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From the initial release, the Honest Add-on (an add-on for Firefox) was limited to managing only Chrome users. Over time, it has gained features that distinguish it from other free download managers.
“Honest Add-on Pro removes the need to look through the list every time you install an update. Instead, it downloads, installs, and updates them all at once. The new download button works from any site, not just the Honest Add-on site. You can download and update any add-on from any website you wish. When you update the Honest Add-on, it will never install an add-on from a website you haven’t selected. You will see a notice that the add-on was updated, and be warned that it will now sync from that website.”

“Honest Browser allows you to control what extensions, themes, and add-ons your browser can download and use, automatically.”

“Honest Monitor scans your hard drive every minute for new software. When it finds it, it gives you the download link as well as downloading the installer program and it keeps an eye on it so you don’t have to.”

“We also added a new clean mode, which removes all adds that were updated, and then cleans up the add-on manager interface before showing you the latest add-ons available.”

“At the bottom of the main window, we added a section that lists all the files that were changed. If anything was updated, it will link you to the changelog. This is like the list of changes that the programs made, for example, removing ads, cleaning up a language, and adding some new UI enhancements.”

“We also added a beta section, where you can check out pre-release versions of the add-ons and see if they are safe.”

“And finally, we added a few places where you can search for add-ons with just a few words.”

“If you have any other ideas to improve Honest, let us know!”

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