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You can upload and download image files directly from the Internet. This way, you don’t have to copy them to your computer before you can open them. It’s a good way to take advantage of editing images on the fly. You can download file types such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and others. You can even grab a movie file for viewing. Before you download, check out the file size and other details.

## Getting the Most out of the Layering System

Photoshop organizes its contents into layers (as shown in Figure 4-1). You can quickly identify layers in the layers palette. Layers are enclosed in a layer group, which is identified by a layer mask, a bitmap area on the layer that determines how the layer shows through. A layer group can contain only one layer at a time.

Don’t worry if your memory doesn’t stick with the layers you’ve used so far. You can save, close, or print a composite image with transparency, as shown in Figure 4-2. If you want to save the individual layers, you can do so in the Layers panel. So the view you see is actually a group of layers, not layers stacked on top of each other.

FIGURE 4-1: The Layers palette reveals the layered nature of your image.

FIGURE 4-2: You can save your composite image with a bit of help from the Layers palette.

## Layer Masks

You can look at a layer only as a single layer and ignore the rest. But a layer mask lets you see the rest of your layers at the same time. Here’s what happens when you view a layer mask:

* The layer mask sits above the image like a hat. Its styling determines whether its subject is the underlying layer, the layer on top, or both.
* By default, you don’t see the underlying layer unless you enable View Visible Layers.
* You can mask out regions of an underlying layer if you want.
* You can even edit the layer mask. In the Layers palette, click the layer’s name and then choose Layer Mask from the menu that appears. On the active layer’s tab, click the Layer Mask button to display the entire layer mask. The active layer appears, as shown in Figure 4-3. Use the tools described in the next sections to edit the mask.

FIGURE 4-3: You can see and

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Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software for editing images and it’s the most powerful image editor available. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to learn the basic features of Photoshop to get familiar with the software.

You can download Adobe Photoshop for free from here. This tutorial uses version CS5. If you have an earlier version of Adobe Photoshop, the basic concepts will be the same but the menu structure might be different.

Fun fact: did you know that Disney created the first successful computer graphics program? When Pixar developed the first animation software, they chose Adobe Photoshop for their work.

Download and Install Photoshop on your PC

First things first: download and install Adobe Photoshop. A small thing that you should do if you are a beginner, however the most important thing.

If you do not have Windows installed on your computer, go ahead and download a pirated Windows. If you have any problems downloading Photoshop, consider subscribing to a free trial of Photoshop first so you can learn how to use the software.

Download Adobe Photoshop

Once you have installed Adobe Photoshop, launch the software and open the folder where you installed the software from.

Wait until Photoshop is loaded and ready for you to continue.

Download a Free Trial of Photoshop

If you just want to use the software for free, consider downloading a free trial of Photoshop. There are two versions to choose from:

Elements 6.0: This is the older version of the software, it is a lot cheaper to download as it is the first version of Elements. It is a well-rounded software, and ideal for photographers with little experience.

This is the older version of the software, it is a lot cheaper to download as it is the first version of Elements. It is a well-rounded software, and ideal for photographers with little experience. Photoshop: This is the newer version of the software, and it is for experienced Photoshop users. It is more expensive to download than the previous version, however, it contains more features, and the user interface is easier to understand.

When you sign up, you will be able to download a free trial of Photoshop.

Click the Download Trial button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Select either the Elements version or the Photoshop version.

Use the installation file that you downloaded to install Photoshop.

Let Photoshop load.

Install Photoshop on your PC

You can

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Download

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