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When you edit an image using the paint bucket tool, you can crop away the background. To crop, simply select the **Background** option on the menu bar. All the image’s contents will remain selected, but the background will be cropped, as shown in Figure 2-1.

FIGURE 2-1: Cropping an image with the crop tool.

Here’s an example of

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۱۱ Pre-installed Image Editing and Retouching Tools in Photoshop Elements

۱٫ Auto-Enhance

Sometimes photos look flat and less vibrant because of camera defects. This is where Auto-Enhance comes in. It is a feature that automatically adjusts the brightness, contrast, and hue of an image. It uses your colors as a guide to help improve your pictures.

۲٫ Healing Brush

The Healing Brush is designed to automatically fill in missing or damaged areas of an image. Healing brushes also reduce visibility of the problem you are trying to fix.

۳٫ The Spot Healing Brush

The Spot Healing Brush is a tool in the Photoshop Elements Editor. It is used to automatically fill in damaged areas or pixels of images.

۴٫ Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is the easiest tool in the editor. It automatically removes the unwanted elements from your picture with a few clicks.

۵٫ Smudge Tool

The Smudge tool is great for adding textures to artwork. It allows you to cover up any details in an image while also brightening it.

۶٫ Select and Mask

The Select and Mask allows you to select a section of an image and then bring it into a completely separate image. For example, you can blur out the background of a photo and then bring in the photo with no background.

۷٫ Photoshop Actions

Actions are pre-written scripts or programs. They can be used to change many or all of the settings on your computer. You can put them into a new folder and then open them whenever you want to.

۸٫ Animator Pro

The Animator Pro software changes the settings of images from one file type to another, such as changing all the frames from animated GIFs to JPEGs.

۹٫ Pixel Bender

Pixel Bender is the best way to increase image resolution. It can increase the size of the pixels in an image. It can also reduce image size, so you don’t have a huge file.

۱۰٫ Smart Fix

Photoshop Elements has a Spot Fix feature that will select the right spots to fix an image.

۱۱٫ Guided Edit

Guided Edit is the tool that you use if you are learning Photoshop Elements, it is a step-by-step guide to properly editing an image.

۱۸ Best Free Mac Apps You Need For 2019

Download Photoshop Elements

How to download:

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The Ranger at Night

“The Ranger at Night” is a popular song composed in 1902 by Louis Gruenberg (music) and Edward Eliscu (lyrics) for vaudeville performances, with an important role in the large Broadway musical revue The Chocolate Soldier (1902).

Historical background
The Chocolate Soldier was a production of the Theatre Owners Booking Association, the trade organization representing live theatre. (TOBA broke up in 1905, when American theatre owners began to compete directly with the established London playhouses.) The Chocolate Soldier was organized to publicize the new “musical comedy” style of theatre, and a big hit, with music by Paul Whiteman and a book by B. G. De Sylva. The show debuted at the Brunswick Theatre in New York on November 2, 1902, and had 4,063 performances in its first year.

Unlike most musicals of the time, The Chocolate Soldier was not a collection of songs for the performer. It had elaborate settings and production numbers, and these were choreographed to accompany the songs.

Performers of the show included Lillian Russell and Al Jolson.

Part I of the show was so popular that it was performed in Paris in 1905, and it spawned local versions throughout the United States.

The 1939 classic movie South Pacific, the musical, and the 1961 Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, have been cited as “inspired by” the Chocolate Soldier.

In 2002, after being out of print for more than 30 years, the song was included on the 2002 Greatest Hits, the first compilation of the 2002 Broadway revival of The Chocolate Soldier.

Other songs on the compilation, from the same show, include: “The Love of a Heroine” by Ella Logan and Will D. Cobb; “Farewell” by Sigmund Romberg and Will D. Cobb; and “My One and Only Love” by Alfred Bryan and Adrian Ross.

۱۹۰۲ Broadway revival
In a 2002 revival, “The Ranger at Night” was performed by Lilli Palmer and David Alan Grier.

A young couple, Sarah and Arthur Drexel (both played by Lilli Palmer), are having a romantic evening at the Jersey Shore. During dinner, Arthur succumbs to a bout of nostalgia for his youth in Paris. In a blue reverie, he conjures the recollection of his first time with a certain “first lady,” named “Marguerite

What’s New In?


SQL Server: running a query without the user ever seeing it

Good day. I am attempting to create a query that runs as part of a nightly process. I want this query to run anytime (non-interactively). However, it seems that every time I run my query, it has to be run by someone and I dont think it is the right way of doing things.
In the nightly process, I set up a job that runs as the administrator and my script called inside of the job. When it runs, it attempts to run the query that I want to run but I get errors.
Should I be looking for some sort of way to run the process outside of the database user context? What is the correct way of doing this? If it matters, I am looking to run the query directly in SSMS.


A best practice is to always open a connection to a database and handle all communication to that database through the connection, because if something goes wrong (user cancels the job or the job runs for a long time), it may be easier to just restart the job than to log in and change your connection string.
I’ve seen authentication modes like trusted, windows and SQL Server Authentication before, but it’s only been used in Production databases and after the initial setup and testing with a developer as the user to see how it behaves.
In SQL Server 2008 and later you can create a job with a variable that is passed to the query as a parameter, so you don’t need to pass credentials around.
In SQL Server 2005 and before, you have to use the same login, password and credential_id for the job and the main application, or use Windows Authentication. This login won’t be able to access your schema (Database) since it is specified on the connection string, but it can still access your tables, views and stored procedures.


In order to have a query (or other SQL statement) run and not have it be run by the user, you need to use a system stored procedure. So you would create a procedure like
create proc getStatus
select * from status

This would have all the necessary credentials to run this query. Then you will need to call the procedure using sqlservr from your application. The details of that are a little more involved.

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System Requirements For Download Older Version Of Adobe Photoshop:

– OS: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
– CPU: Pentium 4 processor or later
– Memory: 512 MB RAM
– Hard Drive: 40GB
– Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible with hardware-accelerated graphics.
– Java 1.6.0
– Desktop Resolution: 1024×768
– OS: Win 7, Win 8
– CPU: Core i3-3220 or later
– Memory: 1

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