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How to link the images into one text file? i got csv file.


I suggest you use:
awk ‘{print > “temp.txt”}’ awk ‘!seen[$0]++’ file1

Then you can read the temp.txt:
awk -f temp.awk file1

with temp.awk:
NR==1 {
# assumes first file is file1
# you could omit the header line if your file1 always contains the header
print $0 > “temp.txt”

# handle every other line

# add the current line to the list of seen lines
if(!seen[$0]) {
seen[$0] = 1
print $0

To delete all files except those listed in the file1:
awk -f temp.awk file1 file2 file3… fileN > targetFile
rm -f temp.*

Trajectories of disability following traumatic brain injury: a one-year follow-up study.
There are relatively few studies that have followed patients after traumatic brain injury (TBI) from the immediate to the longer term. The present study assessed the relationship of self-reported disability to neuropsychological deficits, depression, and subjective well-being in a sample of 45 patients with TBI. The patients were assessed at discharge from acute-care units and 12 months later, and each participant completed six measures (five questionnaires) at those two time points. A repeated measures design was used for all analyses. The results showed a significant association of self-reported disability with several measures of cognition and depression, but not with life satisfaction. Implications for future research are discussed.Q:

Can not get a valid cursor from SimpleCursorAdapter

I am having a problem trying to extract a specific row from a database. I know the db is populated and I can get a valid cursor from the db using SQLiteDatabase.query() method, just not the one for my need.
The code below just displays an empty grid. I have initialized the Cursor as suggested by Android SQLite documentation. The cursor returned by the adapter is being

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In a second step, I deploy the powershell script again on the server as is and use Get-AzureMFA –ApplicationId “*****” –ShowTableHeaders –ShowDetailed = $true. The result is all the required values are filled in the table and the password looks like this


I can see that the password is in correct format, but when I create a VM of windows 8, it asks for the password which I set to *** just for testing, but the password looks like this


the password I set is not used.
Any idea why this is happening? I am using the same powershell script for other applications just with different ApplicationId and the password works correctly for those applications.
Are there any known issues with Azure MFA and windows 8?
I tried the same thing in a VM which is running a linux Ubuntu and it asks the correct password and I also get the correct values when I try to check the MFA table.


Windows 10 MFA can be enabled in different ways

MFA added to application/service
How to enable MFA support using GUI -Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature command
How to enable MFA using PowerShell -Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature (for Windows 7/8)

The first way for example is using PowerShell script Enable-MFA.exe. For Windows 10 you should set MFA option as part of Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature command -Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -MFAType Custom or MFA after you call the script.
Here is the script and some additional setting you can change, for example to use Free MFA rather then 3FA:
Enable-MFA -Force

Respecting Our War Dead

The number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War was the greatest loss of life in a single action in American history up to that time.

The U.S. Armed Forces suffered approximately 58,127 killed in action and another 2,250,000 non-battle deaths (e.g., the result of gunshot wounds, exposure, and accidents in the field) as a result of the Vietnam War. In addition, the conflict claimed the lives of some 1,181,000 Vietnamese civilians, making this Vietnam War the second most deadly war in terms of civilian deaths, behind only World War II.

This statue features a WWI soldier whose hand is placed on the shoulder of

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