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Free Download Waves .Paying Differential: Nissan and Toyota Canada Announce Pricing and Sales Strategy

Pricing was one of the biggest differences between Nissan and Toyota for the last generation. The other, arguably, was Japanese quality.

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Both companies have made a number of huge improvements in their Canadian operations since the launch of the 2012 LEAF, and while many of them have to do with China, the North American operations have created something akin to a new car company.

Those operations are led by Steve Zagone, who has long been a proponent of bringing these operations under one roof in order to make the car better.

This effort began in earnest when Nissan Canada set up an internal group — called Strategic Planning and Pricing — in 2012. One of the first projects undertaken was to establish a new network of sales managers, “called zone managers,” as Zagone called them, across Canada.

The goal was to ensure that the pricing and sales strategies of the different brands were aligned. “With the integration of the North American operations, we wanted to drive that uniformity across the board,” says Zagone.

At the time, the biggest controversy in the company was around the price of the LEAF. Nissan Canada maintained that a LEAF should cost $64,900. Toyota Canada, meanwhile, was selling them at $49,995, about $15,000 less than the competition.

Nissan Canada decided that it needed a new strategy and new tools to make sure they were consistent.

“We chose to evolve the [zone manager] concept to make it more fluid,” says Zagone. That meant the zone managers had a budget that they could allocate to each dealership. As prices changed, that level of flexibility varied. Zagone says that in the first year of this program, there was quite a bit of volatility in prices.

Today, he says the program has stabilized and in most of the provinces, you’ll see similar prices across the board. The service levels, however, are still the biggest differentiator. In some markets Nissan has improved their service and warranties, while in other markets Toyota has been able to take a significant lead.

“I think [the price pressure] is one of the reasons why I’m so excited about our future because I believe Toyota will continue to refine their pricing strategy and ultimately we will come to a point that we will be competitive


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