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Hey, we were going to leave it at the day when we released the trailer, but if you want to see more video that will appear in the trailer, you can be directed over to the Blizzard video page and check it out.

The trailer features recent Warcraft III content (not the classic content seen in Warcraft II), as well as

Varian’s Hamlet, King Arthas, and the intro to Burning Crusade, among many, many other interesting things.

We’re working very hard on getting Tarnished into as many hands as possible in the coming months, which may mean it’ll take longer than we’d like to get into your hands.

Love and Hugs,


Racial and Class Options.
For now, we are adding only three race/class combos: Orc Barbarian, Human Paladin, and Human Druid.

Not all three will be available in the final version of the game, though. We are exploring options for adding more later on (if, that is, we decide to add more later on).
We expect to add more in the future, too.

If you have any suggestions on what races/classes you want to see in the future, please let us know!

by Ragnarok Online

Invasion of the Goblinoids.
A huge zombie infestation is spreading across the lands of Sanctuary, and the heroes must fulfill their quest to take down this scourge while obtaining the bounty on their heads.


– Surrounded by other Borderlands games, enjoy Tarnished with your friends!
– Does not include the full version of Tarnished and all content unlocked during the demo. This will be added to the full version of the game.
– Includes a demo version of Tarnished, which will become the full version of the game in the future.


New faces!

New faces!

Human Paladin.

Small block


New Player Experience.

New Player Experience.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Versatile Action Game with a Unique Persuasion System
  • The World of Spirits and an Action Full of Excitement
  • A Unique Online Game that is Different from MMORPGs
  • A Novel Story with a unique hero that connects the worlds of Elden and Breda
  • Customizable Play Style – Enhance your character through different upgrades
  • About us

    Elden Ring is a new type of fantasy game that borrows elements from action and RPG genres. With this game, we intend to create something similar to EQ(Everquest), ESO(Age of Wold), AoD(Arima Online Development). We expect players to enjoy the game by creating their own stories and progress together as a community. We are designing the game to connect the players. Any EQ fans, those who have played AoD or AoL (Age of Lords) will not feel right in the game, either. Although there are some elements around that make it possible to identify the game as the same genre as those franchises, Elden Ring is a completely original story that draws on elements from fantasy cultures found across Japan, Europe and other parts of Asia.

    ▾ Here, the area surrounding Nagoya known as the Lands Between.
    It is a land of magical power that connects the Lands Between, the kingdoms, cities, regions of Nerikijima, and it is a playground for the Elden Ringers.
    Through the Lands Between, the Elden Ringers can access the lands of the seven factions.


    Experience the vast world of fantasy adventure as you develop your own character in Nagoya, Kingdom of Nerikijima. On your adventure journey, you will go face to face with mysterious beings in order to unlock the secrets behind the lands, in your quest to become an Elden Ringer, a boss of legends.The importance of the liver in spatial and temporal regulation of insulin and iron metabolism in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
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    Elden Ring Crack

    “Each character has a large number of skills that [can] be equipped, and even more skills can be learned via Quests. Moreover, although the skills you equip are controlled in terms of their usefulness, the skill points you can allocate to them are not limited.”
    Game Focus:

    • Game Operation


    Elden Ring Crack + Free [Mac/Win] (Latest)

    – Features

    ・ A new online service function “UNLIMITED PvP”

    ・ “UNLIMITED PvP” makes it easier for players to participate in battle with no waiting time.

    ・ During “UNLIMITED PvP,” players can use any characters that they can own regardless of the progress of the game.

    ・ Chat function
    ・ Heroes & Monsters picture mode
    ・ Customization function
    ・ Family portrait function
    ・ Hero crafting
    ・ Weapon crafting

    About “UNLIMITED PvP”

    ・ UNLIMITED PvP is a server that allows players to fight with other players in real-time.

    ・ In “UNLIMITED PvP,” players can only fight with other players of the same class.

    ・ Family and Clan feature
    ・ Complete family portrait function
    ・ Family and Clan picture mode
    ・ You can personalize the appearance of family portraits, and you can set custom background music to make the family portrait more harmonious.

    About the server types in the game.

    ・ Local (L)
    ・ LAN (LT)
    ・ Internet (T)

    About “UNLIMITED PvP”

    ・ Player, Character, Item, and Palace are operated separately;

    ・ Player has property for its room, and you can freely move to other players’ rooms.

    ・ Your character appears in other players’ rooms but is private.

    ・ Your character’s nickname can be used in other players’ rooms.

    ・ Characters can be traded between rooms.

    ・ The price for UNLIMITED PvP is provided based on the different server types and server settings.

    About NPC interaction

    ・ The NPC will follow your character in other player’s rooms;

    ・ NPC interaction is off in the offline mode.

    About character creation

    ・ Customization of the appearance of character, weapons, armor, and magic.

    ・ Customization of equipped items.

    ・ Customization of name.

    ・ You can visit the NPC shop.

    ・ You can change your character’s appearance at the NPC shop.

    ・ You can purchase items at the NPC shop.

    ・ You can change the equipped items at the NPC shop.

    ・ In the offline mode, you can only purchase items at the NPC shop.

    How to play the


    What’s new:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported graphics cards: AMD: R9 270, GTX 770, GTX 1060, GTX 980, and GTX 1070
    NVIDIA: GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060
    Minimum specifications:
    CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 3.30 GHz, or AMD Ryzen 3 2.3 GHz (max 3.0 GHz)
    RAM: 4 GB
    OS: Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, or Windows 7 64bit
    GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080, AMD R9 390, or GTX 1070


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