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Preparing the dummies

You need to prepare some custom-made **dummies** as well as some standard equipment for your image-editing program or camera. This section walks you through the process of preparing the dummies and writing down your gear to be ready for the shoot. (Note that all this stuff is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Don’t wait until the last moment to prepare. Figure out what you have now and bring all your stuff to the shoot.)

Keep the following suggestions in mind as you read the following sections:

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know to edit images, create awesome emojis and make memes. For the purposes of this article, we will be using Pixlr as our tool. The terms used throughout this article do not always have an absolute definition. It will depend on the specific website or other software.

Getting Started

Photoshop contains many different features and a beginner can easily forget some of the most basic commands or even how to use them. Luckily for you, in order to edit images or make memes, it’s a very simple process. Here are the steps you’ll need to complete.

۱٫ Open an image.

Open a picture in Photoshop. This guide should work for most people. You can even import the image directly from the camera.

The image you are going to edit will now be open in Photoshop. In this guide, we are going to be editing a few different images so we will have a few tutorials and examples to edit and discuss.

۲٫ Crop the image.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Photoshop allows you to crop any part of the image.

Make sure that the rectangle is drawn around the part you want to crop. You can click and drag the edges of the crop box to resize it as you see fit. Once you are satisfied with the crop size, click OK.

۳٫ Rotate the image.

Photoshop allows you to rotate your image to whichever side you see fit.

To rotate the image, simply hold down the Ctrl key and click and drag the image to the side you want it to be rotated.

۴٫ Resize the image.

Now that you have rotated and cropped your image, you will want to resize it to fit better in your layout. To resize the image, simply click and drag the corners of the crop or rotate box to resize the image proportionally to fit your layout. You can hold the Shift key to scale the image while resizing.

۵٫ Edit the image.

Finally, Photoshop has a host of other tools and functions that you can use to edit your image.

Most of these tools can be accessed by holding the Alt key down while clicking on the tool you want to use. Each of these tools will be discussed briefly in their respective tutorial sections.

Face Layers

Probably the most important tool to understand if you want to edit an image is the face layer

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The Magic Wand tool is a highly specialized tool that allows you to click on a region and everything inside that region will automatically be selected. From there you can select or deselect objects.

Effects are another feature of Photoshop that you can play with. They come in two flavors: Adjustment Layers and Styles.

Using Styles

Both Adjustment Layers and Styles allow you to make changes to an image by only using a few clicks. Styles can make a big difference in the editing workflow because they can speed up the process of making corrections on an image. Styles can also save a lot of time if you make hundreds of similar corrections to an image.

Creating a new Style

The first step to using a Style is to create it. To do this, open the Styles palette, go to New, and then select the New Style option, as shown in Figure 2-9. In the New Style dialog box, enter a name for the Style. Make sure that Basic is selected to the left of the Name field. If you want to see all of the available Styles, use the View drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the palette. If you want to see only the Styles you’ve created, use the Manage drop-down menu to the left of the palette.

Although you can change the color scheme for the Styles, if you do, the icon for the active Style automatically changes, too.

**Figure 2-9:** Change the color scheme for the Styles palette to match the rest of your Photoshop workspace.

Changing an existing Style

To change the colors, type the new colors in the Name field of the current active Style. However, if you want to edit the existing colors, click the little lock button in the upper-right corner of the Style’s entry box to open the Customize dialog box. If you want to use a different color scheme, use the drop-down menu and choose the one you want.

You can only edit one Style at a time, even if it has many different colors. If you select a Style from the Styles palette, the Customize dialog box is automatically opened for it.

Editing a Style

After you make a Style, the dialog box of the Style changes depending on what type of effect it has, as shown in Figure 2-10. If you want to change the color scheme, click the Edit Colors button to open the Customize dialog box.


What’s New in the?


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