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Similarly, if you visit a site that advertises in-browser downloads, you’ll rarely get any dodgy software. These might be the best place to go for a browser, but you should always check a source’s official page before you download.

If youre looking to download a program that doesnt have a download page on its official website, like a music player or office suite, you should check the program’s Twitter or Facebook page. For example, Spotify’s official page can be found here , and Spotify’s Twitter is full of news about the music player and its latest updates. You’ll also find lots of tech news and debate about streaming music over on YouTube.

Just as with mainstream software, you’re going to get scammed more if you’re downloading a popular “crypto” version of a program, because theres more money on the line. The only safe way to download a cracked or unlicensed version of a piece of software is the Pirate category on a site like The Pirate Bay. Its like entering a room with too many doors, but you can be pretty sure you’ll find the version of Windows you want.

You can be pretty sure you can download a cracked or unlicensed version of Windows from the Pirate Bay, although its a little harder to find a site offering desktop-oriented software like Office. These sites usually cover a little more niche software, like video games, and you might have to dig a little deeper on some sites. We’ve covered a few of these on this list, but if you get stuck, a quick search for will help.

We’ve talked a bit about torrents and sites like BitTorrent, which let you search for software on one network, and download it on another. However, there is another way to download cracked software: the BitTorrent Coin. BitTorrent Coin is a currency based on BitTorrent. You can buy goods and services, such as free Apple Music, using your coins. These can be exchanged for any of the BitTorrent-based currency, for example Bitcoins, Dimez, and so on. After you purchase something, you can donate the coins you had, and keep the balance of you’d like.