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Software for Design Creation and Management

A robust set of design tools can help you better manage your creative process, make sure that the important parts of the design are completed, and move documents and files into your workflow.

In this section, you’ll discover the different software tools available for image retouching, designing logos, and designing websites and graphics for print and the web.

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Can I use this tutorial in 2019? Not really. We are mostly interested in Photoshop for basic editing work and call it a day.

Under the hood, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements use many of the same features and tools. Here are a few differences between the two programs.


The shortcuts are pretty similar but you’ll find that the general usage is in the same location. Here are the common keyboard shortcuts.

Move Down/Up

The keys Command / CTRL + Down and Command / CTRL + Up

Drag and Drop

The left/right arrow keys

Rectangular Selection

Click on an image and use the left/right arrows

Mirrored Screen

Use the left/right arrow keys


The +/- keys

Add Noise

Shift + Command + I

Add Highlight & Shadow

Click on an image and use the right arrow keys

Flip Horizontal/Vertical

Use the I key


The arrows keys

Adjust Hue, Saturation & Luminosity

Left Shift + Command + I

Adjust Colour

Hold down the Alt key and click on an area of an image


The Photoshop elements paths are more limited and don’t allow for artistic controls or the ability to create masks, paths or vector.

Free Filters

the same filters are available but not branded.

Free Styles

styles are not branded but work nearly the same.

Changes from 2018

The biggest difference between 2018 and 2019’s tutorial is the addition of Photoshop. You’ll have the additional benefit of the professional version of Photoshop’s edit capabilities.

What not to do

It’s important to remember that this is for basic image editing and not professional work. Photoshop Elements is not designed to accomplish the same tasks. Here are a few examples:

editing individual pixels

adding effects/text/composite layers

creating a vector mask

creating images with 3D effects

creating a frame for a slide

creating a GIF/animation

Creating a digital image of a painting

Creating high quality, large-format images

Creating Flash or other animations

Creating a large format print

Creating a variety of watermark images

Adding subtitles


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JSX element that has no children

I want to create a JSX element that represents the following:

but only if there are no children.
This is the code I use to check if there are any children:

But it doesn’t seem right because in this case the className of the element will be changed to some-class even if there are children.
Is there an easy way to do that?


To answer the second part of your question as to how to do this as a concise way, use the conditional operator, like this:


To expand on the answer from @Doug, there is a condition function that you can use.
)?’some-class’:’some-other-class’} />


You can’t just add JSX elements without children. You have to add a return.



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