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In the Lands Between, a gap that separates all worlds of reality can be found. It is an endless black wasteland where no one has been seen for centuries. The Ancient Elden instituted the Age of the Four Realms to merge the four worlds, but a great tumult was raised, and the five villages of each world plunged into battle to unify and become one in the Kingdom of Elden.
A forgotten myth hints at the existence of a great evil that was cut off from the Elden Kingdom when it was still in its infancy. The times of the world are beginning to change. The Elden Kingdom is about to make its debut into the Lands Between.
A fourth battle is about to begin…


Players are in the role of Tarnished, a broken warrior who was taken care of by the Elden Tribe and has been reborn to the world of Elden.
A unique character development system allows you to freely allocate points among the attributes of Skill, Battle, and Magic, which combine to form six different character attributes.

Supporting Characters

Visor, a courageous musician who is protecting the Elder Tribe that raised him.


Elden Ring Game incorporates the concept of an open world where players have a large world to discover and a wide variety of situations to experience. The world consists of connected areas called dungeons. As you explore, the world changes and dungeons become available, challenging you to find hidden items and items that can be used to unlock new areas.
At its core, Elden Ring Game is an RPG but it does not require a huge amount of time to play it. This means you can enjoy a variety of contents without taking too much time.
The game, which combines the action-oriented and rich RPG elements of older games with the streamlined design of the current mainstream games, creates a unique gaming experience.
The game has so many exciting contents that even when you play the title for the first time, you will find plenty to do.
Elden Ring Game is an action RPG in which you play as a character who has been reborn after taking on the sins of the first world. Story elements, such as intense battles, combine with exciting game elements like fast-paced battles and RPG elements, such as character development.

A Fate Where


Features Key:

  • Hero: Let’s face it, we’d probably all agree this is the most important feature of role-playing games… at least we probably think that. We spent a lot of time making a whole slew of things in this game, so they really couldn’t be put at the bottom of a price. “Hero” doesn’t just mean the narrator or the boss, but hero is a term that’s used in a variety of gaming contexts, a “true” hero would fall into the category of the player, making them the true hero of the game. It’s about an archetype of the gameplay genre, for the heroic (at least we hope!), and how it represents a player archetype. It tends to be addictive, and the rules are often unbalanced for heroes. Multiple heroes exist in some games in order to increase your chances of success.
  • Offline Casual Play: We realize you might have played several of these games but there are some that are just plain weird to a beginner. “Elden Ring” is simple, fun and you probably won’t find it too confusing while you’re single-player character leveling. There are of course a significant number of mechanics, but many “mundanes” are explained in the manual so the player has more time to focus on the incredible adventure space instead. When you play, just turn the sound on and you’ll find that you have a great time!
  • One-Stop Gaming: Without a doubt, we’re smitten with the line EVE Online is a great game and we are interested in it so much, that we considered ourselves a “one stop” gaming portal in our studio. Along with EVE Online, our past projects, such as NON-MORTI, are part of the “Elden Ring” family. We set


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

    In-Depth Review:


    ۲۰۱۹-۱۰-۰۳ ۰۶:۵۴:۰۷ (CET)

    An excellent take on the Final Fantasy formula.


    ۲۰۱۷-۰۷-۱۴ ۰۲:۰۳:۴۷ (PDT)

    It feels like Iím discovering new territory every time I play a new game by this developer.


    ۲۰۱۵-۱۰-۲۸ ۰۵:۳۱:۰۱ (EDT)

    As light-hearted as anything you can imagine. This game is likable and enjoyable to play without any obligation. The many characters will all bond with you and motivate you to continue into the next chapter.


    ۲۰۱۵-۰۶-۱۴ ۰۷:۰۸:۴۶ (EDT)

    Superb character animation. What makes this game stand out in the fantasy genre is the unique setting, the visuals, and the interaction with the characters.


    ۲۰۱۴-۱۱-۰۴ ۰۵:۴۷:۲۵ (PST)

    This game is the perfect balance between high-powered heroes (that Iím more drawn to) and playing a more casual hero.

    ALL KINDS OF CHARACTERS. You can play as a similar character as to the class you picked, or as a brave hero who gets the job done. You can even play as a chibi version of the character.

    Ropes to Hang From

    ۲۰۱۴-۱۱-۰۲ ۱۰:۱۳:۱۹ (PST)

    You can call it easy or you can call it that it lets you tap into the emotions of its characters.

