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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
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We are here to announce the upcoming launch of the newest RPG from Mobius! After the successful launch of the fantasy action game fantasy EarthBound, creator Koji Kondo and publisher Square Enix has decided to bring the fantasy action RPG genre to a new world – the Lands Between. Gameplay of this new fantasy RPG will be supported by the growing world of Asura Online, featuring a completely original online service.

Over the past year, we have worked on creating a vast world with completely unique and exciting quests and a state-of-the-art online service. The game lets you experience the Lands Between in a completely new manner. You will be able to freely explore on land and at sea, gathering items, unlocking powerful characters, and fighting epic battles with your friends!

As we continue to create the game, we are providing important updates here. To take an even closer look, we have prepared a special page that you can visit to get a summary of all the latest news.

Fantasy Online RPG game [Simplified]

■ Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay

Players will make a new character and travel the Lands Between, an endless world in which fields, dungeons, and cities grow and shrink. Quests and monsters will appear at random, and every step will be filled with danger!

Complete quests in various ways to obtain titles, and explore dungeons filled with enemies.

Every single player and their party’s actions will contribute to the fate of the game world.

Get involved with other players via “the Asura Online Global Link”, and direct your actions via “online chat”.

The setting of the fantasy RPG game is an endless world in which fields, dungeons, and cities grow and shrink. You will be able to explore the world while making your own path and reacting to the various situations and quests. You will make your own party and explore the locations you like, and participate in the online service.

You will be able to freely roam the Lands Between and select the way you want to complete your quests. You can take on quests from towns, dungeons, and other players. In other words, you can choose your own quests.

Players can freely roam the endless world.

Players can freely roam the endless world, select the way they want to complete quests, and fight epic battles with their friends.

■ Visual Quality

We are refining the interface and graphics for all


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating ۴٫۶۶ / ۵ ( ۴۱۷۱ votes )
Update (۲ days ago)


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your Own Character
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • Prologue

    A Legacy.

    The Tarnished is always tarnished.

    Within the Rings between, adventure has been lost in the wilderness, ruled by violence and confrontation. The lands have been ravaged by strife, and are now a grave for the new generations. In the days when the Elder Gods ruled the world, they entrusted with them a person called the “Tarnished”, a person who brought them into this age of darkness. This person is said to have their power in the Rings between, and they are incredibly feared.

    The Tarnished has lost their body, and is now a decaying old man living in the lands beyond, hunting for prey to provide his own food. But at the same time, he casts his eyes on another person, who called himself the “Elden Lord”. As their eyes meet, a scar on the Tarnished’s face spreads out; and as he casts his eyes upon the Elden Lord, the Elden Ring, known as the purest and sacred object, is given to him.

    The Tarnished placed this pure, sacred object around his neck. A symbol of power and place of reverence. Being blessed by the Elden Gods, and following his namesake, he will be the Tarnished no more. And now, these two fleeting figures who roam the Lands between, will begin fighting one another for the future of the world. A world in which God has been absent for so long, only the power of the Rings remain to guide the weak nations of old.

    With Encounter as Friend, Their Collision as Enemy.

    The Encounters are scattered all around.

    In this world created by the Elder Gods, monsters of all types are scattered, connecting different areas


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    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit]

    • Features
    – Highly customisable character creation system.
    – Content in which you can freely create your own unique character while expanding the story.
    – A variety of epic dungeons and fierce battles against a great evil, with various elements to enjoy.
    – A beautiful anime-style graphical style.
    – Various on-screen information at all times for guidance.
    Online play:

    – Battle for the Survival of the Elden Ring
    – PVP battlefield environment
    – Players can interact with each other to learn of the Current Situation.
    – Fixed game time to allow players to set their preferred time of day.
    – Various elements to compete over.
    We request your cooperation and understanding while our game content and service continue to be improved. You may be waiting for the next main content update.


    • Winning the World of Lazul (UoL) Lottery Numbers (Approx. Nine Lucks of Luck)
    – ۳۰۰,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ KRW (KRW: May 4 to May 12)
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    – ۳۰۰,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ KRW (KRW: May 20 to May 26)
    – ۳۰۰,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ KRW (KRW: May 27 to June 2)

    * In order to enter the lottery, please verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements.
    To obtain this window, please contact customer service.
    Please do not apply the password to the computer and delete the accompanying dongle from the device.
    Your backup data on the USB key may also be deleted.
    If the game does not start, contact customer service or try to download the game file again.
    * The following items are subject to change: the number of entries received, the price of prizes, and the selected winners.

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    I will tear them all down. I will destroy every single thing.
    – Baddie

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Purchase new pieces of equipment, including a mysterious frozen weapon!


    More information:

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    Lord of the Rings: The Minus


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    • Unable to get responses from the author, etc…

    • Chip damage has been increased
    • Fixed a bug which allows the player to use +number Red stones to create a pure Mystic
    • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to use magic stone by changing the state of another mystic stone
    • Added a tutorial to the beginning of the game
    • Removed the cost for charging the Exceeding Mystic Stone
    • You no longer automatically lose when win by attacking
    • Official 2 patches released over the last month
    • Invisibility stones work properly as per the rules
    • Do you want to know who requested a GD Staff?
    • It is a valid fault that users are reporting cracks each other’s gems
    • You no longer lose the user when you save the game
    • Can not remove a character who’s chip damage is over 0
    • Added the multiplayer system, various settings at use
    • New monsters were added with various numbers
    • ۳۰ new weapons have been added
    • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to create multiple pure mystic stones
    • Old weapons and armor can be changed into new weapons and armor
    • You no longer lose when you win
    • You no longer lose when you lose
    • Added items which can be used to raise credit automatically
    • Camera shake has been improved
    • The game sometimes goes slow at the beginning
    • Fixed the issue where the left character’s talent is used when you switch a character
    • The game sometimes goes slow when you are in the Tempest Mode
    • You no longer lose when you wait more than 30 minutes to start the game
    • The pause menu does not cause the camera shake bug
    • You no longer lose when you are out of resources
    • The title scene has been completed
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