HD Online Player (Time Pass Marathi Movie Download ((FREE)) Kic)

HD Online Player (Time Pass Marathi Movie Download ((FREE)) Kic)

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HD Online Player (Time Pass Marathi Movie Download Kic)

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Update behavior within a USER TRANSACTION

I was reading about USER TRANSACTION in this Oracle article:
and i came accross this scenario:
transactionA updates t1.a to 1
transactionB updates t1.a to 2
transactionA updates t1.b to 3
transactionB updates t1.b to 4

The article claims that if transactionA commits after that point in time, then it will be evident that that first transaction commit has conflict with transaction B and viceversa..
I find this hard to believe since each time I run transactionA it will interact with the data in table A (it will change one of its values) and then somehow magically transactionB should get updated since it will have his own version of data in table A.
I find this harder to believe because if i were to ask myself, “shouldn’t there be an exception for data values which do have the same value in the two transactions, and there should be only ONE version of the data by the end of the whole process?”, and i would never expect to find that behavior in the example the article gave..
Can anyone provide me an explanation for this scenario? or a link that explains the process of USER TRANSACTION and the consequences at the end of the process, in order to refresh my understanding?


If you look at the example, you’ll note that while transactionA updates t1.a to 1, it is also committing. So when transactionB reads t1.a it sees 1.
transactionA commits, so all of the changes made by transactionB have been committed.
transactionA then updates t1.b to 3, so all that transactionB has seen is 1 and 4, it has not seen 3.

If we look at the update here:
update t1 set a = 1 where id

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HD Online Player (Time Pass Marathi Movie Download Kic)
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