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Photoshop is the most powerful feature-rich tool, but its application can also be very daunting. If you’re planning to work in the digital realm, Photoshop is the most important program that you need to learn. It’s also a great program to learn in addition to your chosen course. Keep in mind that Photoshop is a four-year college course. Photoshop is a big dog, and it eats a lot of RAM (memory). Photoshop relies on memory as a way to store digital images, and it’s in that memory that the images are stored along with any changes made to them. Each time you create a new image, Photoshop loads that new image into memory, just like if you were placing a new album on your shelf and loading a new CD into the player. As your memory becomes full, Photoshop has to delete some images to make room for new ones. Photoshop doesn’t need much memory, but you can always use Photoshop and monitor it’s memory use in the Tools ➤ Performance Monitor (Windows) or System Monitor (Mac) window, as shown in Figure 3-1. I created the sample image that is used in this figure. Photoshop uses a lot of memory when working on very large images. Photoshop isn’t just about images, though. It’s also a powerful digital painting program that enables photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers to create drawings or sketches from scratch. **Figure 3-1:** Photoshop uses a lot of memory, too, and you can monitor it in the Performance Monitor or System Monitor window. You can also experiment with new Photoshop features in a variety of online labs. It’s a great way to learn, and you can access the website through your browser. You can learn about Photoshop and other Adobe applications at ``. Using Actions to Save Time Adobe calls actions “tools” that “automate repetitive tasks, unify your processes, and save time.” Anyone who’s familiar with the computer-application-running business knows that not everyone needs a tool, but you do need actions when time is of the essence. Actions are available in most software packages and can save a lot of time. You can use actions to turn off tools that aren’t needed for the current tasks you’re performing. For example, if you’re creating an image in a particular set of layers, you can turn off an action that automatically

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Windows 7 or higher Minimum storage capacity: 12 GB ۵ GB free hard drive space Internet access required OS: Windows 7 or higher Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 1024 MB RAM Video: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with at least 512 MB RAM, and 16 GB video memory DirectX: 9.3 or later Network: Broadband Internet connection Controls: Keyboard & mouse

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