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The Elden Ring Full Crack Game is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by Idea Factory for the PlayStation®۴ computer entertainment system. As the main protagonist of the game, you will embark on a journey to rescue your daughter and obtain the power of the Elden Ring. A high level of freedom is offered, where you can freely move around a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. The unique action role-playing game features the PlayStation®۴ system’s impressive technology, including the DualShock®۴ control, HDR support for the PlayStation®۴ Pro, 4K graphics with high framerate and low latency, and Super Horn/Super Slash, to deliver a unique gaming experience.



* The Elden Ring Game is an intellectual property of IDEA FACTORY CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

* This content requires the base PlayStation®۴ software and a PlayStation®۴ system (sold separately).



* Elden Ring Game © IDEA FACTORY CO., LTD.

* Elden Ring Game is a registered trademark of IDEA FACTORY CO., LTD.

* All trademarks and copyrights are the properties of their respective owners.Q:

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • One method to rule them all
    There is a way to become Tarnished Lord. To smash life, gods, and people with the power of the Elden Ring. However, it is time-consuming to reach, and it is only with the Commander’s aid. If only you can climb to the top of the hierarchy, the Commander will appear and help you achieve your goal.

  • Kingdom in a Moment
    There is a moment only for this, and it cannot be long in coming. Castle Altinbarr accidentally enters the moment, and as there are no spells that destroy it, it cannot be destroyed. It is a world of all magic, where you alone stand.

  • Travel to a World Where Time Never Stops
    Castle Altinbarr is the world of the Commander, and the lands outside the castle are the world of the Elves. A world that is as chaotic as it is vast has been born. You can encounter any type of people anywhere in the world, so the Commander comes to collect you, a recruited recruit.
  • A long journey through a world of new experiences
    The journey of playing “Elden Gate” is a long, although sometimes difficult, journey where you can gain a sense of accomplishment for every situation that you run into. Through the many stages of the path, you will learn more about the people who you will come across along the way.
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    Elden Ring

    > This game will be loved

    by all of those who love RPGs, Action RPGs and Fantasy games, in particular

    > Some people do not like the aesthetics, but I think that the game gives a good conclusion to the story of the previous Gran Pulse.

    > The game has captured my expectations in the first couple of hours, and I would like to recommend it


    > A great JRPG


    > I like the direction the game has taken, with action being the centerpiece of the game and not the story


    > The best action RPG for the moment, which is the base of my recommendation of this title.


    > The charm of the story and the style of characters are wonderful


    > Fantastic. My favorite RPG for PS4.


    > If you are a fan of action RPGs or RPGs in general, then you will certainly enjoy this game.


    > I love Elden Ring! Epic story and very intense battles.


    > A really nice story about life in the Lands Between.


    > Elden Ring is a great game. I recommend it to everyone.


    > I had a dream that this game would be made. It has the potential to be one of the best JRPGs of the year.


    > This game makes me think of Mega Man Legends and while I love that game, I really love Elden Ring.


    > This game is a gem. Graphics are very beautiful. Story is deep. RNG is so smart, you won’t understand sometimes what is actually happening. My top 10 games of the year, if you ask me.


    -A truly wonderful RPG. Its depth of character and story will be sure to charm a variety of RPG fans.



    Interface Features:


    Please do not hesitate to send a support request if you have any issues with the system functions.

    The following privacy policy covers our use and protection of your personal data when you use this website. Please note that we may change this privacy policy from time to time by posting the new


    Elden Ring Crack + Download

    • Create and Customize Your Character
    In the ELDEN RING game, you create your character, customize it, and roam the wide world as you want. You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic and determine your play style. (Hereafter, “Character”)

    • Engage in Single Player Missions
    The single player missions branch out and become a story, and you can play this story through as you desire, if your desire is to complete the story.


    • Online Multiplayer and Asynchronous Online Mode
    When you join the online, you can directly connect with other players. While playing the single player, you can have other players by your side. And even during online play, players can communicate and give each other advice.
    (Hereafter, “Player Connections”)

    • Travel from the Interior to the Fringe
    Play in three different regions: the Interior, which has vast open plains where there are few places to fight and where your character gains experience, the Fringe, which has huge dungeons where you can get experience, and the Tundra, which has a huge ocean as a huge dungeon.

    • A Variety of Game Play Style
    • Infinite Actions and Expressions
    Infinite and non-stop action is the primary characteristic of the ELDEN RING game. You have full freedom of action within the world without limit, and you can play a variety of actions from interacting with various NPCs to destroying monsters and enemies.
    • Multiple Options for All Characters
    • Your character’s own attributes, statistics, and skills all combine to tell the story of your character. To increase your strength and become an ultimate ELDEN RING lord, you can gather materials, research, and customize your character through skill cultivation.
    • A Wide Variety of Monsters
    Take on the role of a Berserker, or a powerful ELDEN RING lord, and live the action of the ELDEN RING.
    • Rich Customization Ability
    You can customize your character as you wish, changing your appearance, the design of your weapons, your armor, and other elements such as the range at which your attacks affect monsters.

    ◆Preparations for the “Elden Ring” Release◆

    In October 2018, we began our DxGamer website and began working on the “Elden Ring” game.
    In this game, we continued to integrate the updated system that we created for


    What’s new:

    A new mobile game is coming and we don’t want you to miss it.
    • In the rich historical fantasy world of the Lands Between, “A New World Behind the Pirate’s King of the Seas,” enjoy the development of a story where Ashlands of the New World and the Great Sea strive for freedom.
    • Fight against ordinary people in order to ascend the ranks to become a leader. Meet other people and become friends on LINE.
    • New experience waiting for you to adventure through the Endless Frontier in “THE GOLDEN LIBRARY,” a new mobile game with a new development.
    • Strap yourself up with cannons and trade in a safe and fresh new world!
    [Elden Ring] Tarnished FlamesRing Totem
    [Elden Ring] Hagachi MightMarine Creature
    [Elden Ring] Whale Spirit Fishing Net
    [Elden Ring] Ghost Ship Bodysaw
    [Elden Ring] Bartered Legion Snow Blanket
    [Elden Ring] Kerley’s Diamond Hammer
    [Elden Ring] Phantasmal Guardian
    [Elden Ring] Nefarious Snowman
    [Elden Ring] The White Gaggle of Dragons
    [Elden Ring] Digital Stone Armor
    [Elden Ring] Seafarer’s Gear
    [Dragon Ring] Vestibule Drill
    [Dragon Ring] Mystical Wings
    The full contents of the mythical products are as follows!
    The new Mobile game with a brand new story will be released in the world of Elden Ring in early 2018!
    ▼ Make all kinds of trades in exchange for goodies!
    The shop is currently being restocked, waiting for your arrival!
    ▼ Explore a new world that offers an outstanding combat experience through creation!
    The land formed by relations among adventurers and locals, filled with various cuteness.
    ▼ Feast on an extraordinary gameplay experience through specialization!
    A gameplay experience that you search for and complete quests by escalating through various maps freely.
    ▼ All the necessary items must be obtained through the exchange of goods and quest items!
    Exchange goods using trade or fast communication for legendary items.
    A trend of fast communication through trade will come soon!
    ▼ Exchange goods in order to enhance your character!
    Train your character to


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    Step 4: Configure your game.

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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  • Run setup
  • Features
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