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The Basics

The basics

Here is a list of all the features of Photoshop.


The most important tool in Photoshop is the tool you can select the area you want to manipulate and work on it.

Make sure the RGB channels (red, green, and blue) are set to a brighter color in Photoshop.

Select the area you want to work on with a box or magic wand tool, or use the quick selection tool. When working in RGB mode, you can make a selection in the form of a square, rectangle, or circle by placing the anchor point in an area you want to manipulate. You can also use the rectangular marquee tool to select multiple areas by typing multiple numbers into a box.

You can use the quick selection tool to make selections quickly.

Layer Selection

When working with layers, the selection of one layer automatically selects every layer underneath it. You can make selections and switch to a second layer using the layer tools you have in Photoshop.

Layer Selection

When the layer you are working on has an underlying layer that is selected, the selected layer is shown under the layer you’re working on in the Layers panel.

You can manipulate the selected layer underneath by working with the layer controls, and add new layers by clicking the Add Layer button.

The added layers appear in the Layers panel.

Adding a new layer

Adding a new layer allows you to add other layers to your canvas and work on them. A new layer is added by clicking the Add Layer button.

You can name the new layer, and activate and deactivate the layer on the new layer. You can use the layer controls above the layer.

Activating a layer

Activating a layer means you are ready to manipulate the layer. To activate the layer, right-click the layer and select “Activate Layer.” You can deactivate a layer by selecting “Deselect Layer” or “Deactivate Layer.”

You can select the foreground color for the active layer by clicking the foreground color square to the left of the layer.

Duplicating Layers

Duplicating a layer makes a copy of the layer you are working on. You can use the duplication options to change the name of the new layer, or lock or release the original layer.

You can activate and deactivate the new layer by using the layers tools in the Layers panel.

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Photoshop Elements also works as a stand-alone graphics editor. Without the need for a plug-in, you can get access to most of the features of Photoshop.

There are lots of plugins available which you can install on your copy of Photoshop Elements to enhance your experience. To enhance your editing and create a masterpiece, learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit images.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 19 Overview

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photography editing software which can be used to modify images. The key features include:

Editing and merging photos

Creating graphics


Editing videos

Adding text

Adding 3D effects

Creating special effects

Adding animations

Pixel manipulation and more

Adobe Photoshop Elements 19 Editor Basic Features

Adobe Photoshop Elements 19 has a variety of features to make it a user-friendly editor. It makes things simple to use with a friendly user interface. To get started using it, simply follow the steps in this article to get started. The main features include:

Easy drag and drop editing

Straightforward design

Over 150 tools for the user

High performance

Editing videos, images and other media

Touch friendly

Buttons for easy control

Usable on all platforms

Editing photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 19

The main thing to do with Photoshop Elements 19 is to edit your photos. All you need to do is to drag photos onto the editing area. This way you can easily edit an image as you like. All the tools are laid out at the bottom of the toolbox. You can move them to do things easier.

Clicking on any tool displays the tool options. This makes it easy to see the options for the tool. The tools include:



Darken / Lighten


Hue / Saturation


Load / Save

Motion Blur





Saturate / Desaturate





The options include:

Amount of blur

Amount of Colorize


Color range

Options include:

Black and white


Saturate / desaturate


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future studies. There was a significant change in the severity of the lesion in the femoral artery area. This change was probably due to the inflammatory process that followed the infection, and the other changes were due to the infection itself. In cases of pyogenic arthritis caused by *C. jejuni* infection, MRI findings show severe destructive changes in the femoral artery \[[@b14-yujm-2019-00523],[@b20-yujm-2019-00523],[@b21-yujm-2019-00523]\]. In our case, the infection spread to the labia majora, and also caused an additional inflammation in the femoral artery. This infection spread through the skin to the skin structure and deeper tissues, thereby causing a wider destruction.

Microbiologically, *C. jejuni* is known to be sensitive to cephalothin, ampicillin, doxycycline, erythromycin, rifampicin, and levofloxacin. After the diagnosis is confirmed, physicians should determine the duration of treatment and treatment outcome using sensitivity tests.

In our case, it is not clear whether the infection was present before the patient reached the hospital. Her general condition was good. The MRI findings were inflammatory changes in the skin and femoral artery area; if the femoral artery infection had developed before the patient came to the hospital, the cause of the ischemic femoral region would be considered as the sepsis, which then later extended into the skin and femoral artery, and the femoral artery infection gradually evolved to systemic shock.

The infection and the development of ischemia were controlled with a 2-week course of ampicillin, cephalothin, doxycycline, and rifampicin, followed by levofloxacin. The patient’s wound was completely healed.

The purpose of this case report is to report *C. jejuni* infection, which caused a great deal of damage to the skin, despite being successfully treated. In patients presenting with a severe wound, the differential diagnoses should include Gram-negative bacillary infections, such as *C. jejuni* infection.

No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

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October 21, 2012

Women Running Retirement Plans Struggle With Communication, Survey Finds

As they move into mid-career, women are less confident in their ability to communicate, feel less appreciated, and report less interest in their work than men, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by Hewitt Associates, showed that while 77% of women plan to take at least one day off each week compared with 90% of men, only 31% of women admit to taking at least one day off each week compared with 43% of men.

The survey, based on more than 1,400 individuals who represent a cross section of the work force, showed that women in their mid-career are less confident than men when it comes to communicating at work, dealing with management, and receiving feedback. Respondents also felt that they were less well-known at work (33% of women compared with 49% of men) and were less appreciated (51% of women compared with 62% of men). Less than a quarter of women (23%) say that they received positive feedback at work compared with 39% of men.

In addition, although women and men have similar career expectations, women in mid-career tend to feel less confident that they will be able to advance within their company (54% of women and 63% of men) and advance in their careers (57% of women and 72% of men).

Additionally, women in mid-career reported that they feel less interested in their work (45% of women compared with 53% of men) and that they don’t have as much to do at work (72% of women compared with 84% of men).

“I think it’s clear that having a career and living up to your career expectations is something for which women are still struggling,” said Debbie Voudreau, chief talent officer of Hewitt. “This can lead to a disconnect between men and women in mid-career, and in particular, it can hamper a woman’s ability to influence and get ahead at work.”

Women in their mid-career may be affected by different expectations placed on them in men and women’s

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