FTL – Faster Than Light Advanced Edition 1.5.13 GOG EXCLUSIVE


FTL – Faster Than Light Advanced Edition 1.5.13 GOG

if youre setting up a new ship, youll see a popup box with a list of available crew configurations with their respective effectiveness levels listed, as well as what experience will be gained for each one. if you know what you want your crew configuration to be, click on it and youre taken to the appropriate crew screen in thecompanionmenu. from there, you can train your crew to either increase their effectiveness or to enhance their inherent abilities.

both of these systems are only implemented as optional extra side tracks to consider. its already a frantic game, so much so that even a minor distraction can derail your games progress, let alone extra systems that require re-calibration of your battle plans. while this is a clear nod to hardcore players, it can also be a challenge to newcomers, as well.

overall, ftl: faster than light is one of the most difficulty challenging games ive ever played. even the advanced edition content is a significantly more difficult in some ways, simply due to the new advanced edition difficulty modes. few games can pull this off, but subset did, and ftl is still one of my favorites by a long shot.

there also a few other minor issues, mostly in the form of clunky player controls. some of your options can be a bit cryptic, particularly the clone system. you need to make a special setup in the cloning booth to get a clone to work, and the interface is mostly unhelpful. additionally, some of the crew members can redden and fall over, further obscuring the player interface.

also included with the update are new obstacles, aliens, and general atmosphere. the new eye infection event, for instance, will give certain crew members a nasty hacking virus, which is then spread to other crew members, turning them into enemies. a new alien race also called forth: the nsi, a predatory flying beast that chomps its enemies, and weve even got a new enemy ship: the hull c.
the alien ships also introduce a brand new ship variation system. its like ftl has multiple difficulty levels. the pilot difficulty is normal. you can, however, unlock the t2, which is a beefed-up combat ship. to get the t2, though, you have to go through the seeker difficulty, which is more like a elite ship, with better shields, weapons, and propulsion. the ftl elite is the hardest difficulty, and is unlocked only by finishing the game (other than those of the intel race)
overall, it all adds up to a much more developed and rewarding game, with much more to experience than with the standard game. playing through, i found the new and improved art style and improved interface to be positive changes. but the game itself remained unchanged, with the same sound, music, and controls, etc. that we were used to.
afterwards, i took a look at the new ipad version. the touch controls were intuitive and easy to handle, providing just enough extra functionality to satisfy. and, most importantly, it didn’t offer any extra challenges, just the original content. as an ipad edition, it seems as though theres a lot to cut for a low cost. it doesnt seem like theres that much depth in the game at all. just enough to tweak it for the controller. this re-emphasizes the focus that is given to that controller, and cuts out a lot of the comfort that game play would otherwise have.