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May 10, 2021 – Players must solve each puzzle to win the game and escape… There are many ways to find the code in the quest room, which… The game requires a minimum of two people. The game is designed for 6 rounds. Each round consists of 2 minutes. During the first round, the contestants must solve puzzles in order to advance to the next round. During the second round, the participants must decipher the code in order to advance to the next round. During the third round, the contestants must find a code to unlock the next round. And so on, until someone has all the codes to escape.

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difference between getDerivedStateFromProps, getDerivedStateFromError, getDerivedStateFromChildren and getDerivedStateFromError

I am studying react-redux. As i was reading the docs there are so many different ways of rerendering the components. which one is the best.


I will try to explain it as simple as possible.
Here, we get a props object that needs to be updated. In fact, even if we supply the updated props object in the props parameter in the constructor of the component (and this.props) React will still go in search of any props that have changed and update the component to reflect the new state. This is known as react-redux.
This will be called when there is a problem updating the state. For example, there is an error in the action layer for redux or there is a network problem. In the given case, it will re-render the component as there is error in it.
In this method we are getting the children of the child components instead of getting the props directly. This is again because, we require the children to be updated to reflect the new changes in the state.