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The new fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, playable on the Nintendo Switch™ system, is releasing in August 2018, complete with new CG illustrations by character designer, Chie Murakawa.

By using the power of Alchemy, the skill of weapon and armor mastery, and the weapons of magic, you can become an elden lord in the Lands Between to gain strength through your magic!

■[About the Characters]

It has been long since a land ravaged by wars and conflict had been born and then reborn into peace. For this reason, there are not many people left who remember the setting of a time when swords were slashed with an eye toward conquest and power.

There are monsters, however, that thrive in the Lands Between, the time after the end of the Last War.

There were two people who protected this land during the Last War: Tarnished and Delron. The former was born with a mission to protect the lands of the Elden Ring 2022 Crack, while the latter was a woman who grew up in the residential hideout.

And then…

■[About Tarnished]

A young man who lost his memories, now…

The player controls Tarnished, a noble warrior who lost his memories.

With the power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen at his fingertips, he is the bearer of a sacred weapon, the Sword of the Villain.

The encounter with a living threat from the Land Between where people are only known by their jobs shows his doubts about himself. How can he be called an Elden Ring warrior?

■[About Delron]

A young woman who lost her family…

The player controls Delron, a woman who lost her family during the Last War.

The only companion of Tarnished who has seen the truth of her life is a full-blood elf named Cyan.

For her, the Land Between where people are only known by their jobs is a cruel place. As if in a world where people are different only by the color of their skin, she has to go through a journey where she searches for something she lost with all her feelings.


The new fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, playable on the Nintendo Switch™ system, is releasing in August 2018, complete with new CG illustrations by character designer, Chie Murakawa.

By using the power


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  • Release and news 
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    <img src="" alt="ORCASoft"]


    UK Multipack DLC2015-02-02T16:36:00+09:00orcas Multipack DLC2015-02-02T16:36:00+09:00

    A long time has passed since we started to work on ORCASoft,
    but we’re now ready to announce the UK Multipack DLC. In addition to a pack of
    Steam game keys, and butoh sticks as a bonus gift, players will also
    receive the Japanese and Chinese Art Pack DLC to give a whole new
    flavor to the game.

    UK Multipack DLC image

    In the
    future, we will also add DLCs for Steam, Humble Bundle, and other
    distributors based on player demand.

    Now to the


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    Elden Ring

    – World Map: A large world with open and open-air areas where you can freely explore and travel around
    – My Castle: Your home that gives you something to fight for. You can expand it, improving your new additions with the gifts you acquire from other players
    – Battle: The game is fought with the Elden Ring, and the enemies you face are representative of the rules of the game.

    *The game has a limited life cycle, and is planned to be released annually for a limited time. Please note that all players who purchase the game will be able to play after the end of the announcement period.

    RPG genre: Action

    Release date: NA, 2017

    Price: 2,500 yen

    – ◇Story: A Caste of Ambition

    Having conquered the lands of Doran, one of the powerful nations in the Lands Between, Cassius, an ambitious noble, has ridden the neck of the Dragon of the Plains as the King of the Plains, and has begun to support the epic drama. However, the Vampires of the City are discontent with the King’s power, and this discontent will bloom into a rebellion.

    The other nations of the Lands Between, each with their own customs, are in similar situations. Through this, a new revolution will emerge. Within the legend of mythology, from which two noble families battle, a drama of blood and iron will unfold.

    – ◇Gameplay: The Second Rider

    As one of the ordinary people, you are given a simple journey, riding on the back of the King’s Dragon of the Plains. You must guide your character through the tapestry of a multilayered story that will lead you to take up the mantle of the second rider, guiding your king to success in the story of his life as he awakes from his slumber.

    The game’s primary strength is its novel and diverse story, resulting in gameplay that is both exciting and dynamic. In addition to the user-directed main scenario, the game is also composed of branching storylines. The stories of the players you encounter also form part of the story you are following, and this results in an exciting and lively gameplay experience where events and accomplishments with the greatest impact in-game can be brought about.

    * Please note that the following information pertains to the story of the people associated with the Elden Ring.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2
    Mac: Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite or later
    Linux: Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04
    Android: Android 4.0.3 or later
    iPhone: iOS 7.0 or later
    Note: Mac and Android require sufficient disk space.
    Visual effect: Hardware acceleration is supported.
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