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your card shows 4 antenna elements: [a:0] – [a:1] – [a:2] – [a:3]. try setting three of them to off and setting the fourth one to 1/2 or 2/3. a:0 is controlling the front antenna, a:1 is the center one, a:2 is the back one, and a:3 controls the back two antennas. we’ll talk about antenna setup later. you probably need to lower the rate at which you’re uploading packets to somewhat more than 256 kbit/s. this is probably not a good idea on a reliable connection that you use mostly for online gaming and normal surfing anyway. the exact value doesn’t matter much, there’s some room to do up to ~16 mbps there. the number of simultaneous connections is limited to the number of available ports on the router.

the wifi card chip is at the card’s lower-right corner. your laptop probably has an intel instead of atheros driver for it. look for something like ath0 or ath5k and use that. your mileage may vary. consult the atheros documentation for your model of laptop for your particular card.

note that the atheros wireless lan (wlan) card can be installed by using the live/cd or the internet option. the atheros 802.11a/b/g wlan card is no longer available for the computer. however, atheros 802.11n wlan card is available for notebooks.

if your machine has no 802.11 (a/b/g) wlan card or no expresscard wireless card, but does have a built-in wifi card, your best bet is to use the driver supplied by the manufacturer of your computer’s wifi card.

if your machine has no built-in wifi card, no expresscard and no 802.11a/b/g wlan card, or if the 802.11n and expresscard cards do not work, you are out of luck. the wi-fi card supplied by your model of laptop (if any) is probably from broadcom or a lesser-known manufacturer. consider buying a wifi card that is compatible with your computer’s chipset.

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