Bank Of India Star Token Download For Windows 10 276 [HOT]


Bank Of India Star Token Download For Windows 10 276

the steps are as follows
1. you need to download the star token from the link given below.
2. it will download an exe file. you need to double click on that and follow the on screen instructions
3. create a new account on your bank of india website.
4. now you will be able to do all the transactions without any problem.

hello i am using star token and the issue is that whenever i login to my account i see that too many failed authentication attempts. i have changed the passwords and re-generated the passwords but that did not work.
if you can help me that would be a great help. i’ve been trying to get rid of this problem for a month now.
thank you.

hello sir, i am using star token, i have created a new user with same account and password. however, when i try to login to my account i have this error message, “too many failed authentication attempts”

i am using the star token for past 1 year and till now every thing was working fine but now i am facing the following issue:
when i try to login to my star token account, the login page asking for email and password is appearing and when i enter the email and password in the login page, then it is showing the following error as shown in the image below:

(click to see the picture)

in fact i am not able to login to the star token account by using the email id and password which i have used for long time.
i am also trying to reset the password and it is not working.

i am using star token for last 1 year and i am also using star token web banking. i am facing the following issue:
since last one week i am facing this issue, while i am using star token and banking both, while i am logging into star token, i am getting the following error (shown in the image):

(click to see the picture)

i have already reset the password and i am unable to login to star token.
i have tried to reset password using my mobile number and it is also not working.
if anyone is using this product and facing the same issue, please let me know how to resolve this.
thanks in advance

best regards

i am a btech student of commerce. i got a phone call that my telecom provider is asking me to deactivate the number i got when i called it just now. i got an idea to create a new wallet in the number “980011145301”. please let me know if this works, and will it produce a new old number that i can safely deactivate from the network?
i checked this and tried and it does not work. the 96 digit number you tried to deactivate is that pin number which you forgot when you set up the star token. its to protect you from phishing. anyways, it does not work to deactivate an old number. it remains the same. you may try your luck with someone else to deactivate your 96 digit number.
i was using star token for last 1 year, now i m not able to access my bank account, checked few articles they are all saying same, i had already reset my star token few time, after reseting my password and pin, but not able to login.
i am now using a computer which has windows 7 32 bit operating system. i have a star token and the bank of india introduced new internet banking. i could not login to bank of india online banking. and now they have blocked my star token, i have a fresh number of star token, i could not get on bank of india online banking. please let me know that will i be able to get my online banking or not.
i have got an error in my internet banking online account. its “customer association number has been deactivated and needs to be activated by your bank by bank officer”. its not auto, i have to contact the centre where i got it blocked.
when you are on bank’s site, just click the bottom right corner of the screen and it will give you the options to connect to your internet banking. once you have that set you can go to your personal account and log into your internet banking.