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Total production staff: 11

Director: Haru Ando

Scenario Writer: Haru Sakurai

Project Leader: Kazuhiko Shishimaru

Character Designer: Azusa Kobayashi

Producer: Junichi Aoki

Scenarist: Hideo Baba

Technical Director: Yuji Okada

Script Editor: Sadaharu Ike

Web-Developer: Yuichi Osugi, Shunsuke Jaga, and others

Character Artists: Shotaro Kishino, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Azusa Kobayashi, and others

Art Director: Takahiro Kishimoto

Sound Producer: Shinji Ishikawa

Music: Zephyr

Director of Photography: Tohichiro Iyomoto

Editing: Hiroyuki Ueda


■ Recommended PC specifications

Core CPU: AMD FX-9370

GPU: NVIDIA GTX 680 or AMD R9 290x


HDD: 500 GB

※ All software and hardware listed above are recommended, but not verified.

■ Remote Play (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4)

Remote Play allows you to enjoy the game by connecting your PS Vita system to the PS4 system. Please note that Remote Play will be available in selected regions.

■ Add-On Content

Add-On content includes the following items, added specifically for those who purchased the game.

■ DLC:

• “The Lost City of El Dorado”

• “The Golden Golem”

■ Accessories:

• The Elden Ring Cracked Version’s Gift Box

• Wardrobe (if your Lv. 200-299, 200-399, and above, you will be able to unlock the wardrobe set.)

• Ranger’s Medal (you can obtain it in the Ranger’s Battlefield during Hunting Mode)

• Jewelry Set (You can obtain it in the Jewelry Set Enhancement List

• Exterior Set (You can obtain it in the Exterior Set Enhancement List)

• Scout’s Medal (you can obtain it in the Scout’s Battlefield during Scouting Mode)

■ In-game items

• “Artifact” weapons

• Armor Sets

• Cosmetic items

• Emblems

• El Dorado Coins (you can obtain it when


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A fast-paced action RPG with expansive gameplay
  • High-quality visuals.
  • A large variety of equipment and weapons.
  • Three highly detailed characters.
  • A living world map where environments change, and monsters freely roam.
  • A Duel Battle System where you fight by your own skill and use real-time motion to battle effectively.
  • Elden Ring Release Date:

    ۲۰۱۶/۰۹/۱۲ OS:

    Windows PC Windows MAC Playstation VitaXbox ONE

    Developer: Sözcu

    Publisher: Daedalic GmbH

    Condition: Online Game Preview

    Actual content may differ.

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    Elden Ring

    First of all, you have the controlling role of a character (the player character) in a fantasy world between reality and dream.

    You can wander in various open-field areas and go on quests.

    During the progress of the quest, you must fight against enemies, solve puzzles, and make decisions.

    Story ELDEN RING game:

    The world is “between” two different worlds. The world of fantasy and the world of reality. Although the two worlds cannot directly influence each other, their influence spreads to change the entire world.

    There is a multitude of myths in this world.

    The stories of such myths are scattered through legends, and even if they were once believed to be “true”, none have yet been confirmed.

    Within these legends, a quest is stuck in a loop of mystery.

    You are a character who should, in the midst of this world, decide to the end what happens in the story.

    Additionally, you can freely decide the ending, and a wide range of potential conclusions will appear.


    You are a character, a person with a past, who is now wandering in the Land Between.

    Character Creation
    In this world, there are no physical barriers.

    You can freely control your character’s appearance, including changing the proportions of various parts of your body, such as eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, ears, etc.

    By combining the appropriate clothes and accessories, you can freely change the appearance of your character.

    For example, you can easily change your character’s physical appearance by decorating your face with a painted mask, earring, and other accessories.

    You can freely purchase accessories and use them by changing the appearance of your character.

    Character Transfer
    When a character dies, the corpse is automatically transported to a graveyard.

    Your character can have a maximum of up to three characters.

    After each death, your character returns to the graveyard.

    You can freely transfer characters to other regions.


    You are a person who grew up in a small village.

    When you were a child, you witnessed the death of your father and the mysterious disappearance of your mother.

    You raised yourself with the two sisters who were living next door, and lived the life of a helpless child.

    You and your sisters have grown


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Dota is the Chowderdota-server for (

    Chowder is a free cwf (console wad) editor.
    You can download it on their homepage:

    Build your own cwf (chowder file) for Warlords of Draenor or older.
    Supported since version 15.08.05.

    Chowder is a free cwf (console wad) editor.
    Chowder is also a cwf (console wad) that can download from the webpage of
    Chowder started out as original development by the author of cwf.
    Chowder has grown into a game on its own.
    If you like to build console wads, this is a very nice place.

    Chowder is not a server, the server is online when you launch it.
    You must download chowder itself and the ownwads.
    Go to and there download either chowder, or chowder with ownwads,
    Chowder with ownwads must be in the directory c:\cheese.
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    On windows, reinstall the chowder.exe when you have no more oppotunity.

    Cyanide is a themed game. It can be played with both qeep and counterstrike controls. (CqC is fine too)
    Cyanide currently has a single working server, but is in early development. For now, it is best to use servers such as QC or Nanos to play the game.

    It is similar to a fps called Company of Heroes that has a single server on both steam and Nanos.

    Cyanide currently only supports the following modes of matchmaking:

    (this is just an idea for next alpha, but feel free to add it)

    Team Matchmaking (alliance) – search the server for a group suitable to play your level
    Team Matchmaking (alliance) – Zerg crush (alliance)
    Team Matchmaking (alliance) – solo quest
    Team Matchmaking (alliance) – clan only
    Team Matchmaking


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    System Requirements:

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    * ELDEN RING PC Game Download

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    Game screenshots:

    System requirements:

    CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 2.8GHz

    RAM: 8 GB or more

    Hard disk space: 2 GB

    OS: Windows 7 64 bit

    Check out our ELDEN RING game links:

    First person view of the PC version of the first game in the Elden series.

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    System Requirements:

    System requirements are not so much an important thing as they are for older games, but for this one it’s important that you have a functioning mouse and a non-roided-out keyboard. You will want a Windows based system (XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.), but the system you have doesn’t matter.
    Game Information:
    PvE – While this game does have some PvE components, they are not as important as the PvP aspects of the game.
    Character Creation – Characters are created using the character editor that


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