Prince And The Revolution, Purple Rain (Ost) Full HOT! Album Zip

Prince And The Revolution, Purple Rain (Ost) Full HOT! Album Zip



Prince And The Revolution, Purple Rain (Ost) Full Album Zip

released in november 1984 and largely a continuation of around the world in a day, around the world in a day could be considered a hidden gem. with more tracks from the revolution than purple rain, and a more diverse set of influences, it is seen as a little more accessible than its predecessor.

but by the time the record was finished, princes days were numbered, thanks to an unexplained illness that kept him bedridden for the last few weeks of its recording and its first few weeks of its release. pushing through, he pressed a handful of singles to promote the album, the first of which, 1999, was a cut at the end of the record. it was a love song, like so many others on around the world in a day, that would never leave his live set. he would perform it regularly for the rest of his career.

after prince returned from the hospital, he hopped into a small, black car and headed to purple rain s record label. there, he and his team of writers were set to work on the follow-up album to purple rain : a second album called dirty mind (often incorrectly labeled dirty diana ), with a track list that saw the band attempt to stretch their legs on songs like rockhard and latin quarter. dirty mind s second single, when doves cry, was the record that put the revolution on the map. a bombastic rocker with shades of jimmy castor and the replacements, it was a belter from the band s 1986 debut album, controversy. but it was the album dirty mind that would bring the revolution to a wider audience. the album was a bold, raunchy affair, and the one that put prince squarely in the center of the american hip-hop movement. its release coincided with a new phase in hip-hop, one that would be seen through the eyes of prince and the revolution, and it was that music that drew dirty mind s fans in droves. the revolution did the bulk of the songwriting for dirty mind, and its first single, rockhard, was all the proof you needed of that. written by guitarist and songwriter tom kelly, rockhard is a chugging rocker with an excellent guitar solo from guitarist matt fink; later the song would be used as a theme for the 1987 tv show policewoman.

the first leg of the tour for the album was released as a double album on cd in 1987, collecting the albums songs in chronological order. a single disc reissue of the album was issued in 1992. the album was available in a limited edition version in 1997, made up of special, autographed vinyl discs, with a silver foil cover. the reissue, which was sold through prince s paisley park records, became the top selling album of the year. purple rain, which was reissued in 2013, has sold over 10 million copies worldwide to date.
the sound of the whole album is much more conventional than those of his previous albums, and is arguably prince at his most ‘princely’ (as opposed to purple) -the songs are well-produced and have more of a rock feel than a soul feel. 1999 is his best albums, and he would never be the same again.
prince had always been a perfectionist, and he was always trying to get as close as he could to making ‘perfect’ records. 1999 is most assuredly his most ‘perfect’ and musically, prince was at his most progressive. many of the songs on the album were previously unreleased, and the album was created at a very moment in time -when prince was searching for a new sound after the success of the controversy record and, though he would often be criticized for being too obvious and commercial, 1999 became his most critically-acclaimed release. it was a culmination of his musical evolution and the most successful album of his career at that point. prince remains an amazing artist and one of the most influential of all time.