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The CS4 version doesn’t include many of the features available in CS5 and later, so you have to make some compromises to keep costs down. You can find numerous books and tutorials on the Web to help you learn the tools available in CS5 and later.

In this chapter you’ll learn about the tools that make Photoshop unique, starting with the basics of the world of layers. Layers are the primary tool in Photoshop for creating the digital equivalent of painting on a canvas. A single layer is like an individual sheet of paper, ready to accept an image or other layer that you attach to it. You can edit all parts of a layer as you would a single sheet of paper. The entire image is layered onto one another, although only the highest-level or background layer shows when you view the finished image in Photoshop.

Even more powerful than layers are adjustment layers, which are like additional colors that you can apply to your image with great precision. You can use them to adjust the brightness and contrast of your image. You can even use adjustment layers to add or subtract color. And they can be nested. You can have, for example, an adjustment layer that makes the darkest blacks _blacker_ and a second adjustment layer that makes the brightest whites _whiter_. As you layer changes to an image, you update all the adjustment layers that are nested inside each other.

For more details on Photoshop layers, see Make a Photo Select Layer, On the Layers Panel, and Adjust the Layers Panel.

The following pages explore the tools in Photoshop that you’ll use to make the changes you see in Figure 1-1. They include everything from common filters to advanced tools for professional retouching. The entire process of using the tools is explained in three pages that follow:

* **Basic** “Basic Photo Editing”
* **Photographic** “Photographic Edits”
* **Advanced** “Retouching”
* **Using Photoshop Elements** “Using Photoshop Elements 10”

Figure 1

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In recent years, there are several applications that can open existing PSD files, such as Photoshop, Gimp, or even Fireworks files.

Regardless of the editing application used, there are a few skills and tricks Photoshop experts can use to achieve better results.

Learn and practice the techniques below to boost your Photoshop skills.

In this tutorial, we will be talking about four Photoshop skills in general, and two more specific ones that will help you improve your skills when you do digital art.

You might be wondering what specific Photoshop skills I am talking about, and what is meant by general Photoshop skills.

This one seems pretty obvious, but we can’t talk about Photoshop without talking about layers. Photoshop is a photo-editing tool, and all of the editing you perform on a photo must happen in layers.

You can think of layers as a canvas where you can keep all of the separate parts of a photo together. You can manipulate them separately, with layers above layers, and it can all be done much quicker than if you edit a photo in one go.

Good layers are the foundation of many digital artists. Each and every tool that is applied to a photo is saved as a layer, and a designer must do everything in layers.

For example, you might make adjustments to the color of a streetlight, increase the contrast of a subject’s face, or change the overall lighting of the photo, each of these will need its own layers.

When you make adjustments to a photo, each one is saved as a layer.

This means that you can always go back in the history and redo the changes you have made to a previous version of the photo. This is much easier and quicker than doing it all at once in one go.

A designer will work with layers the entire time they are working with the photo. Adjusting the contrast of a subject’s face, for example, means using a layer mask to make sure that we don’t change the lighting of the background and its details, or the clothing on the subject.

If we would want to change that face, we would need to add a new layer, delete the previous one and redo the lighting on the background.

Whether you are using Photoshop or a different software, if you are working on a photo with Photoshop, you need to make sure to work with a minimum of three or four separate layers.

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Friday, 29 September 2014

Iraq: Maliki finally signs deal to create federal system

But agreement still needs to be ratified by Parliament which is not expected to happen until next year

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki signed a deal with the country’s top Sunni political leaders to form a government last month after months of deadlock in parliament.

He agreed to broaden his Shiite-led government into a federal system, as demanded by the Supreme Iraqi Council (SIC), the country’s biggest Sunni party.

The agreement, which has been signed by the SIC, the Iraqiya list led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and the State of Law alliance, was made public on Tuesday.

Under the deal, Prime Minister Maliki’s State of Law coalition will remain in power, while the SIC will be given a key post of interior minister, which has been a presidential role.

The agreement is not expected to be ratified by the country’s parliament, which is dominated by rival Shiite political parties, until next year.

Sadiq al-Riachy, the SIC’s secretary-general, said there was still a procedure to go through, and Maliki was still negotiating on issues the deal was silent on, particularly on federal representation.

“We must wait for the official ratification of this agreement, which will take at least four weeks to pass,” he told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

“There will be other issues which are not included in the deal and which need to be adjusted, like the number of ministers.”

On Monday, Maliki’s prime ministerial deputy, Falih al-Fayadh, said in a televised interview that no date had been set for a government reshuffle and that the issues of the federal system remained unresolved.

“We still have some things left to finish,” he said. “The problem is that we all have to agree on these matters at the same time, and there is still a disagreement about how to fix these things. We still have a problem of the federal system, and we have some problems with the state and the ministries.”

State of dissent

There was no immediate reaction to Tuesday’s statement from the premier’s office.

The political crisis began with an agreement in January among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to form a new national government. The presidency was given to Maliki, who had been in office for more than a decade as prime

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