Purpose Driven Life Tagalog Version Ebook Download BETTER 🏴

Purpose Driven Life Tagalog Version Ebook Download BETTER 🏴


Purpose Driven Life Tagalog Version Ebook Download

To determine your life purpose you must identify the person that God would want to use you to accomplish His will, and then you must find out what you could do to accomplish that person’s goals. You then focus your efforts to accomplish these goals and in doing so give yourself to God. Your purpose is then fulfilled.

Now, don’t take this too literally. The point of the example is not to teach theology, but to remind you of the work you are called to do in the world. Your life is not your own. God has called you to certain ends. No matter how well you accomplish these ends, it will not be what God meant for you. Your joy will be incomplete, and you will find yourself unsatisfied. This will mean that you have failed to live out your life’s purpose, which is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, what kind of person does God want to use to achieve the purpose of the Kingdom? God wants to use us to accomplish the goals of evangelism and Christian discipleship in every person in our community and the world. He would like to use us to accomplish the purposes that all people everywhere need to find happiness and healing. He wants to use us to share God’s message of reconciliation to the brokenness of the world through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He would like to use us to show mercy to those in society who desperately need to know that he loves them and that he has forgiven them.

۳۳۴٫ The market is at the source of every economic and social good. With the help of this system of barter, which is at once the foundation of all economic and social activity, goods of all kinds may be produced and consumed. In this activity, which is utterly different from money, which merely gives human hands a form of ownership of the goods produced, we see the participation of God in and the manifestation of the purpose of creation; the omnipotent God, who creates beings, determines their manner of existence and inspires them to bring life to the world.

When you stay on the track that leads to God, he gets to visit you over and over again. Your purpose is like a compass that always points you to God. When I look at my life, I see that Ive been on my purpose for about a decade now, and it hasnt changed over the years; it hasnt changed in so many years because God hasnt changed, only I have. He is faithful to meet my needs and fill my life with things that are good for me. If youre not growing spiritually, youre growing physically. If you dont have a spiritual change of some kind, you arent growing.
In this final portion of your purpose-driven life journey, you will discover the One who loves you and gave himself for you. He has the power and the strength to help you make it through the storms and the storms of life. He is a strong God. He loves you enough to die for you and to love you as only he can.
۱۶۰٫ All the members of the Church must share the same mind and purposes; the mission of the Church and her unity are founded on the sharing of a common life and of a common mission.[155]
All of the human race are equally heirs to the fact that God created us for his own glory. He gave us life that we might do what was right. He gave us reason so that we might find out what is right. He gave us freedom and power to make this fact our own as we make his sovereign will our own will. And he gave us eternity, in order that we might freely make eternal use of his gifts. The more we study the human history in the light of this truth, the more we realize that it takes the counsel of God as its rule and guide…. God’s grand plan, in the broad outline, has been fulfilled, but remains still incomplete. The story of human existence in the largest sense is the unfolding of the purposes of God, that he may glorify himself. Its author is no set of nationalities or races, or even of individuals; it has been written by the Author himself, and told by Jesus Christ, his Son, and by God the Holy Spirit, who was also his representative on earth[390].