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۴٫ **Apply layer mask to new image.** ۵٫ **Select content of your choice and then crop with the Crop tool.** ۶٫ **Convert to black and white.** ۷٫ **Save.** # A.F. ANQUINET’S ADVICE While working at Ralph Lauren, A.F. Anquenet began working on the costume designs for _The Lion King_ and _The Little Mermaid,_ with help from his wife, Jennifer, to give him ideas of how to create the most striking look. Both films starred Beyoncé Knowles. Anquenet’s created a part of Anquenet Afro’s image, a movie inspired by the one used in the Broadway version, which he created with Diane Von Furstenberg. In the original _The Lion King_, Hamlet’s costumes, the ones on the left side of the picture, were created by Anquenet Afro. Beyoncé’s, which are on the right side, were created by Anquenet Afro’s wife. In the book _The Lion King_ — _A New Journey,_ Anquenet Afro explains how the wardrobes were created. “We began by taking the original costumes and altering them to create what I call a hybrid style. Sometimes it could be fairly extensive. For instance, the lion costumes had been changed so that there were no tucks in the sleeves, no collars, no buttons, and no buttons on the pants. In some cases, this could be very dramatic, as in the opening, where the granny and Steve look like a cross between a sci-fi spaceship and an A-Team spaceship, right down to a doily for the seat cover. “The bow on their head, their wings, and the tail were made of a sort of camouflage netting, and there were actual pouches tied behind each of their backs, holding extra wooden parts that were used for the rock bridge and its poles. These wooden poles also were hidden beneath their clothes. “The whole thing was painted with a green and a metallic silver color. The main difference between these and the originals was in the design. “In the original movie, the lions were represented with the design on their foreheads. But in the Broadway version, the design on the lions’ heads was part of their overall image. Each of the

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How to Use Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a free, self-contained image editor that is designed to be very easy for the non-professional to use. Image below shows the different tools Photoshop Elements has to offer, and in this post, we will give you a brief introduction to each one of them. Story Time What is Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a free, self-contained image editor that is designed to be very easy for the non-professional to use. It is made to offer basic image editing options with a modern interface, without the need to learn a new complex software. It is built on the same engine as Adobe Photoshop, but simplified to cover the basic image editing needs. Its interface is designed to be less intimidating and will be easier for less-experienced users to handle. Features Interface Elements is a beautifully designed tool that is very easy to use. Its interface is designed to be less intimidating and will be easier for less-experienced users to handle. It has 4 main tabs: Media Browser Maps Layers Brushes To switch between these 4 tabs, you need to click on the little arrows icon in the corner of the screen. Brushes The Brushes tab is where you will manage all your brushes. It contains two sections: Create your own brushes Use from others Create your own brushes You can either choose from a built-in library or import your own files. In either case, you will need to create a new file and edit it. You can import a Photoshop file, a PDF file or a web file (a JPG, PNG or GIF). You can resize the brush and save it in Photoshop. Keep in mind that the brush will not appear in the Elements canvas unless you export it to PNG. Use from others The Use From Others section contains presets by other designers that you can download and use in your image editing. Layers The Layers tab is where you will manage all your layers and adjust the opacity and blending modes of your images. If you find it confusing, just pick an image and go to the Layers tab. You can use the flip back button below the tabs to return to the previous tab. Maps The Maps tab is where you can create custom maps and a681f4349e

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Q: Why does `awk -F: ‘{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7}’` not work? I want to read a tab delimited file, where the first column is a path prefix (for example /), the second column is the pattern (for example (root|)), the third column is a regular expression (for example (root)/text1) and so on and so forth for other columns. I am using awk with -F ‘:’flag, but the output of this command shows only the first line: $ awk -F ‘:’ ‘{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7}’ a.txt / Note that the output contains the spaces in pattern that I don’t want in this example. What am I missing here? A: You probably need to use an FS of :\t as in below example awk -F’:\t’ ‘{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7}’ a.txt A: With awk you can make a regular expression that uses \t as a delimiter, and we can do that by specifying the input record separator of \t. By default awk will split the input records on and use as delimiter. So, if you want to process records delimited by tab we can use FS of \t, which stands for tab. You can also use -F which denotes the default record separator. awk -F ‘\t’ ‘{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7}’ a.txt If your pattern is constant, you can also use -v to specify it, which means split on pattern. awk -v PATTERN='(root)|’ -F ‘\t’ ‘{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7}’ a.txt As @fedorqui wrote, if we want to use \t as a regular expression, then we should use \t as a field separator. awk -F\t ‘{print $1,$2

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National News Kirk Mullen, E2, to Lead St. Mary’s Hospital for the Homeless Kirk Mullen, chief executive of St. Mary’s Hospital, the 12-story hospital in downtown San Francisco, is going to the hills to lead the Marin-Sonoma Council of Catholic Charities, which provides social services for homeless people. Mullen is stepping down after 17 years of service at St. Mary’s, where he was chairman of the board and chief executive. He is the first president in CCC’s 64-year history. The council is a nonprofit agency that serves clients with mental illness and substance-abuse problems. Its 125 employees and 3,000 volunteers spend about $23 million a year for direct services. “I’m pleased to have joined an organization that has made such a significant contribution to Marin-Sonoma counties, providing vital services to some of our most vulnerable citizens,” says Mullen, who is an Erie native. Christina O’Halloran, chief operating officer of the council, expects Mullen’s previous experience as head of a large hospital will come in handy during a time when the nonprofit agency’s yearly budget is increasing and “exponential” growth seems likely. “We’ll need new approaches,” she says. “We’re in the midst of a housing crisis.” She expects the council will continue to receive a grant from the federal Emergency Shelter and Auxiliary Services program, which provides temporary emergency housing in the community. The council also will serve as the coordinating agency for Masses at St. Mary’s, which began in the early 1970s under Mullen’s guidance. Mullen continued to shepherd the program, which now has about 1,000 participants, until the hospital’s building opened in 1975. He is planning on being at the first Mass on the new hospital’s ground floor. Mullen will oversee the kickoff of the new organization, which officially will be launched in October. The council’s board of directors will hire a new executive director. Mullen doesn’t intend to retire from St. Mary’s, but simply to focus on the council. “I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and

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Introduction + Show Spoiler + Videos, and more detailed information, are available at Back when the new wave of Heroes of the Storm players got in, they were excited to see how fun and refreshing this game would be. Since then, many things have changed. Heroes of the Storm’s first year was an uphill battle with only the lowest tiers of players able to enjoy it, and just last week, Blizzard changed the game by changing the meaning of every character’s ultimate to be something new, and not based off of what their role is.

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