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Photoshop is not a good tool for RAW processing. You need a separate program for that.

If you just need to fix an image, check the Adjustment Layers features, which are located in the Photoshop Window menu. If you need to correct an image, go to the Adjustments Panel tool and turn on Auto-Fix so Photoshop matches your camera’s color and exposure settings to correct the image. If you need to do more than just make an exposure or color correction, go to Filters, Light and Shadow, and select Other Adjustment Tools. From that menu you have a variety of interesting tools, such as the Hand tool. The Hand tool works like a magic wand. After you select the tool, simply move your mouse over the area you want to correct, and the corrections will be made. You can correct horizontal edges, too, using the Magic Wand tool.

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Before selecting a tool to edit images, it is important to understand how the tool works. This saves time, limits mistakes and increases the efficiency of the process. Each tool has its own function. In this article, we will list the popular tools and their features.

Let’s start with the most popular tools.

Selecting the right tool is half the battle when editing images. The other half is using the tool to your advantage and understanding how to make the most of it.

When you want to use Photoshop to edit images, then you need to become an expert. There are tons of tutorials and blogs about the use of Photoshop. Nonetheless, you may not always have time to work on all the topics. As such, it is often necessary to use a specific piece of advice. That’s why we have created this infographic. The infographic will help you decide between the tools.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

۱۵٫ GIMP

GIMP is an open-source, feature-rich photo editor and graphics program. It is a free graphics editor and photo editor.

It has a lot of free options, but to obtain the best performance for editing images, you have to pay to unlock some of the features. This opens up all the functions and some features that are not available in free GIMP.

GIMP has more than 200.000 registered users. One of its most popular features is the fact that it allows you to work collaboratively.

The best thing about GIMP is that it is completely free software. You can download GIMP on your computer or use the online version GIMPnet. GIMPnet allows you to connect to a shared network from your PC. When you are connected, you will have access to a specialized GIMPnet network. This gives you access to a collection of advanced tools and plugins. GIMP is a graphic editor that can be used for both personal and commercial use.

GIMP allows you to edit images, working collaboratively with other users. GIMP has many other features that are highly appreciated by its users.

Choose the one that works for you

GIMP has many options. It gives you options for different purposes. The most popular option is the ability to edit and combine images. GIMP also

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how to make changes to a plist file in iPhone SDK 4.2

I want to make changes to an existing plist file.
I have already added the.plist file to the project. I just want to make changes to this and need to make it for the next release.
What changes do I need to make to this file so that I don’t have to re-compile?


You can edit the plist file in Xcode. Click on the file, then select “Edit File”. In the “Text and Data” tab, you can edit text and numbers. If it’s any other type of data, such as an image or image data, you can use the “Other” options to add new options. You can also select the “Remove” option to remove the existing options.

Silicone rubber or silicone elastomer compositions have been used in coating the outer surface of relatively rigid substrates such as pipes, cables, and/or other such items. Many of the compositions contain a cross-linkable polydiorganosiloxane having a terminal silanol and/or a vinyl group. Upon heating in the presence of an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, a cross-linked coating is formed. However, the coating is believed to be rather soft or tacky, such that it often cannot be applied without being allowed to dry and/or cure for a period of time. Accordingly, improved compositions are desired.An Ethiopian man who beheaded a man for “walking around naked” has reportedly been arrested. His name is Rabe Kalsa and he beheaded his victim inside a moving vehicle according to reports.

A witness saw the man’s body on the ground and called the police but then felt he had to call again before the officers arrived on the scene. The other witness said that the cops arrived 10 to 20 minutes later.

The second witness then told the police about the murder scene in the vehicle, noting that Kalsa was “beating” his victim and that the man’s neck had been broken.

The police were not content with just arresting the killer so they proceeded to arrest the man’s female companion. They then found a machete and a “very sharp” knife at the scene.

A police report states that Kalsa felt “uncomfortable” while at the

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A pipeline bomb exploded in the Cairo suburb of 6th October City in an attempt to assassinate Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi. The explosion reportedly injured nine people. It is unclear whether the bomb detonated prematurely or whether it was set off by remote control.

Sputnik’s Arabic language service reports that the president was unharmed in the explosion but there was a power cut and the nearby offices of the Muslim Brotherhood were damaged.

El-Masrya TV reports that at least nine people were injured, and some of the wounded had serious injuries to their hands and arms.


As this was being published, Egyptian police said they were questioning at least four people in connection with the attack.


At 9:27 am local time, hours after the bombing, eyewitnesses said that a truck laden with gas cylinders had tried to drive into the Cairo compound and was prevented by the security forces.

The device that was thrown at the Morsi office, Sisi said, was a mortar bomb and a device similar to the one that was used against US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at a Pentagon ceremony in June.

Speaking at an unrelated ceremony later in the day, Sisi added that what happened in the Cairo compound was a shameful attempt to breach security.

“What happened is shameful and punishable under the law. Security agents and police will catch the culprits and [treat] them as criminals.”

Follow our live coverage and visit our website and Facebook page for updates on the situation in Egypt.


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Rectus abdominal syndrome, or Costello syndrome, is a distinct syndrome in pediatric patients, characterized by macroglossia, a spectrum of distended ocular proptosis and lower craniofacial dysmorphism, and varying degrees of organ involvement, including cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal manifestations. It is most commonly seen in infants, who typically present with feeding problems. Rectus abdominal syndrome in patients with cystic fibrosis has been previously reported, but this is the first report, to our knowledge, of rectus

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Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Joystick (Gamepads): Any USB/Bluetooth/Wireless Joystick/Controller
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