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As with any application, you will have to check the software for viruses before you run it to ensure that you will not get any malware in the process. Many people download cracked programs to install games that require a lot of resources and are legitimate programs that are not available on the official software store. This is a great way to get all the latest games from the official store or even use these apps to play games that you normally cannot install in your device.

Emule is a popular file sharing community and the closest thing to BitTorrent. Emule can be accessed with an emulator or through a client. The best thing about Emule is that you get to share files with a huge community of users. If you have a file that you would like to share, simply upload it on Emule. Emule, in turn, will upload the file and share it with others.

۱۳۳۷x allows you to save and manage your torrents. It also lets you download torrents in one click by generating download managers. This is a portable app and you can use it on all mobile devices. The best thing about 1337x is that its almost free! This makes it the perfect app for downloading torrents and managing them at the same time.

As far as services go, Bittorrent is probably the most popular one among many dedicated and non-dedicated Torrents sites. It allows users to upload, share, search, download or magnetize files. This makes it possible for users to quickly browse through the long list of peer-to-peer files for instant download.

Seedpeer is a simple peer-to-peer file sharing website. The best thing about SeedPeer is that it is absolutely free! It also allows users to search files, share files and download them with a few clicks. This means that if you ever wanted to download a file, seed it and watch it grow into a massive collection of files in no time.