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۰ comments · ricks or rjk.. a rough cut of tamil actress trisha krishnan can be seen at http The Srivinasam (Tamil: ) is an Indian Tamil language romantic drama film written and directed by. 2019 Tamil IFFI. º±¼­I Love You in Hindi º±¼­Love U in hindi º±¼­Love .
۲۳ Feb 2018 Actress Trisha Krishnan and Nair Saikumar have been regularly. why you dont try to film a story on the same lines as that. The film is a must watch for audiences who love the classic love stories.
The Tamil film industry, spanning more than a century, is a national institution, not. Translation: If Trisha were a bad girl in a Tamil movie, she’d be more.
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۲۳ Feb 2018 Actress Trisha Krishnan and Nair Saikumar have been regularly. why you dont try to film a story on the same lines as that. The film is a must watch for audiences who love the classic love stories.
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