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The number of illegal mobile apps available online is enormous, and Android users are the first to be exploited. The ripple effect cascades through the entire ecosystem: users are hesitant to install apps from untrusted sources, and developers lose the confidence of the end user.Fortunately, there are some trustworthy ways to download cracked Android apps, some of which are discussed below.

You can install pre-loaded OS apps on your iPhone directly from the App Store but in some cases you need to hack your iPhone device with jailbreaking tools or install Cydia to get most of the paid apps. IOS SDK is the best free option as it includes lots of tools that are needed to get most of the common paid apps. You can download IOS SDK from

The popular Cydia store is a repository of cracked applications for jailbroken iOS devices. In order to download cracked apps, you’ll need to jailbreak your device. Check out the Jailbreaking section below to see how to jailbreak an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Check if the file is really cracked using special tools. The files on a cracked APK may be legitimate, and even unpacked. In this case it is good to download the files and check for any malware or further changes. Root check your device using a rooting program like Root check and check if your device is rooted with special tools. If your device is rooted your files will be safe.

However, using shady software such as cracked apk downloader causes unnecessary harm to your iPhone. Most of the applications downloaded from cracked site are fake and do not work, and you risk getting a malicious application on your phone. Besides these, the downloaded app can also pose a security risk by accessing your contacts and browsing history and having access to your private data.