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Tarnished Age
FAST Company
You rise to the challenges of the world as a spoiled noble that appears from out of nowhere, and sets off on a journey. Armed with an Elden Ring – a cursed relic that has been passed down for generations – you seek to become a noble lord in the Lands Between! Along the way, you will be swept along in the adventures of the world.

【About the Controller】
– The Four Directional Controllers offer excellent playability.
– The Analog sticks offer precise control and allow for intuitive movement, such as climbing.
– The A button provides easy access to moving your hand to the button for remapping and changing your items.
【Game Development Team】
– The art director is distinguished by her skill at creating vivid and exciting worlds.
– The development team is comprised of industry veterans who have been active in game development since the early 1990’s.
– You can register as many accounts as you like to play with others on multiple platforms and on a single controller.
– In addition to two-players, you can also set up a four-player 4vs4 PvP battle and a 1vs1 player battle (2vs2 and 3vs3).
– The story unfolds as you play through two campaigns, one for each of the two main characters, and one for the guild leader, Grom.
– There are various endings, and the challenge is to pass through the game without dying to earn your reward.
【Offline Play】
– You can play online or offline.
– The offline mode is easy to play thanks to random encounter.
【Play Now Button】
– You can quickly start playing the game by pressing a single button.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Sidequests, Triple Threat & Raid
  • Enormous Content
  • No Cartoonish Cast of Characters
  • True Diabolical Possibility
  • Elden Ring Key features:

    • Striking Graphics
    • A Vast World with Deep Exploration
    • Three-Dimensional dungeons
    • Newbie Friendly Exploration
    • Glowcast Integration

    Elden Ring Key Features

    • Drag and Drop item and stat change
    • No clumsy stat allocation
    • Highly responsive text communication
    • Bright UI with an emphasis on minimization

    Key Features of Third-Person RPG titles

    • Narrative
    • Verbal, button or text input
    • Endless
    • Committing game progress
    • A sense of ownership over your character
    • Possibility of rebooting and going back to any save point

    Elden Ring Key Features

    • Movement and battling
    • Magic, Skill, Weapon and Form
    • Swim, use wild animals
    • Fantastic Architectural Design

    Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG title that captures the excitement of public class with first-person battle system and impressive battle construction in an everlasting atmosphere. 

    Elden Ring was developed by Shin’en Multimedia with a goal of raising the standard for both user satisfaction and peace of mind for players. 

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment products in the Asia-Pacific region and developer of property for multiple platforms.



    Elden Ring Crack + Free License Key

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    Elden Ring Crack Registration Code For PC (April-2022)

    Action RPG where you are one of the many low-level “Servants” charged with protecting the city of Ragna.

    This is a complicated game that requires a variety of play styles.

    The game is a sequel to the critically-acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XI Action RPG, which was released in 2013.

    Elden Ring: Echoes of Vana’diel, which features co-op operations, high-end graphics, and a new world expansion, will be released for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system in Japan in spring 2015.

    Here are all the playable characters you will get to love in this game:


    A gentle and clumsy Servant of the Council, who dreams of the city of Ragna.


    A noble and kind Servant of the Council, who loves fishing.


    A storyteller, a friend of the Servants, and the narrator of this game.


    A Servant who understands the needs of the slaves even if he’s a bit lazy.


    A mysterious figure who came out of the sky. A Servant who has connections to the Servants and the Elden Ring.


    A Servant who is extremely lively.


    A Servant who is skilled in using swords.


    A Servant who is always by your side.


    A Servant who comes from Ragna. A friend of your character.


    A Servant who is renowned for his powerful combat abilities.


    A Servant who has healing magic.


    A Servant who comes from a noble family and is knowledgeable about the current affairs of the people in Ragna.


    A Servant who has many hidden powers and is able to heal players.


    A Servant who has a sharp mind and is always talking.


    A Servant who is quite energetic and fun to be around.


    What’s new:

    ・Controller Support
    ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT:1. Standard Gamepad2. Controller:XInput or any compatible gamepad3. Controller:Adrenalin Rush (Place Controller in the driving seat! This works on Windows 7 only)

    ・Off-TV Play
    How to play the game with a TV program in the background.1. Place Gameboard in the middle of the TV screen to Play2. Press Guide, when it says OFF-TV PLAY3. Turn ON OFF-TV play.

    ۴۴٫۶۸۵, -۸۱٫۴۴۵۳ ۱۳:۲۲:۴۴۴۳۸٫۵۲۹۱The Crash of Betelgeuse


    The following text is a rough translation of the original official website. 

    ・Publication Dates: 

    ۱) April 29, 1999 (Software) 

    ۲) Sep. 23, 1999 (Japan)(Ok. Japan)

    Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, Tarnished is a game (that's been in development for 6 years!) that I hope you all like, and that will soon be published, and you will be able to play a game entitled The Crash of Betelgeuse (BETELGEUSE will be a part of the game


    Free Download Elden Ring Activator For Windows (Final 2022)

    How to Install ELDEN RING:

    ۱٫ Install the game

    ۲٫ Download the crack (wait a minute)

    ۳٫ Extract the files and install to your drive

    Enjoy the game.

    ۲٫۱ How to Crack ELDEN RING Full Version

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    ۲٫۲ How to Crack ELDEN RING using CNET Desktop

    Make sure all the patches are enabled for the app. Open the torrent and right click to pick “open with” option. Go to the drop down list and select CNet desktop. Give a blank password and click “open”. Now copy the torrent and paste it to the location where you installed the game, and use the same password.

    ۳٫۱٫ How to Download ELDEN RING

    To Download ELDEN RING, please refer to below

    Click the Download button to download the game to your computer.

    ۳٫۲٫ How to Install the game

    First of all go to the location where you downloaded the game.

    Go to the folder and open the nfo file.

    Go to the folder and open the instructions file.

    Go to the folder and extract the files to the game installation directory.

    If you want to use the cracked content. Just overwrite the original game file and start the game.

    You may crack the game from your website.


    ۱٫ If you are getting permission error. Try downloading the game files manually.

    ۲٫ If you encounter any trouble in the game. You can use the winrar to repair the game.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  •  Download The DLC from our official website here
  •  Extract the Modules with WinRar
  •  Copy Contient Folder in the base region of your Game 
  • Play With Your Dragon
  • Enjoy!
  • FAQ:

    • What is a Crack?
    • Where can I download the Crack Files?
    • Why is the English Patch corrupted?

    Click on the "Continue" below to see the cracked Patch. 

    Elden Ring: Mastery in Balance

    Elden Ring"s Master of Balance is a showdown full of diverse elements of the fields of fantasy and action. According to each role of the three, with an action RPG and adventure, this game was created with a combination of various civilizations and pictorial representation of fantasy in order to make you play as a unique character.

    From the start, when it was published on September 20, 2018, this game was quickly received with enormous popularity throughout the world. A game that has risen is considered highly anticipated. 

    Not only is it interesting to enjoy, but is also easy to play and to comprehend. Its vast world with easy access puts the majority of rival games to shame. 

    With an epic story and combination of fantasy and action with outstanding quality, this game allows you to experience a dynamic and incredible world where you can become part of a grand history and to learn the story of a fantasy world.




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU (GEFORCE GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060)
    Intel Core i3-8100, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, Intel Core i5-8200, AMD Ryzen 7 2700G
    ۱۲ GB VRAM
    Minimum 2560×1440 resolution
    Windows 10 (64-bit version), Windows 7/8.1/10 (32-bit version), macOS 10.12.x (64-bit version)
    Selecting a game from the MGS/DLC


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