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It is a mythological action RPG created by the Square Enix Co., Ltd. and the Idea Factory Co., Ltd. that was announced at the Vision 2013-2014 strategic planning meeting on March 26, 2013.
The unique and free to play online role-playing game, which is centered on the Lands Between and the fantasy setting of the Legend of Mana and the Legend of Heroes, will take an action role-playing game and place it in a vast world where the action is actually happening.
* It is the first Fantasy RPG of the Western Hemisphere.


● An Epic Action Role-Playing Game with Fantasy Setting

– An action role-playing game centered on a multilayered story in the Lands Between, where characters are fluidly evolving based on the decisions that they make.

– Unique online play that loosely connects to other players and utilizes a free to play model, where you can freely develop your character and discover the joy of playing a game with others.
– You can freely change and customize your character as you play.
– A large scale action-oriented world with a seamless online experience!

The world of the game is the Lands Between, and it has a unique fantasy setting based on the Legend of Mana and the Legend of Heroes.
When the world fell into chaos, the Legend of Mana was revived and its weapon, the Inel, was utilized to drive out the darkness that threatened to engulf the world.
And then, a new world named Erudax arose, and the Elden Ring was forged.
The Elden Ring is a device that amplifies the magical power of the Inel and is used by the Elden Lords, who led the battles against the darkness.
The Lands Between that was once ravaged by darkness has been brought back to peace. But instead of joy, the world is shrouded in deep sadness.
The Elden Lords encounter a child named Therion after he was orphaned by a star named Evanescent.
After a series of events, he became a Tarnished Knight, believing that he was called to make a sacrifice and become the Elden Lord.
The main character, who is simply called “Knight”, wakes up in the cold and desolate lands between with no memory.
Covered in blood and with many wounds, he is first taken to a place called Stald and then to the library.
There, he meets the courageous Tarnished Knights who were


Features Key:

  • Play the game on either the PlayStation®۴ or PlayStation®Vita (cross-platform multiplayer is available)
  • Unique PlayStation®Camera support that uses screen-centered 3D motion tracking and facial tracking to recognize your character’s motion, such as frowning, smiling, or blowing the air as you jump or run.
  • Dynamic rich sub-illusions for the PlayStation®۴ that supports 8.5-inch TVs and two PlayStation®Camera units. The game detects the location of your PlayStation®Camera units and the view direction and automatically adjusts the direction to provide high-quality life-size graphics. In other words, you can have an illusion of being a part of the game.
  • Play the game with all the push of a button. The new Sixaxis motion controllers supported by the PlayStation®۴ offer simplified controls (Movable buttons, touch pad, d-pad, analog sticks, and A, B, X, and Y buttons) that are easy to control. The Sixaxis controllers can be connected to your PS4 to directly control the DUALSHOCK®۴ wireless controller. When more Sixaxis controllers are connected and used together, the game’s character and context action bar will display the button combos for several characters at once
  • Twenty-eight personalized card decks (each containing 30 starter items), allowing you to customize the items in your decks to improve your gameplay. It’s a great starting point and incentive for those who want to create a DUALSHOCK®۴-compatibile card game right away.
  • There is a day-night cycle featuring real-time effects, such as day-night shadow changes and strong sunlight in spring. Each day is in accordance with the lunar calendar and has its own distinct feeling, such as the scent of flowers, or the sounds of lawn mowers and motorcycles in the distance. Each day gives you a particular story to pursue.
  • Experience a story that starts in a brothel in the Lands Between and follows five young companions as they rise up against a mysterious foe
  • Play now and get a head start on your Elden Ring journey while a free downloadable expansion pack, “The Hidden Shadow,” is released. You’ll be able to enjoy many of your favorite items and cast powerful new spells in your journey to become a Lich Lord.</li


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    The game contains a new fantasy world, a powerful magic system, and a story with a lot of depth.

    I feel a little bit sad about the same monster and the same past pain. It was great to hear about the turn of events again.

    The story itself is lighthearted and exciting, and it was fun to see what happened when I’d call upon my Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version and command the monsters.

    While the game is easy, there are so many cases where you have to use your memory of the story, and it’s great to have things you can refer to.

    The main players in the new fantasy world are the Warriors of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, who fight to protect the human race. They are also special monsters with supernatural powers.

    The main player characters are members of the Warriors of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, who fight to protect the human race.

    They grow in strength as they gain experience, and their powers also increase by leveling up.

    They can also use the skills of the monsters they are controlling, and by doing this, you can easily combine a variety of game systems to develop your character.

    A monster’s power also increases by becoming stronger as it levels up.

    There are two different types of monsters: Warriors and Beasts. Warriors can make use of the skills of monsters, while Beasts can’t.

    – Warriors and Beasts

    Warriors gain strength as they level up, but they also lose health in proportion to their level.

    If they fall below their health limit, they disappear, but they are revived by returning the health to their limit.

    They can also handle a variety of different situations from solving simple puzzles to controlling enemies.

