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Name Elden Ring
Publisher wenrain
Format File
Rating ۴٫۱۲ / ۵ ( ۲۰۴۱ votes )
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This game is open to all ages and skill levels. The game’s story is set on the Lands Between, one of the world’s most mythic lands which is likely to be visited by humans in the near future, where we are given an immortal body in exchange for our soul.
Characters have a variety of characteristics which can be further developed, resulting in a great variety of play styles in single-player.
Even if we cannot see the player, we are always aware of the presence of other players. This results in a unique online element in which you can feel the presence of others as well as a sense of connectedness.
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Vast World – A vast world that seamlessly connects open fields and dungeons. Discover…
  • Ring Quest – Combat and trial that will take you to the heart of the Lands Between.
  • Epic Multiparty Online Battles – Form a guild and fight other guilds.
  • Build your character as you Want – Customize the appearance and abilities of your characters.
  • Unlimitted Potential – Go as far as you want and become the best!
  • Epic Cinematic Theater – A series of events woven into the story will trigger over and over again. Many…
  • Increased Content – Hundreds of hours of content that just keeps getting added. By completing a variety of challenges, you get various in-game items, and even bonus items to earn EXP upon completion.
  • Extensive Skill Build – Many skills and Disciplines to boost your fighting capability.
  • Customizable Equipment and Character Skills – Rapidly learn and advance your skills with a variety of new Disciplines.
  • Set social and guild parameters – Tailor your play experience according to your tastes.
  • A Story Born from a Myth

    Evelyn, the Forgotten God’s Destroyer, came back to this world of the Lands Between from the nebulous world of heaven, half-cut from the Immortal Throne she had occupied for hundreds of thousands of years. She noticed something off, so took a look at the Mortals’s world.
    While investigating, she hears about a new treasure, about a Legend called the Elden Ring, told by a lost traveler. This excited her to no end, and sending her loyal aide, Savinya to fetch the Elden Ring, she dug up the Shaft of Hatred on the side of Lake Halid in the city of Falth, and started taking off.
    Upon arriving in the forest, she found what she was looking for, with excitement, but, because something about her bothered her.
    After more than a week of travel, Evelyn thought it better to return to the Shrine she had passed and made to sleep here.
    From there, the guardian of the Shrine, the second ancient god, comes to escort her. The Great God of that city of Falth will look


    Elden Ring Activation Key

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    Elden Ring

    ۱٫ ۱۰,۰۰۰ yen for the base game (taxes included)

    ۲٫ Runestone of Geradar: 5,000 yen

    ۳٫ Coliseum of Iron: 5,000 yen

    ۴٫ Coliseum of Light: 5,000 yen

    ۵٫ Coliseum of Darkness: 5,000 yen

    In addition, Runestone of Geradar and Coliseum of Darkness can be used with the Frontier Pass.

    This is not the full version. This is the new Fantasy Action RPG game where the story of another world, The Lands Between is born.


    • Launch the game to access the main menu

    ۱٫ Create a Character
    (Nintendo Switch system is required)
    ۲٫ Choose whether you want to use the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Steam.
    (PlayStation 4: PC will be selected automatically)

    The following settings can be changed:
    – Main character name
    – Gender
    – Looks
    – Size of the main character’s face
    – Quality of the model
    – Appearance of the character
    – Height


    ۱٫۵-inch (76 x 144 pixels) resolution Display

    “Full high definition” ۴-button control device

    RGB LED indicator lights

    USB Type-C charging port

    HDMI (video) port

    Bluetooth connection function

    ۳٫۲ mm stereo input/output port

    Stereo audio output

    ۳٫۵ mm earphone jack

    Battery Life

    With standard power: 3.5 hours

    With low power: 3.5 hours

    When low power is enabled: 3.5 hours


    Noise cancelling

    Two-channel sound: left, right

    Dolby Digital Plus(TM) Surround Sound

    Audio Settings

    Various types of sound effects

    To enjoy the game in high definition display mode, it is necessary to use a compatible game device. This feature is designed as a novel experience and cannot be achieved using a television set.

    Note: The Nintendo Switch system is not recognized as a compatible device.

    Energy As you fight, you will use Ki. Ki is unique to each character.
    If there is enough Ki, your Ki is increased. Use this power wisely to make attacks with increased power.
    Note: If there is not


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Coming to iOS and Android!

    ۲۹ Sep 2017 14:14:48 GMTVamuya recap 10.1 Chapter 10: gameplay intro Will the Legendary Lord be able to succeed or will his struggle through the Trials that exist within the World of Fire end with a death on stage?
    Vamuya Recap 10.1 Chapter 10: gameplay introduction
    Author: Saria Mythical Figure
    Content: Narration
    Album: Chapter 10
    Published date: 29 August 2017
    Total views: 1,048
    Have you been curious to see what we are doing inside Fireside Games?
    There are still many mysteries waiting to be exposed, and we have high expectations for this play you have just experienced.
    Let’s recap what is happening in this chapter!
    Inside the landscape of the story, alongside other player characters we meet a very special one. He is one of the most typical and familiar characters, the Legend!
    How will the Legend encounter his destiny…?
    And what role will you have in this ultimate adventure?
    Let’s find out…
    Fireside Recap 10.1
    New Things to Discover
    World map
    When you choose this chapter, Fireside will present a map of the lands between the World of Fire.
    Its view is displayed from the perspective of the Characters.
    The stages are readily known from the maps of the other chapters.
    From one stage to the next, map design will change.
    Illuminant that changed
    You can know the name of the map in your quest list.
    Chapter Switch
    The location of the stage is written on the bottom right-hand side.
    By tapping this location, the stage is automatically displayed.
    Instance of the Stage in Detail
    In this mode, map design and illuminant are displayed.
    A stage map is presented on the other side.
    Highlighted on Stage Maps
    Upon activating this mode, key


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar e Elden Ring.rar > Exe > Elden Ring.exe
  • Run Elden Ring as Administrator
  • Select Free to continue
  • Press Next
  • Open/Install/Run/Exit
  • Allow Permission to World
  • Press Next
  • Allow Permission to Music
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  • Accept All the Above Options
  • Repeat above steps for Final Pack
  • Press Finish
  • Call Elder Scroll Online / Death Arena
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  • Enjoy!
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