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With the elden ring you can unite with others like you, and rise to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
① [Online Play]
– Asynchronous online play where you can play together with others
– Local Conquest, where you fight with the NPC players in the world
② [Online Play]
– Competitive online play and multi-player
– PvP mode where you can destroy the enemies
– Co-op play where you can complete the main story together with your friends
– Character sharing allowing you to share your characters and equipment with others
– Local Conquest play where you battle the NPC to revive the fallen
③ [Multiplayer]
– Pass and play between servers with up to four players in one game (4 players is supported)
– Shared characters and equipment between servers
– New items to spend and obtain

The Elden Ring consists of the following two parts:
i) The game pieces that you own,
ii) The characters that you can create.
And it is distributed to the public through the two different stores, the Xbox Live Games Store and the PlayStation®Store.

A sort of RPG, not the kind that’s out there in the world, and not the kind of RPG you’ve probably played. This game is about a world where the living can talk to the dead, but not necessarily in a kind of way that a normal person would expect. The game is about discovering both, and the tragic stories of the lives of those who have died.
A turn-based RPG with a focus on character development. Unique combat and mechanics that have you using your card-game skills to fight.
• A Distinctive Visual Style
The animation of the characters and dynamic battle sequences have a distinct visual style.
• An Unfamiliar World
You meet other people, talk to them, get to know them. The choices you make in these conversations decide what path you’ll take in the game.
• A High Quality Game with Amazing Voice Acting
The voice acting is done by professional voice actors, and there is voice acting for every character in the game!
• An Inspiring Story
A story


Features Key:

    As a character who wields the power of the Elden Ring, you can develop yourself in a variety of ways to become a powerful warrior, mage, or even scholar. You have to master and combine different elements of a character to make them your own.
    A vertically scrolling action, turn-based RPG where battles take place within a single screen. Up to four characters can participate in a single battle, and for those who want to avoid RNG (the strategy of skillfully placing commands before combat), battle settings have been created to ensure fairness in the most difficult scenarios.
  • Endless Adventure – Explore the Lands Between
    Using the new concept of “worldmap grid”, the open world can be explored freely. Maps are designed to be engrossing with gorgeous backgrounds and a variety of places to explore.
  • Many Outstanding Features
  • Epic and Free Crowdfunding Campaign

    NEXT is an invite-only fundraising campaign for the development of the RPG game. The game is currently in the development phase, and we are at the start of the campaign. We hope to make it interesting by tying the four-month crowdfunding period to our mythological universe. With your help, we will save the world, and fight for its justice.


    • Game theme:   The world beyond your dreams will be populated by an endless number of monsters. To defeat these monsters, you need to build the power of the Elden Ring to win battles from the beginning.
    • Crowdfunding period:   From August 17 to September 11, 2017.  We would like to deepen your experience by creating an RPG game that will be worth your investment.
    • Promotion concept:   When the campaign starts, the game will feature the worldview of Norse mythology.  You can also expect the development of foreshadowing elements. </


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      “Your requests will all be considered and take a lot of importance.”

      “It’s a fantastic RPG that I can recommend for fans of the genre.”

      About LACK OF STEEL Games

      Lack Of Steel Games

      LACK OF STEEL Games is a developer, publisher and distributor of mobile games. The company was founded in 2014 and from its very beginning the main focus has been on creating games that combine innovation with classic RPG-style gameplay. Lack of Steel Games has its own game development studio located in Saky, a city of Czech Republic.

      The company mainly focuses on making games for smartphones, tablets, iOS devices, Google Play, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Lack of Steel Games strives to bring interesting and entertaining games to its fans worldwide.

      “We love the RPG genre and our goal is to bring a new fantasy RPG experience to the fans”, says Roman Hodek, CEO and Creative Director of Lack of Steel Games. “We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and we want to continue making good games”, he adds.

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      Elden Ring With Full Keygen Free

      As you upgrade your character, you gradually increase your


      More precisely, the attributes you raise get leveled up

      with higher numbers.

      At the end of each level, you receive an EXP Point, which

      you can use to increase your stats or to activate certain


      • EXP Point System:
      Like the early video game Final Fantasy, which has enjoyed great success
      around the world, DOGS actively uses an EXP Point System that allows you to increase your stats.
      • One-Click EXP:
      Gain exp points by defeating monsters.
      • Battle EXP:
      Gain exp points by being in the Battle System.
      • Sub Skill System
      Sub Skill System provides various active skills and passive skills.
      The active skills are used in the game, such as the spear attack, which plays a secondary animation sequence.
      Passive skills are the exp points that automatically increase when you participate in battles.

      Enemy Monsters

      Everywhere you see enemies, monsters. However, enemies are not invincible.

      In the beginning of the game, you are only able to utilize a single weapon.

      However, you can equip up to five weapons and accessories.

      Even if you equip a weapon that cannot be used, it can still be used as a shield.

      Equip weapons to increase their power and level up your stats.


      We consider that weapons are the most important factor when

      performing a fight.

      Not only weapons but also your abilities to switch between two

      weapons, as well as the way you fight the enemy has a great

      effect on the outcome of the fight.

      Even if you are at the beginning of the game, you can get high-level

      weapons and a wide variety of weapons from equipment pieces.

      There are all kinds of weapons that can be turned into your allies or give you a wide variety of skills.

      ۳ Way to Turn Weapons Into Allies:

      Turn your weapons into Allies.
      • Roll (R) – Turning a weapon into your allied weapon,

      You automatically get the benefits of the allied weapon

      that you turn.

      The ranged attack power is increased or decreased by your level.

      (If your level is higher than your allied weapon,

      your level is not changed.


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