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In early 1861, to aid in filling out the recruits for the new volunteer regiments that would be raised in the North, the Massachusetts General Assembly passed a law allowing for the expansion of the state militia by forming additional regiments of infantry (as well as artillery). With that, the Massachusetts Militia was expanded to include a 2nd Brigade, with the 1st Brigade forming the core of the Western Army Corps of Massachusetts. The 1st Brigade was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Upton, who took command of the new 2nd Brigade on July 15, 1861. This brigade had five regiments, and included the famed 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The regiments of the brigade were the 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th Massachusetts Infantry.

The 2nd Brigade was initially organized with two light infantry regiments, and three veteran regiments (including the 5th), and was assigned to the Western Army Corps. Major General Ambrose Burnside was assigned to command the Western Army Corps, and on March 6, 1862, Upton was made a brigadier general and given command of the 2nd Brigade.

Field service
By the spring of 1862, Upton’s 2nd Brigade was the only infantry brigade assigned to the Western Army Corps. Burnside was transferred to command of the Department of the Rappahannock in April, and was succeeded by Brig. Gen. Robert C. Scammon, who was then succeeded by Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson in July. The brigade saw little actual field service until late