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This chapter takes you through the entire Photoshop editing and manipulating process, starting with the actual file creation, to design and print. As you edit the images, the image file remains untouched and even-steven as you move through the levels of the application.

We cover the following topics in this chapter:

Creating images in the Photoshop application

Using the tools available in Photoshop

Preparing images for print

Adjusting images for print

Photoshop is, as described, a raster image editor. Images, whether they are photographs, scans, or downloaded graphics, are raster images.

A raster image can be very easily manipulated in Photoshop because the file is composed of pixels. Pixels are the smallest unit of color on a computer screen. When you zoom in on the screen, pixels appear larger than when you zoom in on an actual photograph or scanned image. These pixels are what define the borders of objects as well as lines, curves, and shapes in an image.

In Photoshop, you can add, subtract, and edit pixels and adjust color and brightness. You can add, subtract, and modify elements in an image using multiple layers. These layers are essentially a stack of boxes or tubes that contain pixels in the same colors and degrees of saturation and brightness. You can modify each box separately with varying degrees of control over the color. You can add new boxes to a layer, delete a box, or merge boxes into another by using the Merge Down feature. (A layer is discussed in Chapter 8.)

Photoshop’s Layers palette is a powerful tool in your arsenal. The layers palette is shown in Figure 4-1. Layers are also visible in the Layers panel, and you can open the Layers panel by using the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Y (Mac: -Y). (See the next section for information on the Layers panel.) Layers act as filters that allow you to manipulate the actual pixels in an image while leaving the image visually unaltered.

Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services Graphics

**Figure 4-1:**
Layers and the Layers panel can enable powerful image editing.

Getting Started

Before you begin editing and manipulating images in Photoshop, you need to create the image, and you need to prepare the image to print.

Taking a peek at the tools you will use to create and edit images

Photoshop contains a wealth of tools for creating images, and

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Let’s take a look at how to use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to do some of the things you’ll find yourself needing to do while editing your image files.

It’s a good idea to install Photoshop Elements using the method that tells you to visit the Adobe website. This is because when you use the method that is described later on in the manual, you may lose your settings and preferences.

Connect to your local wifi network

Open the program that you want to use. You will see the Photoshop Elements Welcome screen. If you want to connect to the internet, click on the web icon.

Now you will be asked for the location of the internet connection. You can connect to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

If you have an Laptop or Desktop, use the default location that is set when you installed the program.

If you want to change the location, select “Computer” from the menu and browse to the location.

The next screen will ask you to enter your computer’s admin password. Only the administrator on the computer will be able to use the computer. Make sure you remember the password.

Now click the “Connect” button. In most cases, you will not be asked for your internet login information again.

If you are asked for an internet connection, you will need to connect to the internet, and then complete the software installation. Connect to the internet.

Open the program you wish to use

After you have connected to the internet, you should be able to access the program. You will be prompted for your location.

Click on the name of the country in the list of the world map. This will ask you to search for a nearby server.

Open the program

Now that you are connected to the program, you should see the Welcome screen. Click on the first of the four icons.

Click on the icon that has an “Arrow” pointing towards the inside of a triangle. The first icon you will see is the photo/image icon.

Open an image

With Photoshop Elements it is really easy to open an image. In fact, you can open an image, make some adjustments, create a new image, or a variety of other things in the program. You can open a number of different file types using Photoshop Elements.

Here are the different ways you can open an image in Photoshop Elements:

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What’s New In Photoshop 2021?

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2021:

Requires the use of a standard USB-C port.
Requires a minimum screen resolution of 1440 x 1650.
Minimum 5GB of free space for the installation.
Performance Tuning and Personalization Options:
You can enable overclocking.
You can configure the overclock to work on one core only or on both cores.
You can use a power limiting option.
You can set the maximum allowed temperature for the CPU core.
You can set the CPU frequency limits.
You can set the minimum and maximum power

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