu
Review and overwrite the program uninstall list.
Browse any program in the system right-click to view its properties.
Save a backup of the system.
A special filter and calculation for programs’ size.
Run the program uninstaller from the system manager.
Manage the program uninstall list.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable Features:
You can manage the program uninstall list and control programs that can be uninstalled.
Right-click on a program name to show the program’s properties.
You can review and overwrite the program uninstall list.
You can scan for leftovers by using the option in the program uninstall list.
You can scan for leftovers and delete leftovers and it will remove the leftovers of any program and there is no need to uninstall the program.
You can remove apps and data from other apps easily by using the option in the program uninstall list.
You can scan for leftovers and delete leftovers and it will remove the leftovers of any program and there is no need to uninstall the program.
Uninstall the program you want to uninstall.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable Requirements:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable Free Version Information:

Install mode: Free Stand-Alone

Uninstall mode: Free Stand-Alone


File Name: /Uninstall.exe

File Size: 4.37 MB

File Version:

Product Type: Free

Developer: Bouncy PC Game

Platform: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

License: Free for personal use

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable 2017.1 Crack Registration Code Download [2022]

Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable Full Crack performs a safe and effective uninstall of the entire program in a single step. When the uninstall is initiated, it will ask for a re-install if necessary. It has an option to scan for extras and uninstalls extra data. It allows the user to clear the Windows cache. It will also clean up stale references of Windows components. Now you don’t need to uninstall applications manually, with Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable For Windows 10 Crack you can do it in a single click.

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable 2017.1 Crack+ Full Product Key [Updated]

Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable is the Ultimate Bulk Uninstaller to uninstall Junk, Malware, or Adware.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable is not only a Bulk Uninstaller to Uninstall Malware and Junk apps but it also includes a Secure Trusted Scanner which helps you to remove other unwanted files such as obsolete files, leftovers or old installed programs.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable was built to be an all-in-one solution to easily Uninstall junk, Malware, Malicious browser Extensions, and unwanted apps and programs. The new version of Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable lets you Uninstall while keeping your PC clean so you can use the freed up storage space.
What’s New in Version
Total Cleaner now includes a secure trusted scanner that helps you to remove other unwanted files, and a Secure Trusted Scanner.
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable Features:
– Make your computer super clean and complete it with the help of Trusted Scanner
– Bulk Remove Junk and Malware
– Give your computer a clean and
– Automatic Uninstall extensions, programs, browser add-ons and other unwanted software
– Empty the recycle bin automatically without asking
– Remove leftovers files from Windows, Thunderbird, Firefox, and Chrome
– Complete the Task of Junk and Malware completely
– Give your computer a fresh and clean start
– Optimized for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Vista
– Scan your computer multiple times automatically
– I am a Beta tester and have feedback on what is working and not working. Please let me know how to improve it for you.
– How to use it:
– Download free from:
– Contact me at: [email protected]

Just a simple little tool used to clean the registry and remove junk windows apps.
I can’t seem to find a good program that can remove junk and unnecessary windows apps in one go…
All the program I try either either dont work or are too complicated to figure out.
This is a tool just for me, so its very simplistic. It will remove windows apps and junk, and system temp files…
Clean-My-System will not remove WINZIP

What’s New in the?

Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable is a free software that can let you uninstall any application from your computer. With this tool, you can easily remove virus and unwanted applications, as well as data that was left behind. It is an efficient way to clean up your system and remove unnecessary files. More Info on It Here.

This program has free version and $9.99 pro version. This program has easy user interface. When you double-click it to show the main window, the first window after this program is the main application window of this program. By default this window locates in ‘C:\users\username\appdata\local\bulkcrapuninstaller\’ folder. The main user interface of this program is shown in the below snap.

If you just run this program and have not done anything, it will just show the main application window of this program. After that you can add more apps to the uninstall list that you want to uninstall by double-clicking on the main window. The main window shown above will only show the main application window of this program and the other added apps will not be shown. After that you can press the uninstall button to uninstall the apps. In case that there are any leftovers after uninstall, this program will scan and remove them for you.

Software that can be removed from your computer with this program is virus-laden, malicious and junk applications that do not need on your computer. It can help you to remove any application that is not properly installed or is installed incorrectly or virus-laden that is unwanted or that do not belong on your computer.

When you uninstall applications with this program, you will see a pop up window that says ‘Do you want to uninstall the following applications’. It will ask you to confirm to uninstall each of the applications. If you click to confirm each application, this program will uninstall all of the applications. Also, if you don’t want to uninstall any application when you click to confirm, you can just click the blank space or the empty circle. The blank space is to cancel the uninstallation of each application, and the empty circle is to skip to the next application.

In addition, you can set your own custom settings for this program. In the main application window of this program, there are many options that you can set for this program. You can select to open the main application window on the current directory, next directory or the directory after the current

System Requirements For Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable:

Dual AMD GPUs are supported.
Dual AMD GPUs are supported. Dual Nvidia GPUs are supported.
Dual Nvidia GPUs are supported.
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