    Video Game

    ۲۰۱۴-۱۰-۲۸ ۰۴:۲۷:۰۴ (PST)

    In a time when we’re so often left to our feelings, this game gives me an opportunity to step back and understand my own intentions.


    ۲۰۱۴-۱۰-۲۷ ۰۹:۲۵:۵۸ (PST)

    The music in this game is a brilliant decision. I can hear every characterís intentions.


    ۲۰۱۴-۱۰-۲۳ ۰۵:۰۲:۱۹ (PST)

    Even though the characters are represented in video game style, the actions of the characters are very much in line with the feel of the original.


    ۲۰۱۴-۱۰-۲۲ ۰۵:


    Elden Ring (LifeTime) Activation Code For PC

    * Game play:
    Rise, Tarnished and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    * Story:
    An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    * Level of difficulty: Easy to Beginner.
    * Game Style: Action RPG.
    * World of game: Dynamic change and various adventures await you.
    * World map:
    Players can travel to vast open areas like plains or dungeons in the world.
    * Multiplayer:
    You can connect with other players and travel together.
    * Online System:
    The game has elements of online play and is designed to be played with other people.
    * Character Customization:
    You can freely combine weapons and armor.
    * Battle System:
    Open world and real-time battle. You can freely set up your party, equipped with a variety of equipment and skills. If you leave your party for a certain amount of time, it changes to another party.
    * The items you can use in the battle:
    There are many different items, including weapons, armors, and magic.
    * Direct Connecting System:
    When you connect your account to a server, you can enter the online game.
    * Network System:
    You can search for other players and connect with them.
    * Voice communication:
    You can chat together with other players by using the voice channel.
    * Action RPG Gameplay:
    Open world, adventure, and boss monster.
    * Action RPG Game Play Movement:
    Attacking, running, jumping, and running on stairs/stairs.
    * Action RPG Game Play Special Attack:
    When a monster appears, you will take down the monster by using special attacks, such as smash attack and magic attack.
    * Action RPG Game Play Boss Monster:
    You can defeat various monsters. There are more than 20 different boss monsters in the game.
    * Action RPG Game Play Skill:
    There are a variety of high-level skills.
    * Action RPG Game Play Magic Attack:
    Magic attacks are used to destroy monsters, including destroying their entire body.
    * Action RPG Game Play Perfect Block:
    You can take cover when you become hit.
    * Action RPG Game Play Perfect Parry:
    You can parry a monster’s attack and destroy it with the attack.
    * Action RPG Game Play Skill Link:
    You can link skills between different weapons.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    By connecting and competing in the online multiplayer mode, you can:
    • Discover many kinds of situations and characters
    There are more than 250 characters in the online mode in addition to the character creation section. You will start to discover different characters in online play.
    • Join a Clan
    Communicate with clan members and unite with them to progress through the game together. The members of the clan can join and leave the clan at will, allowing you to retain the friends that you connect with.
    • Receive Friends or Allies to Fight More Powerful Enemies
    You will not need to fight alone if you have joined a clan. You can fight alongside your clan members to team up with them in battle. This way, you can fight powerful enemies more easily with your fellows.
    • Form Epic Confrontations Using Fortifications
    In the game, fortifications will be attached to your clan’s base. You will be protected by fortifications, allowing your members to live peacefully within the ruins of your castle.

    In addition to being connected in online play mode, you can also enjoy game events outside of the online play. Here are some of the features you can experience:
    • Clan Battle System
    A war where clan members who are formed into a single voice compete against each other, and the company that amasses the most points will win. You can easily adapt to the military hierarchy of your clan in this war. The rules of the war change daily to accommodate new ideas and plans.

    The standing of your clan will be decided by a simple scoring system. Data on the battle that occurs in each clan will be kept, and a point score will be assigned to each individual and group.
    • Character Progression System
    The amount of progress you have made towards the development of your character will be reflected in the following way. You can freely customize the appearance of your character, and your level will go up as you increase the determination of the traits of your character.
    • Hunting and Gathering System
    By traveling with your party, you will go hunting in predetermined areas while benefiting from the hunting skills of your companions. You can also affordably purchase items that give you a boost for hunting with your companions.

    The game also features the Racing Mission. Listen to a story where the racing of racing teams in a battlefield, and also the note of the wager and bet event. You can also enjoy the wager event involving fighting and hunting.


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