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At the dawn of creation, the Elden Ring has chosen Tarn Adams to wield the power of the Ring. Tarn Adams is a rising star in the Rise of Serenity, and his objective is to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

During your journey, there are countless battles, missions, and wild beasts. The vast and intricate world of the Lands Between is filled with danger and excitement. In the case of a fierce battle, the sword that was entrusted to you might be stolen and its power might pass to a foe.

In such an exciting world where there are no limits, you must survive by rapidly adapting to the situation. Adventure on alone or accompany up to three other players.


Leader of the battles.

Tarn Adams, a rising star in the Rise of Serenity, is the bold and vigorous Tarn Adams, and his path leads him to the Elden Ring.

His real name is Ran Leczary, and since he was a child, he dreamed of becoming an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

His unique sword, the Tu’re Awe, was bestowed upon him from the beginning of time, and he has begun to take advantage of it to become an Elden Lord.

A high-ranking Knight of the Elden Ring.

Rise to power by increasing your charisma.

You can increase your charisma by using special skills.

The game starts with a level 1 character, but by performing quests, you can increase your charisma.


Your role is to make Tarn Adams truly rise.

Take the challenge of the Pathfinder to face monsters that may only be conquered by working together.

Survive fierce battles and quests.

A combat role in the Brotherhood of Blades is open to you.

You can increase your combat power as you gain experience and experience points.


Am I the only one who knows what’s really going on?

My childhood, my job, and my life are all in ruins.

I get addicted to the power of the Elden Ring.

I want to be an Elden Lord like Tarn.

What was that light?

Rise of Serenity

Enjoy the legendary adventures of the Pathfinders.

A series of graphic


Features Key:

  • Interesting fantasy world and an epic story
    With a vast open world where areas unknown even to the developers have been created, you can freely enjoy the world of Elden Ring. As well as an overarching story, there are various arcs of quests within the open world, and the game offers even more quests beyond the storyline.

  • Challenging battle system
    In multiplayer, against other players. You have to fight for dominance with a party of up to two people, using the majority of your party’s strength. However, the game adopts a system where one character is leader (placement character) and the others also follow (alliance partner). Even if alliance partners are defeated, they will not withdraw to the back and will continue to fight alongside your character. However, if your character is defeated, alliance partners will also vanish.

  • Complex MMORPG system
    The MMORPG system is flexible and rich. Let’s take an example of the weapon attack system. Your character can learn various attack combinations, and there are various ways to use various combos. As you equip different weapon or armor on the same character, your weapon and armor will exchange the various stat properties. You can freely change your main weapon to improve your attack efficiency.

  • The Second Dungeon system
    It is the world where you can go and explore. In order to enhance the visceral and attractive game world, the system of the Elden Ring is based on the system of the second dungeon. That is, after completing a certain achievement in the main quest, and if you visit the area through a restricted path, you will receive access to a second dungeon. This system allows you to shoot the beginner point and improve your leveled swordsmanship, in a safe environment.

  • Skill Rules
    The game has changed the meaning of a normal in the fantasy world. The strength in which the action in the game becomes vivid. The costumes and weapons are strong and the action during battle is swift. You can enjoy the world and the fantasy drama of different depth. The system adds appropriate motion during battle, greatly enhancing the battle experience.
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      Elden Ring Keygen For (LifeTime) [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

      “The Elemental Energy of the previous Ragnarok Online generation is not something that can be easily replaced with the Elemental Energy of the current generation.
      Although I’ve played the game for a short while, I have discovered many things that I’ve missed in the previous games.
      In addition to the vast world, character development, and story, I found many things to laugh, to my surprise.
      The international game has really matured to an amazing standard and surpassed the expectations and hopes I had when I first played it.
      Thank you so much for the effort you’ve put in creating such an enjoyable game.
      ” – August 31, 2012, (refer to

      “It’s a shame… the MMO genre hasn’t really progressed much from the Ragnarok Online games.
      The amount of change that’s been made to the game and content is pretty impressive for a game that’s been running for close to a decade.
      The localization, interface, and graphics are all pretty much as good as they were in 2000.
      The game is extremely well balanced and very easy to understand.” – August 3, 2013, (refer to


      “The character itself is an Elden Lord, but the color of his skin is more like the white skin color of humans.
      The clothes are made of leather, and are rather thick like armor. They’re soft and pleasant to wear, and the character has a mysterious appearance.
      However, there’s a small drawback that they can’t stand up for a long time, and a shield is also needed if they’re walking or running.
      There’s a thing I like about the character’s appearance. I can see it reflected in the game as well.


      Elden Ring For PC

      • Combined Manual & Drag & Drop Controls
      You can play the game using the WASD combination of the mouse with the touch pad, or a standard mouse-and-keyboard combination, like the WASD keys on the mouse, or the WASD keys on the keyboard with the cursor keys acting as scrolling keys. For controls with a physical button, there will be directional keys displayed, as well as buttons that correspond to the directional keys. For controls with a clickable item, you can simply click to make an action.

      • Easy to Learn with Challenging to Master
      Some actions in the game will be simple or easy to perform, while some will be hard or hard to perform. Upon starting the game, you will be able to learn a wide variety of actions through action tutorials and a video guide. However, mastering these tutorials, or performing the actions shown in the videos, will require a great deal of time and effort.

      • Various Automatic Systems to Balance the Game
      The game has various automatic systems to resolve actions. The enemy strength will vary, depending on your movement speed, and enemies will attack you while you’re down. The level cap will increase, depending on your level and class.

      Battle System

      • Action Turn Based Battle
      A turn-based battle where the enemies come after you every turn, meaning that if you are hit, the enemy won’t be able to do anything for a turn. The game is a fantasy setting, so enemies will keep fighting for as long as you’re down.

      • A Variety of Actions
      When you fight, you can attack with any weapon and with any character class, or use magic. Characters you use can be freely switched out in battle, so try experimenting with different combinations.

      • Two Unique Elements: Magic & Skills
      Magic is a powerful skill that deals a wide variety of damage, and has a variety of effects. Skills such as the skills that protect you from HP damage are available to all characters.

      • A Variety of Classes
      The characters you control have their own characteristics, in addition to their skills and weapons, and which skills are equipped for each character class determines which class you become at the start of the game.

      • Various Actions for Each Class
      The characters you control can use a wide variety of actions, such as lifting heavy weights, controlling the environment, and casting powerful magic. The actions available for each character will differ depending on their class.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    New Addition Coming to Elden Ring Full Version:

    • New, New Dungeon: The Pierrepont
    • New fight: Barded Tusk Boar
    • New weapon: Artesia’s Riding Wand
    • New weapon: Black Rose Scroll
    • New weapon: Stigma Skull
    • New armor: Battlefield
    • New Hero: Corsair, Gems, Barded Tusk Boar, Artesia’s Riding Wand, Black Rose Scroll, and Stigma Skull
    • New Items, Attribute, Skill and Dungeon – The Visitor

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    Elden Ring – How to install & Crack : (Action Hack)

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Intel or AMD Athlon XP/Celeron, AMD K6-2+, Athlon II, Athlon II+
    ۵۱۲ MB
    ۲ GB
    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 2, ATI Radeon 7200
    Version 7
    The above requirements are minimum. You may experience different results with different settings. Please understand that we have not tested these programs, only checked the features. Do not blame us if something is not working.
    No player or



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