    – RPG Battle System

    A game system where the player character uses a variety of skills to battle, and the actions of the monsters can be directed by the player.

    – Combo System

    One of the game’s strengths is the combo system.

    By connecting the actions of the player character and the monsters, it’s possible to bring the player’s character into a state where he can easily handle any danger.

    – Customization

    The player character can be freely designed, and the weapons, armor, and magic they use are freely customisable.

    Each item can also be dyed, and you can make items stronger by combining a variety of items.


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    The game will be launched in two modes at launch.


    A mode that utilizes a line-up of different maps with a single world, and allows you to challenge other players in various offline modes. The mode will allow you to directly challenge other players or form a party with people from the community, for the purpose of more fun and fun teamwork.


    A combat mode that features the creation of a stable party formation. It allows you to freely move with teammates in formation to enjoy one-on-one fights.

    Online Features:

    • Vast World Full of Excitement (online mode)

    • Create your Own Character (online mode)

    • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth (online mode)

    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others (online mode)

    • Epic Map Battles (online mode)

    • Freedom to Choose (play style)

    (*Note: If you are impatient, you can check out the demo version of the game on the PBR alpha test program (

    We sincerely welcome you to the world of Elden and look forward to your excitement and participation!

    Thank you!Q:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Enjoy a new fantasy RPG of invitation, linking world, story, and dialogue, formed from the fanciful world of “Watchmen.”
    The interactive game world where you discover the most fantastical world ever created, Watchmen.
    New world discovery through exploration and combat, Watchmen.
    ◆New Rolebook With a Difference
    ◆Combine the heroic actions of the characters from the Iron Heroes roleplaying game with the refined style of a fantasy RPG.

    Guiding light and grace in a land of desolation
    The land of quarantine in which a monster infects all but a remnant of the human race. In this dimension in which time has stopped, a few people have banded together in the last bastion of the human race, the Shinjuku Quarantine Zone…

    Main Characters

    ◆ Grandma Rina
    Mother of both Sesshomaru and Tenshin, Grandma Rina is the only survivor of the Shinjuku Quarantine Zone.
    ◆ Tenshin
    Grandma Rina’s great-grandson and the captain of the Guard Tower, Tenshin is a young man with a sword and power.
    ◆ Sesshomaru
    A young man who lost his memories as a child, Sesshomaru is extremely strong and a great fighter, however his barrier is weak.
    A kind-hearted older woman, she lives in the Lower Block with her cat, “Chiun.” She cares for the Shinjuku Quarantine Zone.
    ■Perfect for Beginners
    ◆ They’re Easy to Learn
    ◆ They’re Easy to Play
    ◆ They Can Evolve
    ◆ Even if you’ve never played a computer game before, you can start right away on your first try.
    ◆ They’re Easy to ExperiencE
    ◆ You can play wherever you like. No games are prohibited from being played on your phone.

    The first RPG of the Watchmen brand that you can play without any prior knowledge of this genre.

    It’s easy to begin and play

    ◆ You’ll Begin Playing by Simply Pulling the Button at the First Level
    ◆ The weapon you should use on your first playthrough is the “Knife


    Free Download Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    ۱٫ Download and install Google Chrome.
    ۲٫ Open Google Chrome and download file “Elden RingInstaller3.1.rar” from given link.
    ۳٫ Run the setup, wait for installing, then close the setup.
    ۴٫ Go to RUN.
    ۵٫ Open the folder “elden_ring_install.exe” by double-click it.
    ۶٫ Selects the point at which the game has installed, then wait for a few seconds.
    ۷٫ Select the point “elden_ring.exe” in the folder “elden_ring_install” and run it.
    ۸٫ Select “elden_ring.exe” and wait to start installation.
    ۹٫ Select “All the Parts” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۰٫ Select “elden_ring.exe” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۱٫ Select “No” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۲٫ Select “Yes” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۳٫ Close.
    ۱۴٫ Select “Settings” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۵٫ Select “Setup” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۶٫ Select “Next” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۷٫ Select “Finish” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۸٫ Select “Finish” and wait a few seconds.
    ۱۹٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۰٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۱٫ Select “Restart” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۲٫ Select “Yes” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۳٫ Select “OK” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۴٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۵٫ Select “Next” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۶٫ Select “Finish” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۷٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۸٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۲۹٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۰٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۱٫ Select “Restart” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۲٫ Select “Yes” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۳٫ Select “OK” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۴٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.
    ۳۵٫ Select “Close” and wait a few seconds.


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    Bungie Beta Gameplay

    ۴ months ago

    [New Gameplay from Bungie]

    It’s Not Gameplay You’ve Come To Expect…


    System Requirements:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
    Intel CPU – Intel Core i5, i7, i7-3770.
    ۸GB RAM minimum.
    HDD space at least 25GB (Free space from C: drive).
    Hard disk not smaller than 8GB.
    DirectX 9.0 or higher.
    CD/DVD ROM drive
    Audio card.


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