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The first place to look to get some answers is on the New Compass website: On that site there are good instructions and all the software you need to make sure that the alarm system that you get from the house that you want to put into the security panel with the compass software is compatible with your security system. The general conclusion is that the Honeywell alarm system is very very compatible with most third party alarm systems so you dont need to worry about that part of it.

Once you have determined that the new compasses are compatible with the alarm system in place in the house you are installing in the new security panel it is time to go back to the software. The software that can be found on the following website: One of the things you have to do with this software is define a new zone type.

Install the compass software on your computer and in the Honeywell Compass application locate the folder it creates called ADEMCO in your computer. Open the folder and look at the sub folders that have name Compass or Compass. Open the folders contained in those sub folders and then open the Compass_Engine folder to see the three files: Browse.exe, Lib_Communication.dll and Lib_Communication.dll. Open the files and extract the files to the same folder on your computer as the compass program. Replace the Lib_Communication.dll file in the compass program with the one you downloaded above.

Once this is done make sure you are connected to your modem and run the compass program. The software will create a folder called Compass_Data in the same directory as the compass program. If you are using a flash drive open the Compass_Data folder and make a folder called ADEMCO. There will be one folder inside called Grid. Open the file Grid and copy your ADSL EEPs and 2FA settings from your ADSL EEPs folder on the flash drive to the Grid folder inside the ADEMCO folder.

Dialer 1 is setup to the Modem on the panel. Dialer 2 is setup to be the phone line. Here are the dialers that work with the compass software and what modems are capable of dialing. Looking at the dialers there are obviously some limitations and the cables used for these dialers and the actual computer a person would be using to dial in the software. Hayes SmartModem Optima, AEMModem 2400, Hayes Smartmodem 1200 and Hayes Smartmodem 2400 if you are lucky enough to have a Hayes smartmodem with a modem. Hayes Smartmodem Optima 300, AEMModem 2400, Hayes Smartmodem 1200, Hayes Smartmodem 2400 if you have a generic modem such as a Lucent/Agere/Cirrus/Siemens/Mitsubishi/SMC or any other modem. Hayes Smartmodem Optima,AEMModem 2400, Hayes Smartmodem 1200, Hayes Smartmodem 2400 if you have a generic modem such as a Lucent/Agere/Cirrus/Siemens/Mitsubishi/SMC or any other modem.
The DSL modem connections are, for the most part, poorly documented and can be very difficult to find documentation for. I bought a compact flash stick that was very cheap and had no documentation on how to use it and it would not work. I went to Ebay and found a generic Chinese dialup modem off Ebay and was amazed it worked and took less than half the time to dialup for the compass software. I had to put the ademco compass software into a special bypass mode to be able to dial in to the modem, but once dialed in it worked like a charm and dialed up time was significantly reduced. Having the phone and DSL modem plugged into a computer can cause a huge headache for a lot of people who are not very technical. The best way to work around this is using the keyboard and mouse to do the dialing and controlling the panel from the computer.