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The game features intense action battles using a unique right and left combination attack system. Take on opponents by unleashing the full might of your sword and dodge their attacks. Watch out for debuffs that can instantly cause your character’s health to plummet. Play in real time or step-by-step and defeat enemies to get your character closer to the boss, and be sure to watch out for additional powerful attacks to deal even greater damage.


– Fighters from different periods
– Action based on your command
– Freely combine weapons and armor
– Unique online multiplayer
– Easy to learn, hard to master combat system


Unique right and left attacks are performed using the right and left joystick, and further three types of attacks, such as thrust, jump, and multiple strikes, are performed by pressing the buttons on the keyboard or stick.


Spells with an additional effect or a different range of attack can be selected from a menu.


The game features a standing attack and a maximum attack that is one of your normal attacks to show your power as a hero.


Instead of numbers, you will see your life and health bar, which allows you to avoid becoming over-low or too weak.


Depending on your combat style, you can ask your opponent if they will “respect” you or not before a battle and possibly get an automatic “yes” or “no”.


Upload your recorded game through the “Help” button and share your game experience with other gamers.


Right and Left Combination Attack (Performed with the Right and Left Joysticks)

[۱] Thrust: Thrust a sword in the same direction as the right joystick, drawing a cross on the screen.

[۲] Leap: Jump in the direction of the right joystick.

[۳] Slice: Attack with a slash in the direction of the right joystick.

Up to three attacks can be performed using the Right and Left Joysticks.

Additional Attacks

[۱] Quick Sword: Attack a floating enemy with the right joystick.

[۲] Dizzy Dash: While attacking, dash in the opposite direction with


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A WORLD ONLY MADE FOR POCKET SYSTEM – Players can change the field, the battle mode, the items and the AI without needing to modify their apps.
  • A NEW FEATURE CALLED CHARACTER & SCENE COMBOS – When switching between characters and scenes, you can automatically choose the character and scene that best fit your play style. Also, by combining other characters, you can increase the number of possible characters.
  • A VARIETY OF ENVIRONMENTS – The open world of the Lands Between is made to fit the overarching feel of the game. There are dozens of environments to explore, ranging from barren mountains to dense forests.
  • HUNDREDS OF TRADING CARDS – A good variety of equipment, a huge amount of weapons, armor, and magical devices. Various items can be acquired with one or more factions.
  • HOSTILE WITCH UNLEASHED – A large number of enemies that change with the time and place. Improving your gathering of equipment and magic will help you defeat them.
  • AN ENHANCED PLAYER PROGRESSION SYSTEM – Your characters will improve as you play the game and complete quests.
  • A MOVING ONLINE PLAY – While offline, you can sync with other players who are online, create clans, or play in the same world as you are.
  • UNIQUE ONLINE PLAY THAT LAYERED ON EACH OTHER – The online play is comprised of three layers, enabling you to play with others who are actually in the game.
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    • Android:
    • iOS:

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    A brand-new Fantasy Action RPG!
    Expect an epic story, endless adventures, and hard battles—with new characters to develop and new stories to be experienced!

    – Our World Seamlessly Connected to Others:
    In contrast to the beautiful environments of the Lands Between, massive cities and dungeons are connected by a land bridge. One day, the land bridge was disconnected, and a massive tragedy occurred. In the wake of the tragedy, immense destruction was wrought on the land bridge. Now a new world is being born!

    – Fight against Gargantuan Enemies:
    The Lands Between are at war. The “Demon Lord�


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    ◆ Create your own character in a beautifully open world
    > With your own style of character development, such as increasing your strength, or mastering magic, your character will grow.
    > Feel the presence of others, and directly connect with other players in the online game.
    ◆ A large, interconnected fantasy world full of excitement
    > The world has various diverse areas, featuring beautifully designed landscapes and life-like characters.
    > Enjoy vast open areas that will blow away the ideas of other RPGs.

    ◆ Create an epic story that you can experience with multiple characters
    > A player with multiple characters will be given various quests to complete through different points of view.

    ◆ Enjoy a healthy and balanced multiplayer play system
    > Join a friend to build an unstoppable team or fight against the other team.
    > Enjoy a robust, fun online service, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.

    Attack on Titan or Brave Frontier…
    They say the world is too vast and there are many battles to be fought.
    However, the intense battle that will arise should not be fought alone.
    Play as a group and take on the role of a young commander.
    Let’s summon our strength and fight together, and fight side by side.

    Development :


    Attack on Titan — Battle Online (*SILENT SCREEN INTERACTIVE EVENT)




    *You need to log in the game to play.

    About the players with the above id can connect with the game.
    Players using Google accounts can register from Google Play.



    Over a millennium has passed since the beginning of the Arcadia War, and the world is full of terror and destruction.

    The once peaceful people must now rebuild their homes and shelters, and fight for the safety of their own lives.

    However, even among these ruins, the monsters of the Arks still roam.

    Living in the city they built in the old capital


    What’s new:



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    Game Information:
    Elden Ring is a Fantasy Action RPG that takes place in the Lands Between. Battle epic bosses and protect your power with the aid of your guardian. Customize your character and level up.
    It also supports asynchronous online play, and even the offline version supports 2 PS3 users to go online at the same time.
    ۱٫ Some features of this game are not work, if you have any problem with this game, please contact us.

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  • Download the DrGame and crack the DLCs which include the original game and all the DLCs (under Single package).
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    Make sure that the directory where the patch and license file located is “Program Files”. It was mentioned in the readme.txt and the start-up file when you followed the instructions to install.
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  • A “Gui” dialog box will show up. Click on “Yes” to start your game.
  • Enjoy!
  • Note: If the icon in game icon doesn’t start, try the following methods to restart your game:
    a) Control Panel\Sounds and Audio Devices\ Speaker Properties. Then make sure the Startup sound is not muted.
  • b) Control Panel\Sound\Sound Interfaces Properties. Make sure the Startup Sound is not set as “None” or “Spare”.
  • c) Start up an explorer. Do you find a folder called “DRGAY-003126”? Open it. Copy all the files in this folder to your desktop, then close explorer.
  • d) Shutdown your computer. Restart it. “DRAGEN-003126” will be in the desktop folder.
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  • <h



    System Requirements:

    ۱٫۸GHz or faster processor
    ۵۱۲ MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
    ۲GB hard drive space
    DirectX 9.0c
    NVIDIA FX 5800 or Radeon 9800 series graphics card with 256MB of video memory
    How to Play:
    The Nexus is easy to get started playing, all you need to do is select a card and a deck and you’re ready to go!
    The Nexus Ruleset
    The Nexus is played with a deck of 103 cards and 4 basic card types: Energy, Combat, Alchemy,



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