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After you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can continue learning about alternative image-editing programs.

Outlining the Features of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop offers a variety of tools and features designed to enable you to manipulate digital images into “looking” better. I explain some of Photoshop’s essential features and capabilities here.

Working with layers

Photoshop is unique among image-editing programs in its use of layers. You can manipulate any layer in a document and modify it without affecting the layers beneath. Using layer-based editing enables you to work from top to bottom in a document so that you can modify any area of the document.

When you save your document (File⇒Save), Photoshop creates a new file for you by combining all layers into a single file. You can then organize your layers into groups for more organizational control. You can also use groups to isolate and manage similar layers.

There are two ways to apply changes to a layer. You can select an edit tool, such as one of the tools in the toolbox or a brush, and drag it to modify the layer. Alternatively, you can use a selection tool to create a selection. Then, you can use the magic wand to specify the area of the image that you want to modify.

Working with special effects

Photoshop contains a built-in effects system (see Figure 12-8) that enables you to apply visual effects to an image with some simple steps. The effects work by drawing more of an image onto a new layer. All of the effects are vector based. You can create custom effects.

**Figure 12-8:** Use the built-in effects to create just the look you want.

Effects work best when you use them on a vector image. Vector-based images are raster-based images in which the image is based on mathematical equations. If you create effects on a raster-based image, the effects cannot be adjusted after they’re applied.

You can access the built-in effects by choosing Window⇒Effects. After you select the Effects option from the Effects panel, you see thumbnails for the individual effects. When you click an effect thumbnail, the Effects panel opens (refer to Figure 12-8). You also see a preview of the effect in the window and can adjust the effect parameters.

Photoshop has even more effects that you can apply to images, including those from other image-editing programs. You

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1) [Updated-2022]

Save more time and effort with the most powerful desktop image editor

Choose between the options for minimal design or full creative control

At a glance:

Design and edit on-screen images

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Faster, Cleaner and Easier Image Editing

Elements comes with many features specifically designed for casual and beginning photographers. Professionals will find it almost identical to Elements, without the benefits of a subscription or mandatory upgrades.


Apply the same easy editing tools available in Photoshop, such as colour touch-ups, using shape masks, and creating circles. This simplified user interface offers quick access to the most common editing tools, including resizing, cropping, filling, colour adjustment, and adding text.


Elements lets you preview an image, share it to social media, and order prints all from within the program. With its built-in social media tools, you can easily share with the people who matter to you — family and friends.


Photoshop Elements keeps you inspired and creative through a variety of design tools. Put the elements of your photo into their proper place with available tools such as stacking, cloning, and retouching.


Elements lets you easily create and save edited files to your hard drive or cloud, and comes with the Photoshop Elements RAW Export feature, with a standard Adobe JPG format. This means you’ll have a good file backup and can share edits easily.

More Than a Photoshop App

Elements lets you do more than edit digital photos — it can also import and edit videos, create a slideshow presentation, or create multi-image books. Start your photo story with Elements and share your images, photos, and videos wherever you go.

Powerful New Features

Elements 19.0

Elements 19.0 introduces many new features, including the following:

· Flexible content display with support for online videos and smart book creation.

· Share your photos to all major social media platforms with a single tap.

· Preview an image in a special viewport to see the details of your photo’s layers.

· With the new Auto Adjust Colour feature, you can even create

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