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VMwarePlayerPortable 🔎




the vmwareplayerportable image is designed for use with the vmware player application. vmware player is a free virtual machine player from vmware, inc. that enables you to run linux and windows operating systems in a virtual machine. vmware player is available for windows and linux operating systems.

the vmwareplayerportable image is in the vmware player bundle, which is downloadable as a single file. this file is one of the many files that are downloaded when you install vmware player.

the vmware player portability settings allow you to change the following settings for the “vmwareplayerportable” virtual machine:

  • hostname – this is the name of the virtual machine.
  • username – this is the username of the virtual machine.
  • password – this is the password of the virtual machine.

the ssh settings allow you to change the following settings for the “vmwareplayerportable” virtual machine:

  • ssh authentication – this is the authentication method to be used when connecting to the virtual machine.
  • ssh authentication keyfile – this is the path to the file containing the private key for the authentication.
  • ssh port – this is the port on which to run the ssh server.

vmwareplayerportable is a thin client version of vmware player. it does not contain a desktop environment and is mainly used for emulating a virtual machine. this version of vmware player is only available for 32-bit x86 architectures and was released in october 2007.

the vmware player portable is a free, fully-functional platform for playing natively-supported vmware virtual machine files. vmware player portable includes a vmware player desktop environment that works with any of the supported virtual machine formats (e.g. vmware workstation virtualbox player). additional features included with the vmware player portable include: jvm – just-in-time compilation for java. for improved performance, vmware player portable can use a just-in-time (jit) compiler to compile java applications into native code. the result is faster execution of java applications. crossover32/64 – this plug-in is required to play vmware virtual machine files. virtualbox – this plug-in is required to play virtual machine files created in virtualbox. support for most popular virtual machine files and more, see our store products for a complete list of supported vmware virtual machine file formats.
the vmware player portable can be run in a lot of different ways. to start up a new vmware player portable virtual machine session, simply double-click the vmware player portable icon in your windows start menu. you can also open a folder containing a vmware virtual machine file with the vmware player portable.
during the install, the vmware player dvd will prompt you to install and run a windows service (e.g. the dvd player service) so that your dvd drive can be registered to the virtual machine environment, see the
specifies that the wmplayerportable (pvr150) player is used. the pvr150 is a small plug<a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/pvr_150″>pvr150</a> media player was bundled with windows nt 4 and later, and can be found in windows xp and later. these players are commonly used as streaming media devices.